Best iPhone 11 Cases with a Card Holder in 2020

Looking for the best iPhone 11 cases with a card holder but having difficulty finding the right one?

You’re in luck. We’ve compiled ten of the best iPhone 11 cases for your perusal. Each case has a nifty and convenient card slot for putting in your daily debit or credit card. More than that, each case is designed to provide protection from everyday bumps and accidental drops.

iPhone 11 case with card holder

Also, we’ve made sure that each item has free global express shipping and a 30 day moneyback guarantee. Don’t waste time and pick out a card holder case for your precious iPhone 11 today!

Here are the best iPhone 11 cases with a card holder

1. Luxury Leather with Card Holder Case

Luxury Leather with Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

The Luxury Leather with Card Holder case may be minimalist when it comes to card storage options, but it more than makes up for it with style and sophistication.

Coming in Brown, Khaki, Black and Red, the stylish back cover touts stitching and cubed design to break the monotony. The sides and back are made of silicone to give your iPhone 11 that anti-knock, anti-drop feature that’s a must-have while simultaneously lending a slim appearance.

The case ticks both points as a protective and enhancing accessory for your iPhone 11. Raised edges and the rim around the rear camera setup takes away the off-chance that your screen and lens get scratched on rough surfaces.

2. Transparent Soft TPU Card Holder Case

Transparent Soft TPU Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

Is it possible to get that bare iPhone feel and have a convenient card holder at the same time? A quick look at the Transparent Soft Card Holder makes that a resounding yes!

The flexible TPU gel case manages to hug your iPhone 11’s profile and allow for an unfettered view on Apple’s latest flagship phone design. You’ll love staring at the iPhone 11’s engineering masterpiece and sleek, clean lines whenever you take it out for use. There’s a cut-out on the rear triple lens array so you can still take clear pictures.

It’s slightly thicker on the edges and where the camera is to prevent everyday scratches. The card holder on the back is also transparent and can hold your favorite card.

3. Double Card Leather Case

Double Card Leather Case for iPhone 11

Smother your new iPhone 11 in a slim case that can act as a mini-wallet for the ultimate in convenience. If you’re always out and about and sometimes leave your wallet behind, this iPhone case can be a lifesaver.

The textured leather back provides an excellent tactile feel whenever you’re handling your newest smartphone. Underneath, a flexible silicone frame guards against everyday knocks via 360-degree protection. Raised grooves along the rear camera and edges secure your device when you put them on any surface. As far as you’re concerned, there’s nothing that could possibly scratch or dent your iPhone 11.

At the back are two card slots for your cards, bills or ID.

4. Slim Hard Leather Card Holder Case

Slim Hard Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

Luxury leather combined with a dual card configuration looks great and performs when you need it most. You’re sure to spend at least a minute admiring the colored leather and matching your outfit to your latest 2019 iPhone 11.

Inside the case are quality of life additions that lend extra sophistication. An engraving and inscription within the felt material cushions your phone from shocks and everyday environmental stress. Forgot your wallet and need to buy something? No worries- just whip out that credit card and swipe!

Precision cut-outs at the charging port and volume and power buttons are an excellent touch. You’ll be able to shut your iPhone 11 off and charge it without having to do an extra step.

5. Chirm Card Pocket Case

Chirm Card Pocket Case for iPhone 11

The Chirm Card Pocket Case has a rather unique, semi-hidden compartment for cards at the back. You can put a credit card in and take it out for emergencies without anybody noticing it was there in the first place.

The 3-in-1 construction is a neat engineering accomplishment. Your iPhone 11 will be protected via 3 materials, a PU outer, PC layer and TPU inner for shock-proof, fingerprint proof and dust-proof aspects. Reinforced edges prevent bumps and abrasions on a daily basis.

A quick glance at the bottom and side reveal exact holes for the iPhone’s speaker, charging port and volume buttons. The textured side makes it easier for you to grip and secure your device even while on the move.

6. Fashion Faux Leather Card Holder Case

Fashion Faux Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

Faux leather is making a comeback not just in the fashion industry, but for iPhone 11 cases as well. The Faux Leather Card Holder case from DrLmm gets our recommendation because it manages to blend great style with a number of useful functions.

The case is divided into components such as the PU material, a sturdy lens frame, PC back cover and TPU border. Bottom line is that you get exceptional protection from bumps, bruises and even the occasional drop to the hard surface.

At the back is a slot for your favorite credit card. There’s even a kickstand utility for when you need to be in hands-free mode.

7. Shockproof Leather Card Holder Case

Shockproof Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

Feel like soft cases won’t give your new iPhone 11 enough protection? Turn to a hard case like the Shockproof Leather Card Holder case and get 360-degree shielding for peace of mind.

You can choose from mono-color patterns or accentuate with a Yellow and Brown cover. The v-part in the middle is a card compartment slot where you can put in your main credit or debit card. Stitching can really make your iPhone 11 stand out from the crowd and wow onlookers.

Also, precision cut-outs guarantee that all volume and power button presses are registered and accurate. The four edges are reinforced, while the rear camera lens are raised to stop unwanted surface scratches and abrasions.

8. Brushed Armor Card Holder Case

Brushed Armor Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

Encase your iPhone 11 with the Brushed Armor Card Holder Case to make your investment last a long time. The rubber phone case has a one-two punch of outer PC material and TPU for holding your smartphone in place. Choose classic colors such as Black or Blue, or add a splash of spontaneity with the Mint Green and Light Pink option.

The case has a secret compartment located at the bottom- open the hatch and you can put in your favorite debit or credit card. Side buttons and the volume have grooves that make pressing them a snap. We also like how the edges and rear camera lining are raised to stop them from making contact with hard and rough surfaces.

9. Deluxe Leather Card Holder Case

Deluxe Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

Need a good iPhone 11 holder case that can store up to 3 cards? The Deluxe Leather case is exactly that. The back cover features a unique card-holding system while looking right at home within the premium leather material. It comes in Brown, Blue, Red or Dark Gray.

Durable silicone frame will stave off even the nastiest knocks and bruises from daily wear and tear. Raised camera edge will keep scratches from damaging your iPhone’s lens. More than that, precise holes and reinforcements give you access to your smartphone’s hardware, including the buttons and charging port.

10. Fabric Cloth Card Holder Case

Fabric Cloth Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

The Fabric Cloth Card Holder is an amalgam of cloth and silicone and turns your beloved iPhone 11 into a fully-functioning digital wallet.

The cloth fabric material is breathable and won’t contain the heat from using your iPhone. Ribbed sides and reinforced edges keep bumps and falls at bay. The edges are raised for maximum protection on the screen and rear camera.

The cases listed above are also available for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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