Make yourself look old on Instagram by using the old filter with FaceApp


So you must be wondering how people on Instagram are using an old filter to make themselves look old. Well, they are actually using a mobile app called “FaceApp”. The app has an old filter that converts its original picture to make them look old.

Instagram old filter

The app is available for download on Google Play Store of Android device and on Apple’s App Store for iOS devices. Therefore, you can get the app to work on almost any smartphone.

Download FaceApp to get your own old filter picture for Instagram

While the app can be downloaded for free, using the app is not free at all. Users are required to pay for the app to use the old filter. But the good news is that new users can enjoy using the app for free for 3 days.

Upon installing the app, users are given an option to try the app for 3 days, without charging them. Therefore, you can still get an old looking picture of yours for Instagram until your trial subscription expires.

Making yourself look old for Instagram with the FaceApp

We at iLounge also wrote a guide on how users can make their picture look old using the old filter on the FaceApp for Instagram. Just so you know, you can also use multiple images and filter them all together with the old filter for Instagram.

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