Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Cases in 2020

Need a list of the best iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Cases available for your newest iPhone device? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled suitable iPhone 11 Pro Max cases to fit every need and style preference. You can choose from slim leather cases, full-body wallet-style ones and even a glitter bling covers.

Pick one, check out and you’ll have a new iPhone case that matches your smartphone’s curves and exquisite design engineering. Best of all, every iPhone 11 Pro Max case in our list comes with free global express shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee.

When it comes to protecting your latest investment, don’t skimp out. Get only the best case for your 2019 iPhone!

Here are the best iPhone 11 Pro Max leather cases

1. LeatherCase

Classic felt leather design is quickly becoming a favorite of iPhone 11 Pro Max users because it’s chic and timeless. LeatherCase’s offering is an excellent piece of work because it holds a lot of features, too.

The stand feature makes it easy to find optimal viewing angles for watching, doing video calls or productivity. Charging is like the bare iPhone experience, thanks to the easy access port. On the side are two slots for your cards and a bill compartment so you won’t ever be caught unprepared.

It’s available in classic hues and contemporary ones as well.

2. Crocodile Grain Case

Color choices for this iPhone 11 Pro Max case are largely limited to Red, Black and Brown, but other than that there’s really nothing to complain about.

The upper half of the case has a wider grain than at the bottom, and the tactile experience is absolutely wonderful. You get genuine leather material made of cow hide leather and protection in the form of edge guards and a raised groove for the rear camera array.

Slip this case on your iPhone 11 Pro Max and its aesthetic value will be doubled, or tripled even.

3. Stereoscopic 3D Case

Impress friends, co-workers and strangers with your exotic-yet-cool 3D leather case from LF. The genuine leather material has an unusual surprise in the form of a stereoscopic, 3D head of a crocodile.

Its slim outline has a set of precision cut-outs so you can access your iPhone 11 Pro Max’s charging port, volume and power buttons without having to take the smartphone out the cover.

Raised edges provide 360-degree protection from shocks, abrasions and bumps, and a 24/7 cool factor.

4. Luxury Leather with Card Holder Case

If it’s luxury leather you want caressing your newest iPhone 11 Pro Max, then this is the one to get. Stitched leather looks extremely classy, and the addition of a card holder should push you to getting one for your 2019 iPhone.

Fitted silicone grips your mobile securely and makes it shockproof against everyday bumps and bruises. Also, the raised edges on the rear triple camera system and on the side prevents ugly scratches from marring the surface of your device.

5. ShockProof Hard Back Case

Even the best of us drop our iPhones every now and then. But the wisest know that a shock-proof case is the trick to making sure their investment stays safe and functional 365 days a year.

The luxury leather hard back case wards off even the most bone-jarring impacts to the pavement or hard surface. Your iPhone 11 Pro Max will survive unscathed and unharmed. You’ll still be able to access the charge port and the volume buttons quite easily, thanks to the precision cuts at the side and bottom.

6. Genuine Leather Soft TPU Case

Emulate the look and texture of leather with the protective capacity and durability of TPU with the iPhone 11 Pro Max case from Solque. It’s slim enough to give off a ‘bare iPhone’ look while ensuring your phone survives everyday use.

We love the precision cut-outs on the speaker and charging port because it allows for crystal clear audio when watching your favorite shows or when you’re listening to your favorite music. What’s more, you can choose from Red, Brown, Blue or Black colors.

7. PU Leather Flip Wallet Case

The Flip Leather case allows for unhindered screen access up front while providing a complement of features at the back. In itself the PU leather material prevents knocks, fingerprints and smudges from marring your iPhone’s beautiful surface.

Detach the magnet on the back, and voila! you get a card/money compartment and even a photo frame where you can put pictures of your loved ones. The case can prop up the back to form a phone bracket that can support your iPhone 11 Pro Max for hands-free browsing, movie watching and FaceTime purposes.

8. Retro Fundas Leather Case

Retro-inspired themes and designs never go out of style. Get the Retro Fundas case and you’ll have an everyday companion for your iPhone 11 Pro Max no matter your outfit or activity.

The soft silicone shell will make your iPhone fit right in. Magnetic latches ensure your mobile won’t accidentally open when it’s in the bag and come in contact with hard materials such as keys, coins and others. It has three card slots for photos, cards and ID and a compartment for a few bills. It can also make your iPhone 11 Pro Max stand at an angle due to the built-in kickstand.

