iPhone 12 Mini Cases

Congratulations on your new iPhone 12 mini! Bought the iPhone 12 mini on launch day and want nothing but the best protection for it?

Let our list of the best iPhone 12 mini cases be your guide. We have compiled the cream of the crop and a wide range of iPhone cases for you. From super-tough armor cases to blinged-out and colorful varieties, there’s one to fit your style and preferences.

Imitation Original iPhone 12

Best iPhone 12 mini cases

Clear Case

The clear case is perfect if you want a simple minimalist case that shows off your iPhone 12 mini’s curves.


Clear Bumper Case for iPhone 12

Clear Bumper Case

Four corner protection is the clear bumper case’s calling card. Get it in clear, gray or rose to accentuate your new iPhone!


Imitation Original iPhone 12

Imitation Original Case

The candy colored silicone case offers a visual feast and all-around anti-shock, anti-scratch, fall and bump protection in one affordable package.


Batman Matte Case​ for iPhone 12

Batman Matte Case

Those who can’t get enough of Batman can get the Batman Matte Case, a cool accessory that’s as functional as any protective case in the market.


Matte Acrylic Frame Case for iPhone 12

Matte Acrylic Frame Case

Luxury comes in the form of a case for your iPhone 12 mini. A semi transparent back allows the viewer to get a peek at the iPhone’s sleek hardware.


Hard Gradient Glass Case for iPhone 12

Hard Gradient Glass Case

For iPhone 12 mini owners who prefer their iPhones encased in a tough and durable protective shell in their favorite color (black).


Pure Black Case for iPhone 12

Pure Black Case

For iPhone 12 mini owners who prefer their iPhones encased in a tough and durable protective shell in their favorite color (black).


Luxury Transparent Case for iPhone 12

Luxury Transparent Case

The Luxury Transparent Case adds to the new iPhone’s design appeal while providing 24/7, 360 degree airbag protection against shocks and bumps.


Love Soft Case for iPhone 12

Love Soft Case

Spread the love by showing off your newest iPhone adorned in a case filled with hearts. Choose from red or while highlights.


Luxury Matte Case for iPhone 12

Luxury Matte Case

The luxury matte case combines the best of both worlds- tough TPU material and anti-fingerprint shielding in one superb product!


Alphabet Letter Case for iPhone 12

Alphabet Letter Case

Personalize with vanity when you buy the Alphabet Letter Case. A transparent cover gives way to an artistically-designed letter you can show off to friends.


Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12

Carbon Fiber Case

The Carbon Fiber Case screams superb sophistication and presents a perfect 1:1 machine fit for your new iPhone 12 mini.


Christmas Cartoon Case for iPhone 12

Christmas Cartoon Case

Christmas is just around the corner, so why not decorate your iPhone with it? Once installed, you get an added festive spirit!


Mountain Silicone Case for iPhone 12

Mountain Silicone Case

3D embossed mountains and similar landscaping choices can be yours for your iPhone 12 mini. The level of detail and texture is unbelievable!


Shockproof Leather Case for iPhone 12

Shockproof Leather Case

Snap on the Shockproof Leather Case and never have to worry about damaging your newest smartphone investment ever again.


Marvel Thanos Infinity Case for iPhone 12

Marvel Thanos Infinity Case

Your favorite supervillain deserves a spot in your life, so why not make it an iPhone 12 mini case? Each rendering is faithful to the comics.


Vintage Case for iPhone 12

Vintage Case

For those looking for a retro-themed case, you won’t be disappointed with the Vintage Case. The design is embossed for an added tactile experience.


Elegant Case for iPhone 12

Elegant Case

The Elegant Case imposes a strikingly beautiful marble pattern on your iPhone. The soft TPU material keeps out spills, scratches and dust as well.


Cute Flower Case for iPhone 12

Cute Flower Case

Make the world a little brighter and colorful with the charming Cute Flower Case. The flowers are printed in HD and look very vibrant!


Emboss Funda Case for iPhone 12

Emboss Funda Case

Love picturesque scenes on your new iPhone 12 mini? The Emboss Funda Case offers a variety for nature lovers at heart.


Leopard Case​ for iPhone 12

Leopard Case

Leopard prints lend a wild, yet stylish look and can be a great complement to your iPhone without adding to the bulk.


Leather Card Holder Case​ for iPhone 12

Leather Card Holder Case

Your new iPhone 12 mini can be a micro wallet with the help of the Leather Card Holder Case. It fits a few bills or a credit card.


Butterfly Case​ for iPhone 12

Butterfly Case

Add a touch of nature with the Butterfly Case. The transparent back accentuates the butterfly print to full effect!


Cute Avocado Case for iPhone 12

Cute Avocado Case

If cute fruits and light green colors are your thing, then the Cute Avocado Case should definitely be your top choice.


Black Soft TPU Case for iPhone 12

Black Soft TPU Case

It’s black, made of soft TPU and protects your iPhone 12 mini from dirt, scratches and everyday impact. Take your pick from a wide variety of colorful designs available.


Wooden Case for iPhone 12

Wooden Case

The Wooden Case has a perfect blend of organic design in a high-tech shell. Your smartphone gets an armor and a stylish suit as a result.


Dragon Style Case for iPhone 12

Dragon Style Case

Harness mystical energies and make your iPhone exude awesomeness with the Dragon Style Case. Raised edges protect the rear camera and screen.


World Map Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

World Map Case

The whole world can be in the palm of your hands when you get the World Map iPhone 12 mini Case. Matte texture keeps away fingerprint and adds a nice feel.


