iPhone 12 Cases

If you’re one of the lucky few who’s managed to get their hands on a shiny, brand-new iPhone 12, congratulations!

Now all you’ll need is a protective iPhone 12 case that’s worthy to be wrapped around your precious smartphone.

Best iPhone 12 cases

Clear Case

Clear Case for the iPhone 12

Clear and simple does it with this iPhone 12 soft case. A fully transparent aspect displays your iPhone in all its glory!

Clear Bumper Case

Clear Bumper Case for iPhone 12

The clear bumper case offers a good balance of protection and aesthetics, allowing you to admire your iPhone 12’s looks while reinforced edges stave off bumps and shocks.

Imitation Original Case

Imitation Original iPhone 12

Imitation is the best form of flattery, and the case gives you a reason to switch colors for maximum design without cramping your style!

Batman Matte Case

Batman Matte Case​ for iPhone 12

With the caped crusader watching over your new iPhone 12 nothing can go wrong. The laser-engraved logo does not rust or fade over time.

Matte Acrylic Frame Case

Matte Acrylic Frame Case for iPhone 12

The Matte Acrylic Frame Case adds depth to an already-solid iPhone in terms of color and design. Matte material makes holding your smartphone more secure!

Hard Gradient Glass Case

Hard Gradient Glass Case for iPhone 12

The Gradient Glass Case has a tempered glass surface to provide full protection against hard knocks, bruises, and sharp objects, not to mention spills and smudges.

Pure Black Case

Pure Black Case for iPhone 12

Turn your newest iPhone 12 into a classic-looking device with the Pure Black Case. Precision cutouts ensure you still get to use all the smartphone’s buttons and features.

Luxury Transparent Case

Luxury Transparent Case for iPhone 12

The Luxury Transparent Case offers a unique protective transformation- you get a bare back appearance with an angled airbag design.

Love Soft Case

Love Soft Case for iPhone 12

Decorate your newest investment with cute hearts and protect it at the same time. The matte materials makes holding your iPhone 12 a wonderful experience!

Luxury Matte Case

Luxury Matte Case for iPhone 12

Get the original iPhone feel with the luxury matte case, available in black, blue, gray, and red. The quality rubber and silicone material makes it tough and durable.

Alphabet Letter Case

Alphabet Letter Case for iPhone 12

A iPhone 12 case that offers you vanity options. Simply choose your first name initial and you’re good to go!

Carbon Fiber Case

Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12

Nothing says toughness like the Carbon Fiber Case. Opt for classic Black or get it in contemporary Red or Blue color options.

Christmas Cartoon Case

Christmas Cartoon Case for iPhone 12

Paint the town red and celebrate the holidays with the Christmas Cartoon Case. Get a cute reindeer or an adorable bear for a festive atmosphere!

Mountain Silicone Case

Mountain Silicone Case for iPhone 12

3D embossed cases are definitely cool. You’ll be able to feel the ridges as you use your iPhone 12 every time.

Shockproof Leather Case

Shockproof Leather Case for iPhone 12

Leather is timeless and it’s classy as well. Pair it up with your favorite iPhone for an unbeatable combination.

Marvel Thanos Infinity Case

Marvel Thanos Infinity Case for iPhone 12

Die-hard Marvel fans and Infinity Wars aficionados should definitely get this sharp-looking, premium-themed case for their iPhone 12.

Vintage Case

Vintage Case for iPhone 12

Assume a 70’s vibrant vibe when you smother your iPhone 12 with the Vintage Case. The 3D embossing and thin profile make it a must-buy!

Elegant Case

Elegant Case for iPhone 12

The Elegant Case brings exquisite marble patterns to your smartphone. There is enough variety and color combination to suit everyone’s taste.

Cute Flower Case

Cute Flower Case for iPhone 12

Add a feminine touch to your iPhone 12 with the Cute Flower Case. Mini daisies and sunflowers will be sure to brighten your day!

Emboss Funda Case

Emboss Funda Case for iPhone 12

Imagine a picturesque scenery so real you can almost feel the rocks and waves. Now imagine putting that level of detail in a case on your new iPhone 12.

