Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases in 2020

Samantha Wiley
By Samantha Wiley - Senior News Editor
iPhone 11 Pro Cases

All serious iPhone 11 Pro owners know that there’s a need to invest in one of the best iPhone 11 Pro cases.

But how would you sift through hundreds of available cases for the iPhone 11 Pro and find the one that’s right for you?

iPhone 11 Pro Cases

We’ve scoured the world wide web and brought back the 30 best iPhone 11 Pro cases money can buy. All of our chosen items can protect your newest iPhone from shocks, scratches and everyday bumps and drops.

Take your pick down on our list below. The good thing about our options is that everything comes with free express shipping worldwide and have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Whether you’re looking for a ‘bare’ iPhone look or something that can take a beating, we’ve got you covered. We have leather, silicone, clear cases and even-tempered glass.

These iPhone 11 Pro cases are considered the best in their respective class and type. Just pick out a color and wait for the package to arrive!

Here are the best iPhone 11 Pro cases

1. Jolie

iPhone 11 Pro case by Jolie

Liquid silicone feels great to the touch and lends some very good protective qualities as an iPhone 11 Pro case. For one, it’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about spills, grease and food particles sticking to it. What’s more, these cases look absolutely stunning when coupled with Apple’s 2019 smartphones.

For those who often put their iPhones face-down on surfaces, this is the perfect case. Precise cutouts give you 24/7 access to all your iPhone’s buttons and charging port.

2. Hadinas

iPhone 11 Pro case by Hadinas

Emulate the illusion of a bare iPhone 11 Pro in all its glory by getting yourself one of these transparent iPhone cases from Hadinas. There’s no doubt that the latest iPhone sports an amazing design, and if you’re one of those who appreciate sleek lines and smooth curves, then this is for you.

The ultra-thin transparent case is good enough to keep away daily clumsies, e.g., knocks on the corner table, 1 to 2 feet drops, etc. A .02 inch raised profile should prevent the rear lens from scratches.

3. Torubia

iPhone 11 Pro case by Torubia

A candy-colored iPhone 11 Pro case shows a playful side to every Apple enthusiast, and with Torubia’s Silicone Candy Color Soft TPU cover you can choose from a variety of hues to suit your preference.

The upgraded, built-in velvet material encases your newest investment from internal abrasions. Putting it on and taking it off only takes a few seconds. Get a couple of these and you’ll be able to change your iPhone’s skin depending on the occasion, your mood or fancy!

4. Y-Ta

iPhone 11 Pro case by Y-Ta

Honeycomb patterns are awesome, and more so if they have a glow-like effect on a clear case. Slap these on your iPhone 11 Pro and you’ll be sure to score some style points whenever you take it out of your bag or pocket.

The iPhone case from Y-Ta combines a clear outer shell with shock-proof sides so you won’t have to worry about heart-stopping drops to the pavement. Notable standouts include precise cut-outs for the iPhone’s charging port, volume and power buttons.

5. Hacrin

iPhone 11 Pro case by Hacrin

Give your new iPhone 11 Pro a high-powered shine with the transparent bumper plating cover case from Hacrin. It’s sure to catch the ambient light and dazzle onlookers while you use your smartphone.

Side colors accentuate your smartphone while protecting it from bumps and drops. Surprisingly, the back of the case is anti-fingerprint and feels comfortable to hold, thanks to the anti-skid material. The raised ridge around the camera and button cutouts are a nice touch as well.

6. Gradient

iPhone 11 Pro case by Gradient

Love the gradient effect and want it on your iPhone? That should be no problem with the Gradient Color Shockproof case from Torubia. The semi-transparent cover allows you to see your iPhone 11 Pro’s curves as it bathes in the mesmerizing gradient effect.

The case supports wireless charging for the utmost convenience. The soft TPU material isn’t for show- raised bumper buttons make pressing them easier than before. Plus, you get full-edge protection from day-to-day bruises and beatings. It makes holding your new iPhone more comfortable, too!