King Queen Crown Case for iPhone 12

King Queen Crown Case

The King Queen Crown Case is fit for royalty, thanks to the bling design and the sheer pomp of it.


FAQ about iPhone 12 mini Cases

Here’s a quick FAQ on iPhone 12 mini cases for an informed buying decision.

Our list of the best iPhone 12 mini cases are the absolute top-shelf products due to several reasons:

One, we spent an inordinate amount of time looking for the latest iPhone cases and scrutinize each item based on what it does. Two, we read up on reviews to see whether past buyers like or dislike the case and its pros and cons.

Lastly, we look at the design, material and extra utility the case can do and stack them against the competition. You’ll find our best iPhone 12 mini case to be one of the most comprehensive out there on the web!

An iPhone 12 mini case is an excellent idea for a gift, especially if you know that the person doesn’t have one yet.

Stop and think about who you’re giving it to. Do they love leather and a classic, clean look? Or do they prefer a splash of color and something that would make their new smartphone one of a kind?

You can then browse through our iPhone 12 mini case list and buy the one that best matches his or her style or personality. As for arriving on time, don’t worry- these cases come with free express shipping worldwide!

If you value peace of mind then you won’t think twice about getting a case for your new iPhone 12 mini.

Like any other investment, your iPhone 12 mini deserves a case that can save it from bumps, scratches and the occasional pavement drop. You definitely wouldn’t want to regret not buying one as you stare into your phone’s cracked screen, would you?

iPhone 12 mini cases are cheap and yet provide tremendous value to the phone and its user. You can offset the things you don’t want in a smartphone case by buying an ultra-slim case when you don’t want added bulk, for example.

We always want what’s best for our readers, and for this reason we’ve made buying a case for your new iPhone 12 mini as hassle-free as possible.

All the iPhone 12 mini cases in our list come with free express shipping worldwide. This means you won’t have to worry about being charged extra, and you can just wait for the case to arrive at your doorstep.

In the meantime, you can enjoy your new smartphone and the features that come with it. When your case arrives, put your iPhone in and it will be safer against incidental scratches, bumps and whatnot.

Yes, they are!

As an iPhone 12 mini owner you’ll surely want a high quality case to go with your precious smartphone. In our opinion, the case must be tough enough that it can take a beating and still look great at the end of the day.

Silicon, hard PC and leather are some of the best materials in an iPhone case, and we’ve made sure to include a few of those in our list. These cases won’t fade, discolor, develop cracks or any imperfections for years, and are rated to last as long as your iPhone.

Your iPhone 12 mini may not last as long without a protective case, even when you take extra care and precaution.

Sure, you can use your iPhone as is, but over time the body, the screen and the rear camera lens will have scratches. A fall of a few feet can produce bumps or cause the display to break.

Apple has made their newest iPhone model resistant to damage, but even the best smartphones are subject to external forces.

The bottom line is, if you want to make the most use of your iPhone 12 mini and its cutting-edge features, then a case becomes a must-have.

Based on the product description listed on the iPhone 12 mini cases, some of them are splashproof, rainproof and waterproof to a degree.

What they do is protect your iPhone from accidental spills and instances where you dropped your smartphone in a puddle or stream. In bigger cases, such as when your iPhone 12 mini falls in a swimming pool or the sea, it’s the iPhone 12 mini’s waterproof rating that comes to play.

If you’re concerned about moisture and constantly work or live in a wet environment, then a waterproof case is your best bet for protection.

iPhone 12 mini cases are excellent value for money as they only cost a fraction of your new iPhone and yet provide an unmatched level of protection.

We think that these cases aren’t considered a luxury as much as they’re a necessity. In fact, we’d recommend all iPhone owners to get a case (or two!) of their choosing and use it on a daily basis.

Most of the cases in our list allow you to charge your smartphone and have precise holes and bumper buttons so you can use your device’s features quickly and without interruption.

Don’t limit yourself to just one iPhone 12 mini case. If you see another that catches your fancy, then by all means click the ‘buy’ button!

Having more than one iPhone 12 mini case means you can turn your smartphone into a wallet, an ultra tough device or one that perfectly matches your outfit.

Also, when you plan on buying multiple items it’s best to get them all at once so they will arrive at the same time.

iPhone 12 mini cases do more than just add a layer of leather or silicone between the smartphone and surface.

They have features such as raised edges to keep your iPhone’s screen and rear camera lens from scraping on a table, reinforced corners to ward off the occasional drops and anti-dust, shock and waterproof properties so your device can function for a long time.

You won’t regret getting a case for your new iPhone 12 mini, especially when you’re at the receiving end of a heart-stopping drop to the hard pavement!

The answer depends on your preference and what you’d want your iPhone 12 mini case to do.

Silicone cases come in different forms, and they’ll usually have striking designs and colors. Leather cases usually have more function, such as slots for credit cards, bills and a stand for propping the phone for hands-free use.

Leather goes great with a professional look, while silicone is more for exhibiting a contemporary feel. We recommend you getting one of each- one for work and one for play!

We’ve handpicked the best iPhone 12 mini cases in terms of durability, design and features.

One of the most important elements of a protective case is that it has to cushion or minimize shocks and impacts so the screen won’t break or crack.

With that in mind, the phone cases in our selection have a shock-proof ability, which means your new iPhone is likely to survive a drop of a few feet and still work good as new.

They’re also stylish and won’t add to your iPhone’s bulk, to boot!