Best iPhone 11 Cases in 2020

Samantha Wiley
By Samantha Wiley - Senior News Editor
iPhone 11 Case

Getting iPhone 11 cases could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make after buying the newest iPhone 11.

While it’s true that every iPhone owner appreciates Apple’s design and use of materials to provide that premium feel, at some point you’ll need a case to protect your 2019 iPhone from bumps, scuffs, and accidents. You definitely wouldn’t want a happenstance to ruin your iPhone 11’s cutting-edge display, camera, and shell, would you?

iPhone 11 Case

If you’re in the market to buy the right iPhone 11 case, then look no further. We did the research, scoured the internet and found the 30 best iPhone 11 cases you can get today. Some of these cases cater minimalists who want the ‘barely there’ look for their iPhones, while others are made to withstand tough conditions and come out unscathed, even in the event of an untimely drop on the pavement.

All these 2019 iPhone 11 cases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free express shipping worldwide so you won’t have to worry if the merchant ships to your address. Pick out the one you like, ring it up and you’ll soon have a worthy case for your latest smartphone!

Here are the best iPhone 11 cases

1. Jolie

Jolie iPhone 11 case

Wrap your iPhone 11 in a luxurious, liquid silicone case that’s soft and smooth like newborn skin. Jolie cases are comfortable to hold, thanks to the soft TPU material. Your newest iPhone 11 will be fit and snug while being protected with a case that has a higher edge than your iOS device.

You’ll be glad to know that the Jolie iPhone case comes in a variety of colors. Plus, there are perfect cutouts for the triple camera, the power, and volume buttons and the charging port.

2. Hadinas

Hadinas iPhone 11 case

Preserve your iPhone 11’s original premium look by covering it with a completely transparent silicone case by Hadinas. It’s like a second skin that’s slim-fitted, lightweight and flexible, allowing you to hold your iOS device as if the case wasn’t there. Enhanced screen and camera protection make sure your smartphone is protected 24/7.

It’s drop-resistant and supports wireless charging. Just put it on and you won’t have to worry about everyday scratches, bumps and the occasional drops to the pavement.

3. Torubia

Torubia iPhone 11 case

Sometimes, all you’ll need is a bright, bold case that speaks volumes about your style. In this case, you’ll need a top-notch protective case from Torubia that comes in a variety of candy hues, including yellow, green and red. The soft and light TPU case won’t make your iPhone 11 bulky compared to other cases.

A peek at the inside material reveals a soft velvet lining that cushions your newest iPhone against unnecessary scratches and watermarks. The Torubia case supports wireless charging for added convenience.

4. Y-Ta

Y-Ta iPhone 11 case

Power iPhone 11 users will need a hardworking protective armor case that can stave off even the most cringe-worthy drops to the pavement. Enter the Hybrid TPU & PC Armor Case from Y-Ta, a clear shockproof case that has a futuristic honeycomb pattern for that ‘wow’ effect.

Slot this armor case on and you can forget about damaging your newest iPhone. It comes in Full Clear, Clear Green, Red, Blue, and Black. Convenient cutouts provide access to all your smartphone’s port and physical buttons.

5. Hacrin

Hacrin Transparent case for iPhone 11

Transparent bumper cases show off the iPhone’s marvelous design from the front and back. The Plating Cover Case by Hacrin is a no-nonsense iPhone 11 case that manages to make the iPhone 2019’s aesthetic curves even more attractive.

Black, red or blue colors line the side of the case. Inside are raised grooves that serve to prevent scratching and resting damage when you set the smartphone on any surface. More than that, Hacrin case provides maximum 360-degree shockproof protection.

6. Gradient

Gradient case for iPhone 11

Gradient effects are all the rage nowadays, so it makes total sense that you’d want to get one for your iPhone 11. The Gradient Color Shockproof Bumper Case by Torubia is one of the best we’ve ever seen in both appearance and protective functions.

The transparent case adds the gradient effect, while reinforced edges shield your iPhone from falls and other accidents. Lightweight TPU material fully supports wireless charging for absolute convenience.