7. Subin

iPhone 11 Pro case by Subin

Faced with too many iPhone 11 Pro case choices? Don’t fret. Stick to the classics, like a leather hardback case from Subin and get top-notch protection without sacrificing personal style.

The iPhone 11 Pro back cover comes in several color options. Its tough PU leather stops drops, abrasions, and smudges dead in their tracks. You know you’ve picked a winner when everyone you know keeps remarking on how amazing your newest 2019 iPhone looks!

8. Joliwow

iPhone 11 Pro case by Joliwow

Dress up your iPhone 11 Pro in something more comfortable, like the Luxury Fabric Cover case. The familiar texture of cloth, melded with PU material brings a comfortable grip and makes using your new iPhone even more enjoyable.

The layer of TPU soft edge, hardback, and cloth blend provide 360-degree, all-day protection from everyday wear and tear. Fingerprints and back smudges will become a thing of the past when you get this case for your iPhone. Best of all, you can choose from a variety of colors that won’t fade anytime soon.

9. Vifocal

iPhone 11 Pro case by Vifocal

Get ready for extra attention when you fit in this Luxury Silicon Phone Case for your iPhone 11 Pro. The quality leather material and stitching design will be sure to spark a conversation anywhere you go.

In terms of safety, this leather silicon case does not lack. Raised buttons allow you faster response time when tapping on the volume or power. It’s soft, flexible and has an inner heat sink pattern so your iPhone won’t overheat.

10. Binbo

iPhone 11 Pro case by Binbo

Carbon fiber is undoubtedly cool, but how much cooler would it be if it were a case for your iPhone 11 Pro? Binbo’s ultra-thin carbon fiber TPU cover is our top recommendation. It’s slim and hugs the curves of your newest iPhone easily.

The premium tactile feel is almost equal to holding a bare iPhone. The anti-sweat. fingerprint and scratch layer creates an impenetrable shield from everyday elements. Also, the camera cut-out is raised by .5mm to protect the sensitive lens.

11. RainMan

iPhone 11 Pro case by RainMan

The retro wooden pattern for your iPhone 11 Pro exudes a hip vibe. The fusion of technology and organic material is strikingly unique, to say the least. More than that, you can count on the RainMan Back Cover to protect your iPhone from knocks on hard surfaces, including glass, cement and others.

There are a plethora of wood pattern options for you to choose from. Raised grooves at the side and rear camera, as well as the volume and power buttons, are precisely cut out for easy access.

12. Lainergie

iPhone 11 Pro case by Lainergie

Working in corporate and need to dress up your iPhone 11 Pro in a business suit? Take the next best thing and get the Luxury Back Cover from Lainergie in blue or classic black for that undeniably formal look.

The case material is soft and flexible, but it protects your new iPhone from harm, e.g., knocks, scuffs, and even the occasional fall. Snapping the case in or out only takes a few seconds at most. It even has a heat sink dissipation technology that wicks away the temperature during extended smartphone use.

13. Star Space

iPhone 11 Pro case by Star Space

Star Space cases are good for the environment. They’re mixed in with organic wheat straw, which naturally degrades in soil over time. Plus, they come in attractive colors such as blue, red, yellow and pink, among others.

The soft silicone will hug the corners of your iPhone 11 Pro and secure it 24/7. Precision cutouts grant you access to the charging port to juice up the phone battery. It even supports wireless charging so you won’t have to take the iPhone out when you want to charge.

14. MOFi

iPhone 11 Pro case by MOFi

Fabrics give off an organic and warm feeling, and the creators at MOFi have decided to emulate it on their iPhone 11 Pro cases. The best part is that you can choose from Gray, Brown or Denim Blue, whichever fits your mood and style.

The soft silicone material will absorb everyday bumps, scratches, and knocks and keep your iPhone safe. The outer fabric material staves off smudges, fingerprints and makes your 2019 iPhone great to hold. Cutouts give you access to the most important buttons.

