Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases with a Card Holder in 2020

What can the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases with a card holder do that others can’t?

Good iPhone cases with card holders lend a utilitarian aspect in a way that leaving home without a wallet is now possible. Thanks to extra card slots hidden in the back, you now have a few bills, ID or credit cards to pay for things, using just your new iPhone and its case.

You also get industry-standard protection via reinforced edges and rear camera grooves for staving off damaging bumps and scratches.

All the cases listed below come with free express global shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. Take your pick and smother your newest investment with premium card holder cases today!

Here are the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases with a card holder

1. Luxury Leather with Card Holder Case

Luxury Leather with Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

There’s something special about the Luxury Leather Card Holder case that makes it a favorite among iPhone 11 Pro Max owners. There’s no denying the classic look that leather exudes, complemented by interesting patterns and premium stitching.

The cutaway becomes a snug card holder for bringing your credit or debit card on the go. Your new iPhone 11 Pro Max is instantly protected from scratches, bumps and dents, thanks to the fitted silicone frame with anti-knock features.

If you want something that could go great with your new investment, we’d recommend this case. It’s relatively slim, elegant and can give your new iPhone the protection it needs to last a long time.

2. Transparent Soft TPU Card Holder Case

Transparent Soft TPU Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Make a bold statement when you carry around the new iPhone 11 Pro Max in a seemingly invisible case from PHONECOVER. The stark, transparent material showcases the innate beauty of Apple’s flagship phone for 2019 while providing a level of protection from daily wear and tear.

Precision cutouts make using the case in conjunction with the iPhone seamless. You’ll be able to charge, power off or adjust the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s volume quickly. The slim gel is surprisingly durable and can hold off scratches, bumps and knocks from tables, surfaces and objects.

Oh, and don’t forget the single card slot on the back. It’s an all-around slim case for your new iPhone!

3. Double Card Leather Case

Double Card Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

One card holder for your iPhone 11 Pro Max case not enough? Upgrade to a 2-card slot with the Double Leather Holder case from LF. Leather can definitely make your 2019 iPhone more elegant, and the good thing is that there are several color options to choose from.

The two cut-away slots on the back can fit in your daily cards and give you the ability to buy stuff even without cash on hand. A soft silicone cushion lends anti-knock and dirt-proof properties so your iPhone will survive for a longer time.

4. Slim Hard Leather Card Holder Case

Slim Hard Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Slim iPhone cases often belong in the plastic or pure silicone variety, but the Slim Hard Leather Holder Case from Alice’s Shop manages to squeeze in premium leather to give iPhone 11 Pro Max owners the best of both worlds. And if that’s not enough, you can choose from Tan, Red, Blue, Black and Brown colors.

Two allotted card slots can be used to store your favorite daily cards. Precise openings for the charging port and the volume and power buttons make accessing these switches a non-issue. If you think the triple lens camera system is neat, then you’ll love the fact that the case has raised edges to lift it away from possible abrasions.

5. Chirm Card Pocket Case

Chirm Card Pocket Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Chirm offers a card pocket case that can transform your iPhone 11 Pro Max into a mini organizer. The solid back cover is ultra durable and can stave off everyday bumps and drops to keep your smartphone unharmed.

Raised edges give your device 360 degree protection 24/7. Textured sides make gripping your iPhone comfortable and lessens the risk of slippage. When you’re in a hurry and heading out, simply grab a credit or debit card and put it in the rear slot. That way, you can bring it out and use it to make a purchase.

The case touts exact holes for the speakers, camera and the charging port for utmost convenience. It’s definitely a worthy consideration for your new iPhone!

6. Fashion Faux Leather Card Holder Case

Fashion Faux Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Leather can really bring out the best accent features of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the Fashion Leather Card Holder case is no exception. Its attractive, all-leather back design belies a few more features you’ll find very useful to have.

For instance, you can press on the middle of the case and a beveled kickstand pops out. This allows you to work, play or watch on your iPhone 11 Pro Max without having to hold it in your hands. Then, just right beside the stand is a snug card holder that can keep your credit card or cash.

It’s worthy to note that the level of protection the case offers is similar to a rugged type. A PC lens frame, PU material and TPU border act as a shield to ward off day to day knocks and blows from surfaces and hard objects.

7. Shockproof Leather Card Holder Case

Shockproof Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Having a card slot is a convenient feature, but what about style? For iPhone 11 Pro Max owners who want a bit of both, the Shockproof Leather Card Holder case is the perfect fit.

Angled cutaways reveal the sleek lines and cloth-like material of the 2019 iPhone case. You can put in bills, an ID or a card on the back in less than three or four seconds.

The reinforced edges provide shockproof protection, fingerprint proofing and keeps the dust bunnies at bay. The classic design goes well with any outfit, whether casual or corporate.

8. Brushed Armor Card Holder Case

Brushed Armor Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Brushed armor cases exude that tough, rugged look and keeps your iPhone 11 Pro Max safe from accidental drops to the pavement. Minvvell’s Brushed Armor Card Holder case manages to fit in an innovative card storage so you can keep a card with you no matter where you are.

A combination of inner TPU and outer PC makes holding your smartphone comfortable and secure. Of course, what would an iPhone case be without protection for its much-vaunted triple lens camera?

It’s one of the best cases of its kind, so make sure to check out the various color options and see how it works with your 2019 iPhone.

9. Deluxe Leather Card Holder Case

Deluxe Leather Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Deluxe leather cases are a dime a dozen, but this one from LF has a convenient 3-card storage solution you’ll find most convenient. You can safely stuff up to 3 IDs, cards or bills and the inner lining won’t easily tear or wear out, thanks to the flexible storage design,

At the front, you get 360 degree protection from surface scratches and hard drops to the pavement. Precise raised silicone buttons allow you to use less force and still accurately power off your iPhone 11 Pro Max, raise its volume or charge your device via a cable.

The case is available in Brown, Blue, Red or Dark Gray.

10. Fabric Cloth Card Holder Case

Fabric Cloth Card Holder Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Cloth cases are like a second skin for your iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Fabric Cloth Card Holder case is an example of design engineering at its finest.

Ribbed edges and reinforced corners ensure your 2019 iPhone will come out unscathed whenever you drop it on the pavement. The rear camera is protected by a lens ring and raised to ward off scratches and surface abrasions.

If you like the feel of cloth, give this iPhone 11 Pro Max card holder case a try.

The cases listed above are also available for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

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