Best iPhone 11 Pro Leather Cases in 2020


The best iPhone 11 Pro Leather cases stand up to scrutiny and everyday wear and tear. Who doesn’t love the satisfying look and feel of genuine leather in all its forms?

iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case

Thinking of getting a leather case for your iPhone 11 Pro? Good. One way to extend your smartphone’s lifespan is to give it adequate protection. Thankfully, you can now choose from a number of different leather cases that each have their own advantages.

In this article, we’ve found 18 top-notch options for you, our dear iPhone 11 Pro owner so you can get your precious investment protected ASAP. Each of these products come with free express global shipping and 30 day moneyback guarantee.

Here are the best iPhone 11 Pro leather cases

1. LeatherCase

Flip leather cases are excellent companions for the iPhone 11 Pro, and the LeatherCase pulls it off with style. The small insignia at the bottom right adds to the character, breaking the monotony to an otherwise plain front.

It’s a slim case that keeps the buttons at the side and charging port open for easy access. Pry open the magnetized cover and you’ll see your 2019 iPhone nestled in a soft material. We love how the inner cover has two card slots for maximum convenience. It comes in your favorite colors, too!

2. Crocodile Grain Case

Crocodile Grain Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Crocodile grain gives off an exotic vibe, which could be exactly what you need in an iPhone 11 Pro case. There’s nothing quite like genuine cow hide leather for an amazing tactile feel every time you pick up your smartphone.

Raised lens groove elevate your iPhone’s triple camera array and preserve it from surface damage. It’s spill-resistant, fingerprint-proof and smudge-proof as well. Special cutouts make for instantaneous access to the phone’s buttons and charging port.

3. Stereoscopic 3D Case

Stereoscopic 3D Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Amaze your coworkers, friends and casual acquaintances with a stereoscopic 3D crocodile that comes to life whenever you rest your iPhone 11 Pro on the table. Make sure to be ready, because more often than not they’ll ask you where you bought it!

Take your new iPhone out the cover and wow your audience with the case’s scripted inner lining. Cow hide leather naturally wicks away moisture, sweat and fingerprints even through daily use. We like how the four corners provide shock-proof edge protection from bumps and harsh drops to the pavement.

4. Luxury Leather with Card Holder Case

Luxury Leather with Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro

The fitted silicone leather case is simple yet stylish and allows the iPhone 11 Pro to be on its best 24/7. The back cover leather pattern design isn’t just for show- there’s a slot for your favorite credit card so you won’t run out of purchase options.

Leather material keeps dirt, fingerprints and scratches from making contact with your precious device. The slim form factor belies the fact that the edges and the rear camera’s outline are raised to save your smartphone from rough surfaces.

5. ShockProof Hard Back Case

ShockProof Hard Back Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Ultra-tough cases are always welcome in our books, and we found that the hard back case from Goodssky is among the best out there. On the back, gold accents show off the triple lens array, while the front touts cut-away holes and raised edges for supreme protection.

There’s no more worry about damaging your iPhone 11 Pro whenever it drops to the pavement or rough surfaces. You can pick it up and brush off the dust and your device will work just fine. The case comes in four color variants and will complement your clothes, whether you’re on business mode or casual.

6. Genuine Leather Soft TPU Case

Genuine Leather Soft TPU Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Ultra slim form meets genuine leather look with this case from Solque. It’s specially designed to provide a super-accurate fit for the iPhone 11 Pro and turn it into a shock-proof cover.

Side buttons become raised and easier to press. Meanwhile, precise cutouts at the bottom let you plug in your iPhone charger or listen to the hardware’s speakers without having to take the case out. Pick the color options, e.g., Red, Blue, Black or Brown depending on your style and preference. It’s sure to be your iPhone’s companion for years to come!

7. PU Leather Flip Wallet Case

PU Leather Flip Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Leave your iPhone 11 Pro unfettered at the front and give it a wallet-like function at the back when you fit in this PU Leather Wallet case. For a totally corporate look, choose Blue or Black, while those who enjoy a splash of color can pick out the White or Pink variant.

Going out and leaving your wallet behind is now possible, thanks to the back compartment where you can put paper bills, ID and credit cards. The mobile bracket is a stroke of genius that can prop your iPhone 11 Pro up whenever you’re binge-watching or talking to someone online.

8. Retro Fundas Leather Case

Retro Fundas Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

QuShar’s Retro Fundas Case deserves special mention as it’s one of the most unique iPhone 11 Pro leather cases we’ve encountered. The look of leather is undeniably real, and inside is a soft TPU material that holds your new iPhone in place.

The front cover acts as a mini organizer that can store photos or a card or two; fling it out and the kickstand can hold your smartphone in place as you watch your shows and streaming content in hands-free mode.