15. Finger Ring

iPhone 11 Pro case with Finger Ring

If it’s a utility case you need, then your choice will be to get this Anti-Knock Finger Ring Bracket case. It has a range of colors to suit any personality!

Slide-out the metal part and voila! A finger ring made of silicon material pops out. You can also prop your smartphone by extending the stand for hands-free watching or chatting on FaceTime. The case material features accurate cut-outs so you can push the volume or power buttons without interference.

16. Girls Fashion Case with Wrist Strap

Girls Fashion Case with Wrist Strap for iPhone 11 Pro

A girl’s fashion sense is constantly evolving, but you can bet that the Girls Fashion case will quickly catch up. There’s no better companion for your new iPhone 11 Pro than Fashion Case’s item, which comes in several print options ranging from flowery to picturesque and everything in-between.

The soft material of the cover provides a super snug fit so your iPhone won’t slip out of place. Putting your mobile in this case is easy and only takes a few seconds. Raised edges protect the most important hardware components of your iPhone 11 Pro, including the rear camera array and front display. It’s everything you’d want in an iPhone case and more!

17. LF Card Holder

iPhone 11 Pro case with card holder by LF

Premium leather and the latest 2019 iPhone 11 is a match made in heaven, and more so if the case comes from LF. The luxury leather material is nice to hold and it offers extensive physical protection, to boot.

A stitched card holder lets you put in a card, ID or cash so you won’t have to take your wallet everywhere you go. Raised grooves on the edges and the rear camera will cover the lens from surface damage. Leather goes great on any surface and apparel.

18. LF Flip with Kickstand

iPhone 11 Pro case with Flip and Kickstand by LF

Combined functionality makes an iPhone 11 Pro case even more useful. Case in point- this LF luxury leather case offers a premium leather feel that’s just as good as a bare iPhone. It has a kickstand feature for watching movies, typing out emails and video calling for hands-free comfort.

On the side, you get a number of pockets for credit cards and photos of loved ones. It’s kind of like a utility case so you won’t have to worry whenever you go out and forgot to bring your wallet. Precise holes on the charging port give you 24/7 charging without having to remove the leather case.


iPhone 11 Pro case by MOESOE

Your newest iPhone 11 Pro may not have the maximum amount of glitter you want, but this Glitter Diamond Flower case can solve that problem easily. Featuring high-quality, shiny metallic ink, the cover will exude the effect of metal glinting off sunlight and artificial light sources.

The pink or gold sides add to the overall accent and effect of a feminine iPhone, while clear plating provides a glimpse of your smartphone’s bare hardware. It’s slim, light and good enough to protect your device from everyday knocks and bumps.


iPhone 11 Pro case by WEFIRST

WEFIRST’s Rugged Shockproof case is probably the toughest case you can get for your precious iPhone 11 Pro. It has 2 layers of protection- the hard PC case for warding off scratches and abrasions, and a soft TPU layer for absorbing physical impact.

The case comes in a variety of colors and includes a stand you can use when you don’t want to use your hands.


iPhone 11 Pro case by AKABEILA

Your iPhone 11 Pro is a work of art, and these Painted Phone cases from AKABEILA will surely fit in with engineering and design marvel of Apple’s flagship phone.

The oil paint used is environment-friendly and won’t cause the colors to chip off over time. Soft TPU material provides better protection than a hard case, and it offers anti-knock capabilities as well.

22. KEYSION Card Pocket

iPhone 11 Pro case by KEYSION with card pocket

Leather never goes out of style, and you can bet that this PU Leather case from KEYSION will continue to dazzle and protect your iPhone 11 Pro for years to come.

The handmade leather material oozes style and sophistication. Put them on your iPhone and you can still charge them wirelessly for utmost convenience. Extra features such as a felt inner lining and a slot for a credit card or ID adds to the overall value.


iPhone 11 Pro case by URCASE

Clear case and color frames give your newest iPhone attitude while showing off a ‘bare’ look. The URCASE shock-proof bumper gets the nod because of its high-quality TPU case and variety of different color selections.