7. Subin

Subin iPhone 11 case

Get your 2019 iPhone an equally stylish case in the form of a classic Leather Hard Back Cover, courtesy of Subin. It comes in brown, black, gray and red color options to mix and match according to the mood or occasion.

The cutouts are pretty accurate and allow you charge, power off, increase or decrease volume and take perfect shots even with the mocase on. The hard material can take most cuts, bumps and scratches and survive for another day.

8. Joliwow

Joliwow Fabric Case for iPhone 11

Dress up your iPhone 11 with the ultra-comfortable, Luxury Fabric Business Case from Joliwow. The fabric cloth and TPU material feels absolutely great in your hands while lending excellent protective qualities as you’d expect from a grade-A product.

Its slim and lightweight physique won’t leave any scratches, bumps or fingerprints on your precious iOS device. Laser-like precision cutouts make the case feel like a natural extension of the iPhone. Joliwow has made their case so that it won’t fade, attract dirt and give you a solid grip each and every time.

9. Vifocal

Vifocal Leather Case for iPhone 11

Luxury cases come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s nothing quite as striking as Vifocal’s Leather case for your iPhone 11. The slim form gives way to many innovative features. A full cover button extends the physical buttons so you can easily press them whenever you need. Don’t let the ultra-slim form factor deceive you, as it can provide 360-degree protection from falls, bumps and the occasional spills.

Lining the inside of the case is a new heat sink design to cool down your iPhone 11 during extended viewing, gaming or video calling sessions.

10. Binbo

Binbo Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 11

Carbon fiber is a rare material and a luxury to have in an iPhone 11 case. When you want one that’s ultra-thin and can keep up with the rigors of everyday bumps, bruises, and scratches, the one from Binbo is for you.

The patterned carbon fiber case provides a premium, tactile feel and without leaving fingerprints on your precious smartphone. Installing is a one-snap affair for maximum convenience. Micro-matte material wards off sweat, while the micro-circle at the back protects the iPhone’s rear cameras.

11. RainMan

RainMan Retro Wood Case for iPhone 11

How about a case that’s so unique that it attracts the attention of everyone in the room? Wood patterns can give your newest device a retro look while protecting it from everyday wear and tear.

Choose from several patterns and colors that complement your style. Precise cut-outs give you full access to the charging port and the iPhone 11’s cameras, while the rocker and power buttons are encased in soft TPU material. Though it looks like it, a drop to the pavement won’t cause the case to break or splinter.

12. Lainergie

Lainergie Soft TPU Silicone Case for iPhone 11

Give your iPhone 11 that business-like attire that complements the suit and tie or dress with the Slim Soft Back Cover by Lainergie. It comes in color varieties such as maroon, black and blue.

The case’s soft TPU shell make installing and removing the case a breeze. Meanwhile, the protective material hugs your newest iPhone investment and protects it from minor scratches, bumps, and bruises. It looks great in your briefcase, pockets, on top of your office desk and practically anywhere you place it.

13. Star Space

Best iPhone 11 Cases in 2020

Finally, a green biodegradable case for the iPhone 11. Support mother nature and the environment by snagging a Star Space Case in multiple color choices.

The protective case is made up of wheat straw, which gives it that biodegradable aspect- when buried in soil, the case will naturally degrade and become part of it without leaching any toxins or pollution.

On the case side, it doesn’t disappoint- you get a .5mm raised groove for the rear cameras 1mm at the front. The matted texture gives it anti-fingerprint, anti-slip, and anti-dirt characteristics.

14. MOFi

MOFi Fabric Case for iPhone 11

Prefer the feel of cloth rather than the usual leather, plastic or metal? MOFi will prove to be the perfect fit for you and your iPhone 11. The high quality and elegant appearance match its remarkable ability to be very grippy and secure.

Plan on gaming or binge-watching TV shows on your new iPhone? You’ll love how the heat from extended sessions dissipate between the seams of the cloth material. Plus, the 1:1 molding ensures an exact fit every time.