Leopard Case

Leopard Case​ for iPhone 12

If you’re looking for something bold, look no further. The Leopard case channels your inner animal and protects it at the same time.

Leather Card Holder Case

Leather Card Holder Case​ for iPhone 12

Turn your iPhone 12 into a mini wallet with the Leather Card Holder Case. It can fit a card or a few bills.

Butterfly Case

Butterfly Case​ for iPhone 12

The illusion of a dozen butterflies can now be yours, thanks to the Butterfly Case. The silicone material casts off everyday scratches and bumps.

Cute Avocado Case

Cute Avocado Case for iPhone 12

The Cute Avocado Case features a cartoony avocado fruit in a matching background color. 1:1 ratio ensures a perfect fit to your iPhone 12.

Black Soft TPU Case

Black Soft TPU Case for iPhone 12

Black serves as an excellent background for painted designs. You want an astronaut, a UFO or a 3D Rubik’s Cube? You got it!

Wooden Case

Wooden Case for iPhone 12

Wood grain finishes are traditional and classic, and serve as the perfect backdrop for your new iPhone 12. Tempered glass protects against even the hardest impact.

Dragon Style Case

Dragon Style Case for iPhone 12

Exude a fierce aura every time you bring out your new iPhone with the Dragon Style Case. The colors are vibrant and pack a powerful punch!

World Map Case

World Map Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Show your love of traveling by pairing your smartphone with the World Map Case. It’s a minimalist case with raised edges for 360-degree protection.

King Queen Crown Case

King Queen Crown Case for iPhone 12

Get a ‘Queen’ or ‘King’ embossed design replete with bling on the back of your iPhone 12. It’s stylish and keeps your smartphone looking new!

Cases come in all shapes, material and features, and some are better at protecting and maximizing the use of your iPhone than others.

FAQ about iPhone 12 Cases

Get a quick overview from our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about iPhone cases to help you with decision-making.

What Makes These iPhone 12 Cases The Best?

For an iPhone 12 case to be considered the ‘best’, it has to have the features you want and has to be reliable at the same time.

iPhone 12 armor cases protect your new phone from virtually any kind of damage, be it shocks, scrapes, bumps and the occasional pavement drops. A clear case emulates that ‘barely there’ look and feel when you want to showcase your iPhone’s sleek hardware. A glitter case is sure to capture the eye of everyone in the room and complement your fashion style and accessories.

All the cases in our list are considered the best iPhone 12 cases as they’re outstanding at what they do.

Can An iPhone 12 Case Make A Perfect Gift?

Do you know a friend, family member or special someone who has bought the iPhone 12 on launch day? If so, then our iPhone 12 cases make the perfect gift!

As you can imagine, iPhone 12 users wouldn’t want anything to happen to their new smartphone. They wouldn’t want to risk having a scratch, dent or ding on the high resolution screen or engineered body. Moreover, they may not have the time to go out and buy a case, or are overwhelmed by choices that they don’t know what to pick.

Luckily for them, you’ve found our iPhone 12 case list and can quickly buy one as a special gift. The recipient will love you for it!

Is It Worth Using An iPhone 12 Case?

The short answer is yes, no matter what.

What’s great about new iPhone 12 cases is that they’re no longer bulky or look cheap. A premium iPhone 12 case can turn your smartphone into a classy wallet, a trendy accessory or a tough device depending on what you need.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy a case for your new iPhone. They’re very effective for their cost and have a few nifty features, like a built-in stand, ring holder or slots where you can keep your credit cards, ID or loose change.

iPhone 12 cases can transform your smartphone into something that’s far more versatile and keep it in pristine condition.

Does Each iPhone 12 Case Come With Free Shipping?

When you buy one of the iPhone 12 cases in our list, you’re guaranteed to get free shipping.

We have made sure that all the items come with money back guarantee for peace of mind, plus the option to get it shipped straight to your doorstep.

With this, you won’t have to browse for iPhone 12 cases anywhere else. Just look through our list and find the one you like (maybe even two), fill out the order detail and you’re sure to get the case delivered quickly.

Show it to your friends and tell them they can get a quality iPhone 12 case too!