The easy-slip aspect makes dressing up your iPhone 11 Pro a matter of seconds. There are convenient cut-outs so you won’t be scrambling to access the charging port, power and volume buttons. It’s durable and can last a long, long time.

24. Frameless

iPhone 11 Pro case by Frameless

Need a frameless case that accentuates the 2019 iPhone’s curves and provides a hint of color? The semi-transparent, hardback matte cover will be sure to give you your money’s worth.

The material feels smooth and grippy to the touch while fielding off knocks, smudges, and daily fingerprints through use. Raised rear camera grooves ensure you get the most of your new iPhone 11 Pro’s camera. You also get a ring holder that can stabilize your hold even while walking or on the move.

25. Comanke

iPhone 11 Pro case by Comanke

Comanke’s slim and transparent case for the iPhone 11 Pro is some of the best we’ve ever seen. It doesn’t add to the weight and bulk while giving your new smartphone a dash of color. The soft and flexible material can stand up to daily knocks, abrasions and scratches.

Extra features include slightly raised sides and precision cut-outs on the hardware’s ports and buttons. For those who want a changing style, it’s best to buy two or three of these so you can dress up your iPhone according to your mood.

26. Ollyden

iPhone 11 Pro case by Ollyden

Adapt a gradient look for your iPhone 11 Pro with this premium tempered glass case from Ollyden. You can get the gradient white, black, yellow, red or purple, all of which should look absolutely stunning on Apple’s newest smartphone.

The hard tempered glass hides a soft TPU case within for maximum protection. The streamer glass emulates a bare iPhone feel so you won’t ever need to take it out, ever. It’s scratch-proof, fingerprint-proof and shockproof as well.

27. Capa Weave Leather Pattern

iPhone 11 Pro case by Capa with Weave Leather Pattern

How about something truly different? A capa weave case will be sure to dazzle your senses while giving your newest gadget the protection it needs to survive daily wear and tear. You can choose from red, violet, pink, blue or black depending on your preference.

The material naturally resists dirt, fingerprints and surface abrasions. Raised edges and on the rear camera system is a feature we’d welcome anytime. Invest in a capa weave and your 2019 iPhone will be sure to stand out!

Note: This case is not made of leather. It’s made of TPU with a weave leather pattern

28. KEYSION Marble Tempered Glass

iPhone 11 Pro case by KEYSION with Tempered Glass marble design

Get one of these Marble Tempered Glasses cases for your iPhone 11 Pro and you’ll never run out of people saying how nice your phone looks. Stained glass shell provides an excellent tactile feel that adds a layer of depth to your style and personality.

Inside the glass cover is a soft and slim silicone bumper frame to absorb those bumps and shocks. The four sides have raised indentions so you can place your iPhone flat on the table and not worry about scratches.

29. Solque

iPhone 11 Pro case by Solque

And now, for something unique- a crocodile skin for your precious new iPhone. Luxury crocodile texture can be quite comfortable, and it shuts out scratches and everyday bumps from causing damage to your newly-acquired smartphone.

Choose from classic black and brown or get a contemporary hue with blue or red. It’s equal parts stylish, cool and functional rolled into one.

30. Torubia Retro Calf Grain PU Leather

iPhone 11 Pro case by Torubia with Retro Calf Grain PU Leather

It’s only fitting that we end with a leather case that offers fantastic tactile feedback. The Calf Grain PU Leather case from Torubia lends an unmistakable elegance to your iPhone 11 Pro. The super-slim profile fits in just right without adding extra bulk.

At the back are two slots for credit, debit or ID cards. You also get dual-layer shockproof protection, which can come in really handy especially if you’re prone to dropping your mobile.

The cases listed above are also available for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11.

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