15. Finger Ring

Finger Ring Case for iPhone 11

Hit two birds with one stone when you get a snazzy case that has a built-in finger ring for holding convenience. This Finger Ring Bracket Phone Case has stylish, bright-colored hues and several pleasant surprises waiting just for you.

Need to prop up your iPhone 11 to watch the content or for FaceTime reasons? Simply stick the bracket out and voila! Your smartphone can now stand on its own. The case is versatile enough for completing a wide variety of smartphone tasks.

16. Girls Fashion Case with Wrist Strap

Girls Fashion Case with Wrist Strap for iPhone 11

Need a girl’s case that oozes appeal and allows you to put forth your personality? The Girls Fashion Case with a wrist strap is overflowing with cute, spunk and style and perfectly matches your iPhone 11 on all levels.

17. LF Card Holder

Luxury Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

Utility cases are few and far between, but thankfully the LF Card Holder for the iPhone 11 has been released. Now, you can go out of the house without having to bring your wallet along for a truly minimalist lifestyle.

Luxury leather material smothers the back of your iPhone, adding to the aesthetic value. The cardholder can fit in a credit card or a few paper bills. Precise grooves gives the user access to the bottom port without having to remove the case.

18. LF Flip with Kickstand

Luxury Leather Flip Wallet Case for iPhone 11

Get a phone flip case and turn your iPhone 11 into a mini-wallet. The all-leather cover mimics that of an organizer, where inside you’ll find special slots and grooves for your credit card, ID or a few photos of your loved ones.

The added kickstand allows for hands-free operation and for watching videos or FaceTime without having to hold the smartphone. The texture is soft and comfortable to hold, and furthermore, you can choose from a selection of colors.


MOESOE Glitter Diamond Flower Case for iPhone 11

Turn up the bling factor a notch or two by getting the Glitter Diamond Flower Case for the iPhone 11. The head-turner is the case’s shiny metallic ink printing that shimmers when the light hits it.

Despite the showy aspect, the case is slim and lightweight. In terms of protection, it staves off scratches, bumps, dirt, and liquids, as well as abrasions, collisions, and pavement drops. You get easy access to ports, controls, and buttons without having to remove the cover.


WEFIRST Rugged Hard PC Case for iPhone 11

Need maximum protection for your precious new iPhone 11? Forget slim cases and lightweight covers- you’ll need a shock-proof, rugged hard PC case that can act as an impenetrable armor.

The futuristic design hides a nifty stand that can prop your iPhone indefinitely. Thick, rugged reinforcements distribute impact and causes zero damage to your smartphone. Slap it on and your newest iPhone will survive for years on end.


AKABEILA DIY Painted Silicon Cases for iPhone 11

Painted cases are the closest thing to commissioning art for your iPhone 11. The Soft TPU DIY Case by AKABEILA uses environmental oil paint and UV printing technology, resulting in a long-lasting, clearer image compared to plastic hard cases.

The snug fit ensures your newest 2019 iPhone is in good hands. Silicone protects your smartphone from the usual knocks, scratches and fingerprints. Precision cutouts give you access to your power and volume buttons and the charging port.

22. KEYSION Card Pocket

KEYSION Leather Card Pocket Cases for iPhone 11

A handmade leather case accentuates your new 2019 iPhone’s natural beauty while offering light protection from everyday wear and tear. The Leather Wallet Case from KEYSION also has a nifty card slot design so you can take your access card, credit card or bus card with you wherever you go.

The exquisitely classy PU leather lends a sophisticated aura without affecting wireless charging at all. Inside soft lining won’t cause unnecessary damage, while cutouts allow for use of the iPhone’s rear camera and charging port anytime.


URCASE Color Frame Clear Cases for iPhone 11

URCASE Color Frame Clear Case offers a fine balance between individuality and contemporary style. You can choose from several funky colors to give your iPhone 11 a standout attitude without being too loud.

