Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases with a Card Holder in 2020

A sturdy, reliable case with a card holder can power up your iPhone to new heights. We understand how nothing but the best iPhone 11 Pro cases with a card holder should grace your new device. After all, it’s an investment that should indeed get maximum protection!

Take your pick among our 10 best iPhone 11 Pro cases that can give you up to four card slots, along with impact, shock and bump protection. The best thing about these handpicked items is that they come with free global express shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee. 

iPhone 11 Pro Case with Card Holder

With an iPhone 11 Pro card holder case, you’ll be untethered to your wallet and can carry less bulk while still having an option to purchase. Simply slot in your favorite credit or debit card and you’ll be good to go.

Here are the best iPhone 11 Pro cases with a card holder

1. Luxury Leather with Card Holder Case

Luxury Leather with Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro

The Luxury Leather with Card Holder case ticks all the boxes we’re looking for in a durable iPhone 11 Pro case.

One, the premium luxury leather has a pleasant tactile feel when you take your new iPhone 11 Pro from your pocket, purse or bag. Two, the silicone frame provides a true accurate fit and secures your smartphone 24/7. Falls to the pavement become inconsequential, thanks to the bumper protection.

Also, the back notch hides a card compartment for adding your daily credit or debit card. Now, you can leave your wallet at home and still have the option to pay for items as needed.

2. Transparent Soft TPU Card Holder Case

Transparent Soft TPU Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro cases that emulate a ‘bare iPhone’ feel hold a special place in our hearts, and for this reason we’re recommending the Transparent Soft TPU case from LF.

The clear TPU gel material offers a completely transparent view of your iPhone and its wonderful hardware features. Onlookers won’t believe you have a case until they feel the material. The TPU case is made to be thicker than the iPhone 11 Pro’s dimensions and at the rear camera to protect it from scratches.

A transparent card slot at the back has its advantage and disadvantages, but there’s nothing quite like a fully transparent soft gel case to make your new smartphone stand out from the crowd.

3. Double Card Leather Case

Double Card Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Your iPhone 11 Pro can be converted into a mini wallet when you buy the Double Card Leather case. Various color options ensure your iPhone will look great no matter what you’re wearing.

A double card compartment at the back allows you to put in a debit card, credit card, ID or a few bills so you can head out and make purchases even without a wallet. Leather texture is always classy, which is nice if you’re aiming for a timeless appeal. It also has a rear camera safety feature to keep scratches at bay.

4. Slim Hard Leather Card Holder Case

Slim Hard Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro

How about a slim case that touts luxury leather aesthetics? The Slim Hard Leather Card Holder case doesn’t add to the physical bulk but gives your iPhone 11 Pro a plethora of new features.

Raised edges and cut-outs give users full access to the port and buttons. The parallel stitching on the back are actually two card slots for your daily credit or debit card. It can hold a few bills for money purchases as well. As for color options, you can get one in Red, Brown, Blue, Black or Yellow, each with its own appeal.

5. Chirm Card Pocket Case

Chirm Card Pocket Case for iPhone 11 Pro

The Chirm Card Pocket case cares for your iPhone 11 Pro with a few improvements over other cases. Reinforced edges soften the impact when your smartphone drops to the floor. The 3-in-1 material of PU, PC and TPU offers a unique tactile feel without compromising on quality and device safety.

It even has a card slot where it’s easier to place credit cards, debit cards and ID in just a few seconds. Raised rear camera and edge lining staves off rough surface scratches to keep your iPhone looking its best.

Lastly, cut-outs on the speaker and charging port offer quick plug-and-charge sessions and unblocked audio for music and calling purposes.

6. Fashion Faux Leather Card Holder Case

Fashion Faux Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro

The Faux Leather case is a true work of art because it manages to have all the things you’d need in an iPhone 11 Pro case. It’s available in your favorite color options as well.

An unobtrusive kickstand props up your iPhone for messaging, watching and app usage. There’s a compartment on the back that serves as a convenient card holder. You’d think you’re using a bare iPhone as all the hardware’s buttons, port and speakers are readily available.

You can depend on this leather with card holder case to shield your precious 2019 iPhone from daily bumps and drops. It’s an amazing companion for your iPhone!

7. Shockproof Leather Card Holder Case

Shockproof Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Hardback cases are tough and can take a beating. Case in point- the Shockproof Leather Case has a pretty great color selection, and it manages to protect your iPhone 11 Pro from the usual bumps and grinds from daily use.

Reinforced edges stop hard impacts from damaging your smartphone. There’s a precise cutout feature that gives you unfettered access to your mobile’s phone buttons and ports. On the back cover you can fit in a daily card snugly without fear of losing or misplacing it.

8. Brushed Armor Card Holder Case

Brushed Armor Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Like a tough look for your newest investment? The Brushed Armor Case for the iPhone 11 Pro should be your first option. It comes in a variety of traditional colors and new, funky ones such as Green and Pink as well.

A hatch under the back cover serves as a somewhat secret compartment for your credit or debit card. Forgot to bring your wallet? No problem- just slide out the card and swipe to purchase. The PC material saves your investment from hard knocks and falls without leaving a dent or scratch.

Brushed armor texture feels nice to the touch and adds an aesthetic appeal as well.

9. Deluxe Leather Card Holder Case

Deluxe Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro

The Deluxe Leather Card Holder case are for iPhone 11 Pro owners who want their phones unique from everybody else. Starting with an innovative way to keep up to three cards without making the case look bulky and heavy, the case manages to keep things simple and functional.

Fantastic texture and stitching design will definitely make your iPhone look more expensive. Raised edges allow you to put your smartphone on a surface and not worry about scratches. Take perfect shots and charge up your phone without needing to take it out via precision holes.

Silicone cases give you that snap-on convenience every time, and the Deluxe Case Card Holder is no exception. It’s one of the best iPhone 11 Pro cases we’ve tried, and one that we’d recommend.

10. Fabric Cloth Card Holder Case

Fabric Cloth Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Is there any way to transcend the iPhone 11 Pro’s features and make it even more useful? The answer is yes. Get the Fabric Cloth Card Holder case and you’ll be able to do almost anything with your device, including paying for your fare and items via contactless methods.

The cloth case’s rear supports a mini backpack that can store many cards- IDs, credit or even a few emergency bills, depending on your preference. We like how the cloth material naturally wicks away moisture while keeping the case smudge, fingerprint and sweat-free. Reinforced edges can take a hard fall and still keep your iPhone unscathed.

You’ll love the fact that you won’t have to bring your wallet with you 24/7 anymore. Once you’ve tried this case, there’s no going back!

The cases listed above are also available for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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