9. Luxury Flip Leather Wallet Case

Luxury Flip Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Toppmost’s Luxury Wallet Case breaks out of the traditional mode by sporting a unique and interesting design which encompasses its front and back.

The snazzy case has a magnetic closure system that automatically secures your iPhone against unwanted scratches while in your purse, bag or briefcase. Charging is as easy as finding the port and plugging the cable in.

10. Gradient Colorful PU Leather Case

Gradient Colorful PU Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Gradient comes alive when you slip the Gradient PU Leather case on your newest iPhone 11 Pro. It’s sure to catch the attention of your friends and coworkers alike.

Inside, the tough cover material sports a card and bill compartment for two cards. Four-corner edge protection makes drops a little less nerve-wracking. It comes with a short lanyard and a magnetic catch system for added security.

11. Leather Coque Wallet Case

Leather Coque Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro

The Leather Coque Wallet case serves a double purpose of keeping your iPhone 11 Pro away from harm and making it look good in the process. It’s more breathable than most cases and touts an industry-standard anti fall and seismic protection via 360-degree omni-directional technology.

Bottom line is that the case serves as your everyday shield from daily wear and tear. Also, the rear hole is raised .8mm higher than your iPhone’s. The wallet aspect can be found inside- fit in up to 3 cards and a handful of bills so you can go out without having to bring your wallet along.

12. Magnetic Card Wallet Case

Magnetic Leather Card Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Wrap your beloved iPhone 11 Pro with a smooth and elegant Magnetic Wallet Case from CaseMe. Genuine felt leather material feels exquisite to the touch and lends an anti-scratch, anti-smudge, dust and dirt protection.

Open up the case and you can slot in up to two cards total and a few bills to turn it into a functional mini wallet. Auto-close feature eliminates the need to use a magnetic buckle. Last but not the least, the built-in kickstand can come in really handy when you need hands-free app operation.

13. Fashion Card Holder with Stand Case

Fashion Leather Card Holder with Stand Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Think great-looking leather cases are expensive? Think again. The Fashion Card Holder is just a fraction of the cost and yet has premium leather material that’s pleasing to the senses.

Precision engineering makes fitting in your iPhone 11 Pro a snap-on affair. There are cut-outs on the side for easy access to the power, volume and charging ports. The front cover can act as a card holder, kickstand and passive screen protector so your iPhone’s display won’t accumulate scratches.

14. Premium Leather Magnet Button Flip Strap

Premium Leather Magnet Button Flip Strap Case for iPhone 11 Pro

How does the idea of never having to bring your wallet again sound to you? The Premium Flip Strap Leather case converts your iPhone 11 Pro case into a veritable storage for your bills, credit cards and other necessities.

The included finger ring is a neat addition. Furthermore, the strap can be worn on the wrist or on your bag so your iPhone won’t have to suffer a drop to the pavement.

360-degree protection is always good, and a raised notch for the triple lens system at the back is always a welcome feature.

15. Full Body Business Magnetic Leather Wallet Case

Full Body Business Magnetic Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro

People might mistake the Full Body Leather Wallet case as a high-end branded wallet, but little do they know that your newest iPhone 11 Pro is nestled inside it!

The magnetic clasp in the middle ties your smartphone and case together. Snap it open and you’ll see up to four slots for your card, ID and bills. It can prop your mobile to any angle you like depending on what you’re doing, e.g., watching movies or viewing social media feeds.

16. Bling Glitter Leather Case

Bling Glitter Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

All the ladies will want to own the Bling Glitter case when they see just how fabulous it is when paired with an iPhone 11 Pro. Diamond rhinestones and glitter catches light and throws it back to the bedazzled viewer.

Soft inner case made of TPU holds your new iPhone in place so it doesn’t fall out. A 2-card compartment and one for photos round out the front cover features. It’s the perfect case for those who think their iPhones should shine brightly as they do!

17. Durable Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Durable Genuine Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Take no chances of your iPhone 11 Pro being damaged when you invest in the Durable Leather Wallet case from ECLEARER. Strategically attached magnetic material holds the case in place during inactive mode.

The inclusion of a lanyard makes holding your new smartphone more secure. Inside, a three-groove slot can accommodate credit cards, IDs, bills and more. You can choose from classic Brown or Black, or choose Blue or Red, depending on your preference.

18. V&K PU Leather Wallet Case

V&K PU Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Merge traditional leather with contemporary designs, and what will you get? Something close to the PU Leather Wallet Case from V&K.

The back cover is nice to view and quite pleasant to the touch, while raised edges protect your iPhone 11 Pro from everyday surface abrasions.

You can fit in up to three cards, bills or IDs for an always-ready aspect without relying on your wallet.

The cases listed above are also available for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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