Clear TPU material shows the design masterpiece of an Apple product while giving it lightweight protection from abrasions and coming in contact with rough surfaces. The cut-outs are raised so the front screen and rear cameras won’t attract dust, dirt, and smudges.

24. Frameless

Frameless Slim Matte Hard Back Cases for iPhone 11

Frameless cases are a novelty as they show off the iPhone 11’s natural curves and try to be as invisible as possible. The Semi-Transparent Frameless Matte Cover comes in black, blue, yellow and red and protects the four corners of your new iPhone.

Matte material makes it easier for you to hold and appreciate your smartphone. Your volume and power buttons will be open for access anytime. The case even includes ring holders so you can get a secure grasp while using your iPhone.

25. Comanke

Comanke Transparent Candy Color Silicone Cases for iPhone 11

iPhone cases have come a long way from adding bulk and weight to an otherwise svelte smartphone. iPhone owners who value Apple’s slim factor design should get the TPU cover by Comanke, which gives your newest device a ‘barely there’ look while keeping out accidental bumps and scratches.

Raised cutouts prevent scratches to the triple array camera on the rear while lending a welcome bump on the rocker and power buttons on the side. Meanwhile, the charge port and speakers are left open for charging and listening convenience.

26. Ollyden

Ollyden Gradient Tempered Glass Cases for iPhone 11

Coating your new iPhone 11 with a glass protective case enhances the tactile feel whenever you pick it up. Adding a gradient effect gives your eyes something to appreciate whenever you set your iPhone down. For a top-notch cover case that combines the two, nothing matches Ollyden’s.

The ultra-thin case combines a hard-tempered glass with silicone bumper frame, melding design with function. Softened edges won’t wear out your iPhone, even after years of use. It also has drop protection and is wear- and scratch-resistant.

27. Capa Weave Leather Pattern

Weave Leather Pattern TPU Cases for iPhone 11

Woven leather gives your newest device an exotic look and feel, not to mention better grip and fall protection. The triple array lens on the newest iPhone, the charging port and the volume and power buttons can easily be accessed via the precise hole positioning.

Inside, a netting pattern dissipates heat from extended gaming or video-viewing sessions. The case is one of the best we’ve seen that sports a striking capa leather weave.

Note: This case is not made of leather. It’s made of TPU with a weave leather pattern

28. KEYSION Marble Tempered Glass

KEYSION Marble Tempered Glass Case for iPhone 11

Looking for a protective case that’s worthy of Apple’s latest creation? How about a stained glass case that mimics the elegance of marble? KEYSION has fused tempered glass case with soft TPU in an ultra-thin shockproof that’s a marvel to behold.

TOU material absorbs the shock of impacts and drops to the floor. Soft corner lining won’t wear out your iPhone 11’s edge. KEYSION’s case gets extra points for looking great on any surface!

29. Solque

Solque Genuine Leather Crocodile Style Case for iPhone 11

Get a matching crocodile skin case for your iPhone 11 to go with your handbag, purse or wallet with Solque. The striking, vivid colors naturally emulate the look and feel of real crocodile skin that it’s a guaranteed conversation starter.

The material is made of 100% genuine leather, and underneath is a soft TPU cover to securely hold your 2019 iPhone in place. Raised corners and for the lens keep scratches, bumps, and abrasions at bay. You can choose from classic colors such as red, brown, blue or black.

30. Torubia Retro Calf Grain PU Leather

Torubia Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

Love the feel of full-grain leather and seeing it whenever you pick up your iPhone 11? Torubia’s retro PU Leather case encapsulates the reason why leather is a timeless crowd-pleaser.

The super-slim profile outlines the stylish silhouette of the phone. Raised edges protect the glass and the rear camera. On the back are two card slots so you can carry your physical Apple Card, ID or a few bills with you anywhere. Magnetic closure will save your precious device from heart-stopping falls.

There you have it- the 30 best iPhone 11 cases that’s available today. We’re sure you’ve already picked out your favorite and are on the way to checking out the product now.

The cases listed above are also available for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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