9. Luxury Flip Leather Wallet Case

Want a luxury leather case with contemporary lines for design? How about a slim case that transforms into a convenient, bare-bones wallet?

The Luxury Flip Wallet Case comes in striking colors Yellow, Gray and Blue and classic Black or Brown. The kickstand is a great way to prop up your iPhone 11 Pro Max without having to hold it when you’re watching Netflix, YouTube or FaceTiming with friends.

It has a 2-card slot for IDs, cards or cash. The material naturally turns away scratches and bumps you experience with everyday use.

10. Gradient Colorful PU Leather Case

Gradient iPhone 11 Pro Max cases are wonderful, but the one from Toppmost takes the cake. It’s available in Pink, Silver, Golden, Purple, Blue and Black, and each one of them is absolutely beautiful!

The included mini-lanyard secures your iPhone from drops to the pavement. Even when this happens, the 360-degree protection and shock-absorption technology shields your 2019 iPhone from damage.

11. Leather Coque Wallet Case

What’s better than a leather case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max? A leather case that comes in your favorite colors and has a striking pattern, to boot. The mandala-inspired design is easy on the eyes, and the case brings up several features that you’ll need.

Open the magnetic clasp and you can put in up to three credit cards, IDs or bills for on-the-go shopping. It has four reinforced sides as to cushion against drops and hard impacts from falls and bumps.

12. Magnetic Card Wallet Case

Retro leather and new iPhones look and work well together, like bread and butter. The original leather wallet case ticks all the right boxes for iPhone owners who would want to protect their mobiles and give it a stylish upgrade.

Open the magnetic cover and you’ll find a compartment for bills and 2 card slots. As with covers, it can be made into a kickstand that supports hands-free entertainment. As for charging, there’s no need to remove the case- simply plug it up and you’re good to go.

13. Fashion Card Holder with Stand Case

A slim leather case that has your favorite color? Where do we sign up? The hard back case stops impactful drops from bringing harm to your precious iPhone 11 Pro Max.

It has a one-card slot so you won’t ever be without a method to pay. Precision cut-outs make all the iPhone’s buttons and charging port accessible 24/7. The kickstand feature is a welcome bonus.

14. Premium Leather Magnet Button Flip Strap

Make your iPhone 11 Pro Max live longer when you invest in the Leather Case with Lanyard and Finger Ring. First, the soft TPU material acts as a shock absorber from impact. Then, the flip cover ensures your iPhone’s screen won’t get scratched.

The lanyard and finger ring secures your smartphone so you can text, browse and work with zero chances of it dropping to the ground. Flip the front cover and it works as an adjustable kickstand too!

15. Full Body Business Magnetic Leather Wallet Case

Shiny leather on a shiny new iPhone 11 Pro Max is a match made in heaven. You can choose from a variety of hues, including White, Green, Red and more. Its full body aspect makes your smartphone almost impervious to spills, shocks, dust and drops.

The magnetic latch opens up and reveals a set of card holders and for a few bills. Raised rear camera edges protect the iPhone’s camera array without making snapping quick photos inconvenient.

16. Bling Glitter Leather Case

Who says you can’t paint the town red when choosing a leather case for your newest iPhone 11 Pro Max? The Bling Glitter case is a one-of-a-kind protective accessory that jazzes up your iPhone. The sparkly design should go well with your party outfit when you’re out with the girls!

Flip the magnetic lid over and you can store up to two credit cards and a picture of your friends, partner or loved ones. Soft TPU material embraces your iPhone and keeps out unwanted bumps and scratches.

Kickstand features come in handy when you’re recording videos for sharing on your social media account.

17. Durable Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Leather enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the unique, stitched pattern and the luxurious aura the Durable Genuine Wallet case exudes. The magnetic snap-on falls away and reveals slots for up to 3 IDs, credit cards and a few bills.

The soft TPU silicone hugs your new iPhone 11 Pro Max and wards off everyday bumps and the occasional falls. There’s a built-in lanyard strap for securing your precious device while walking in public places.

The 360-degree aspect still allows for convenient charging and access to the most important buttons.

18. V&K PU Leather Wallet Case

Leather covers for the iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t have to look traditional. Case in point- the PU Leather Cover has a modern feel while sporting a few contemporary curves and designs. Inside, heat sink patterns carry out the phone’s heat from extended use and gaming sessions.

The magnetic clasp opens to show a photo slot and a few compartments where you can put your credit card and bills. It works as a convenient kickstand so you can watch your favorite shows and movies without straining your hands and wrist.

The cases listed above are also available for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

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