Are These iPhone 12 Case Made Of Premium Quality?

iPhone 12 purists claim that a bare iPhone is the best tactile feeling in the world.

We do agree with the sentiment, but nowadays smartphone cases emulate the premium experience you’d get from an Apple device. They act as a ‘second skin’ and are usually made of high-quality silicone, TPU or PC material. For a wallet-style case, you get leather which never goes out of style.

These cases are made to last just as long as your new iPhone 12 and won’t fade, crack or discolor even when put through its paces. This means you can rely on these cases to get the job done, which is mainly protecting your iPhone 12 from harm.

Why Buy A Case For The iPhone 12?

An iPhone 12 case is an essential smartphone accessory no matter how you put it.

If you can’t be bothered with added bulk, there are ultra-slim cases that can save your newest investment from accidental drops, bumps and scratches.

new iPhone 12 will likely develop fine hairline scratches on its screen and body as you use it every day. Even if you’re very careful, a single drop is all it takes for your iPhone 12 to become damaged.

A cracked screen will make it difficult for you to use your smartphone. A scratched camera lens will begin to take blurry or unusable photos. You can save yourself the frustration by buying a case as soon as you get your new iPhone 12.

Are These iPhone 12 Cases Waterproof?

New smartphone models, including the iPhone 12 will have a degree of ‘waterproofness’ in that they can be submerged for up to a certain depth for a certain amount of time.

This feature gives you a sort of protection for when you accidentally drop your device in a lake or swimming pool, for example. The waterproof factor actually gets higher with the right iPhone 12 case.

The best iPhone 12 cases have a sort of waterproofing shield for spills, dunks and splashes. This means you can safely put your smartphone right beside a bottle of water or a cup of coffee, for instance and not worry about a thing!

Are The Cases Considered As Luxury?

Most of the iPhone 12 cases in our list are functional in that they protect your smartphone and have added features to make using your device more convenient.

A few luxury iPhone cases are designed to make your iPhone 12 stand out from the crowd. For instance, bling and glitter cases can have rhinestones at the front or back and put your iPhone in a dazzling light.

However, we’d like to point out that iPhone cases are not luxury per se, but rather a must-have accessory for any newly-bought iPhone 12.

Should You Buy Multiple Cases?

There’s no limit to the number of cases you can buy.

If you like more than one iPhone 12 case in our list, then by all means go ahead and get them!

You enjoy free worldwide shipping and money back guarantee, plus the fact that all of them are high quality and add value to your newest Apple smartphone.

More importantly, several iPhone 12 cases can give you the option of choosing one that’s best for the occasion. Don’t want to bring a purse or wallet? Get a leather case. Readying for a party? A bling case that matches your dress will be great. An armor case should be sufficient for the daily grind, and so on and forth.

Will These Cases Really Protect The iPhone 12?

All the iPhone 12 cases in our list offer a degree of protection. You simply just have to pick the right kind of case depending on how much you need.

Slim cases have minimal anti-shock properties, but they do well in terms of form factor and preventing body scratches. On the other hand, an armor case for the iPhone 12 will all but render it invulnerable, and can even make your smartphone survive a heart-stopping drop.

That said, read up on our description to see what level of protection a particular case can give you.

Should You Buy A Silicone Case Or A Leather Case?

The choice mainly depends on your preference.

Leather is an all-time classic look that never goes out of style. It’s great for professionals and businessmen who want their mobile phones to be as presentable as they are. Leather cases also have added features such as slots for cards and bills, a cover or a stand for hands-free operation.

A silicone case is known for bringing color and graphics as a second skin to your new iPhone 12. They fit well and provide a layer of protection. You can choose from a wide range of designs when you opt for a silicone case.

Are These Cases Shockproof?

These iPhone 12 cases can make your smartphone survive a drop of a few feet and improve its chances of working after that.

Reinforced bumper guards at the edges lift your iPhone’s screen a few centimeters away from the surface and stops the screen from shattering on impact. Both silicone and leather material can cushion against shocks and everyday bumps.

Your phone will be left unscathed with the help of a shockproof iPhone 12 case.

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