Best iPhone 11 Leather Cases in 2020


The best iPhone 11 leather cases can give your newest iPhone that ultra-sophisticated look and feel that few iPhone cases can.

iPhone 11 Leather Case

Leather cases also have that ability to transform your smartphone into a mini wallet for added convenience. Instead of adding bulk by carrying your wallet around, you can now just slot in your main credit card, ID and a few bills and be ready for anything even when you’ve left your wallet at home.

We’ve compiled a list of the best leather cases for your iPhone 11. Each product comes with a free express global shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee.

See something you like? Order it and give your iPhone 11 a same-caliber sanctuary.

Here are the best iPhone 11 leather cases

1. LeatherCase

A premium luxury leather case that can turn your iPhone 11 into a full-fledged digital phone book? It’s certainly possible, thanks to the flip case magnetic wallet from LeatherCase.

The slim wallet design doesn’t add to the iPhone’s bulk and yet provides convenient compartments such as one for bills and credit cards. The magnetic enclosure keeps your iPhone safe when it’s in your pocket, purse or bag. You won’t need to take out the case when you need to charge as there’s a precise cut at the bottom charging port.

The kickstand is a welcome feature for those who’d want a hands-free smartphone operation.

2. Crocodile Grain Case

Crocodile Grain Leather Case for iPhone 11

Wrap your newest iPhone 11 with utmost luxury and style with the Crocodile Grain case in Brown, Red or Black. The soft inner lining of the cover is a nice, classy touch that cradles your 2019 iPhone 24/7.

It’s a slim case that manages to emulate that ‘bare iPhone’ look while providing essential features such as anti-skid, anti-fingerprint and shockproof aspects. The premium cow hide leather feels exquisite to the touch and won’t easily wear out over time.

Raised rear camera slot at cutouts allow you access to the charging port, power and volume buttons.

3. Stereoscopic 3D Case

Stereoscopic 3D Leather Case for iPhone 11

Why stop at a crocodile grain pattern when you can have an awesome 3D crocodile head appear at the back when you set your iPhone 11 on any surface? The stereoscopic 3D case will stun onlookers and turn heads whenever you take your smartphone out. It’s sure to be a conversation starter!

The stereoscopic aspect means that the crocodile head is still viewable on all angles. Raised edges and on the rear camera prevent accidental surface scratches, bumps and abrasions. The case definitely adds class to the already outstanding iPhone 11.

4. Luxury Leather with Card Holder Case

Luxury Leather with Card Holder Case for iPhone 11

Leather-backed silicone cases are the best of both worlds for your new iPhone 11. The soft material hugs the outline of your smartphone and provides a snug, secure fit. You can choose from Khaki, Brown, Red or Black and depending on your style and preference.

A compartment on the back is perfect for bringing a credit card, ID or a few bills without the need to bring your wallet. When you put your iPhone 11 in, you won’t have to worry about knocks, drops and scratches that could ruin your iPhone’s looks.

5. ShockProof Hard Back Case

ShockProof Hard Back Leather Case for iPhone 11

Looking for an elegant leather case that’s tough as a tank and can shield your iPhone 11 from the harshest day-to-day conditions? This ShockProof Hard Back case fits the bill just right. You can choose from Brown, Red, Gray or Black, depending on your outfit and preference.

A hard case can take the brunt of everyday damage, whether you’ve dropped your iPhone on the pavement, put your smartphone down a rough surface or accidentally put it in your pocket along with your keys. Raised edges and cut-out grooves allow for easy access to the power and volume buttons.

6. Genuine Leather Soft TPU Case

Genuine Leather Soft TPU Case for iPhone 11

Soft TPU is often used for iPhone 11 cases because they’re a great fit and can be made to look like anything. Case in point- the Genuine Leather case from Solque keeps things classy while having the user enjoy the benefits of TPU material.

You get 360-degree protection, plus improved tactile feel on the power and volume buttons. The iPhone 11’s rear camera is kept safe, as well as the front screen. The leather texture on the back offers a pleasant tactile feel while keeping scratches, fingerprints and bumps at bay.

7. PU Leather Flip Wallet Case

PU Leather Flip Wallet Case for iPhone 11

Turn your newest iPhone 11 into an all-around virtual wallet, complete with card holders and accessories with the PU Leather Flip Wallet case. Detach the magnetic buckles at the back and you’ll find three card components where you can put your credit card, ID and bills in.

Heat dissipation technology allows the heat to escape so you won’t have to worry about damaging your smartphone during movie and TV show marathons.

8. Retro Fundas Leather Case

Retro Fundas Leather Case for iPhone 11

Retro cases have that undeniably classic look that never goes out of style. For a splash of color, you can choose the Pink, Gray or Coffee, or lean towards traditional hues and go with Yellow or Black.

Flip the cover lid and you’ll have three compartment slots for putting in pictures of your loved ones, credit cards, ID and more. Soft silicone material hugs your iPhone 11 and keeps away daily bumps, scratches, fingerprints, dust and more.

9. Luxury Flip Leather Wallet Case

Luxury Flip Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11

Contemporary leather designs are making a comeback, and modernists who want the premium feel of leather with the combined protective qualities of silicone can get this premium flip case from Toppmost.

Accentuate your iPhone 11 with great colors, e.g., Yellow, Gray, Blue or Red and give it an additional storage for your credit cards, ID and the occasional bill or two so you can go anywhere without needing your wallet. Built-in magnets keep your iPhone secure, while a kickstand provides hands-free entertainment.

10. Gradient Colorful PU Leather Case

Gradient Colorful PU Leather Case for iPhone 11

Leather doesn’t have to be boring. For those who want sparkly gradient effects, the PU Leather case from Toppmost is for you.

A magnetic clasp keeps your iPhone 11 secure when not in use. The cover can double as a kickstand for when you’re watching your favorite shows. The leather case naturally keeps away shocks and drops to the pavement quite admirably.

The gradient color effect is sure to attract attention and start conversations!

11. Leather Coque Wallet Case

Leather Coque Wallet Case for iPhone 11

Get your iPhone a mandala-inspired leather case and never have to worry about protection or going out of style ever again.

It provides a slim wallet design that includes a compartment for bills and for cards, e.g., IDs, bus cards and credit cards. A magnetic latch serves as security to protect your iPhone 11 while it’s inside your bag or purse.

Cut-out holes are raised .8mm to prevent scratches to the camera. The 360-degree omni-directional technology is a nice touch.

12. Magnetic Card Wallet Case

Magnetic Leather Card Wallet Case for iPhone 11

CaseMe offers a unique feel of velvet leather with their Magnetic Card Wallet case. Your iPhone 11 will get wrapped in soft silicone and outer leather material with kickstand support.

Open up the side and you can add bills and credit cards to turn it into a convenient, carry-all mini wallet. Precision cut-outs allow for charging and pressing of the volume and power buttons. There’s also a hidden auto-close function with magnets for added security.

For individuals who want colored leather, there’s Red or Blue. Raised rear slots keep the triple lens system safe from scratches.

13. Fashion Card Holder with Stand Case

Fashion Leather Card Holder with Stand Case for iPhone 11

Want the look of leather and won’t compromise with bulk? The slim Fashion Card Holder case for the iPhone 11 is the perfect accessory.

Inner fabric lining cushions your new 2019 iPhone against blows and impact. Outside, the cover can function as a card or cash holder, and as a kickstand for hands-free operation, to boot. You can choose from a variety of colors to give your smartphone the look that you want.

14. Premium Leather Magnet Button Flip Strap

Premium Leather Magnet Button Flip Strap Case for iPhone 11

Can a leather case have more features? You’d be surprised to find that the answer is a resounding ‘yes’!

Enter the Premium Leather case with flip strap and ring holder. Your iPhone 11 will be transformed into a multi-functional device and mini-wallet. It has compartments for putting in bills and credit cards. Plus, a strap lanyard keeps things secure even while walking and using your iPhone.

Lastly, there’s a ring on the back so you won’t accidentally drop your smartphone when you bump into someone.

15. Full Body Business Magnetic Leather Wallet Case

Full Body Business Magnetic Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11

A full body leather case is perfect for matching your corporate look or business fashion sense. Your iPhone 11 becomes a full-fledged wallet, complete with card, photo and bill slots when you affix your new 2019 iPhone on it.

The outer PU leather reveals a silicone inner shell that can withstand everyday shocks, bumps and smudges. It has a convenient magnetic buckle that secures the front cover in place. Prop your iPhone via the kickstand and you can watch videos and do FaceTime with friends without having to hold the smartphone with your hands.

16. Bling Glitter Leather Case

Bling Glitter Leather Case for iPhone 11

This Bling Leather case shines with a thousand sparkles whenever the light hits it. Finally, you’ll have a protective iPhone 11 case that speaks your personality and dazzles everyone who sees it!

Glitz and sparkles aside, the flip case reveals four useful compartments for storing your most-used credit cards, family photos and bills of cash. A magnetic latch prevents scratching when you put the iPhone inside your bag and for 360-degree shielding from bumps and falls.

17. Durable Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Durable Genuine Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11

As far as genuine leather material is concerned, this Leather Wallet case is one of the best out there. Oil wax leather material is super durable and can wick away moisture and small spills. In contrast, the soft TPU material shields your precious iPhone 11 24/7 against scratches, bumps and falls to the pavement.

Flip the front lid and you’ll get three card slots and a bill compartment on the side. A magnetic latch and a mini lanyard helps keep things secure.

18. V&K PU Leather Wallet Case

V&K PU Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11

V&K Leather case for your iPhone 11 shakes things up a bit by putting the stand and the card slots at the back. Choose from Rose Gold, Brown, Blue or Black according to your style and preference. The soft TPU material has heatsink capability and wicks away the temperature during Netflix marathons and gaming sessions. Its durable and shockproof shell provides the ultimate protection.

The cases listed above are also available for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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