iPhone 12 Pro Cases

Searching some extremely good iPhone 12 Pro cases? We at iLounge have listed the best cases available for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases

Clear Case for the iPhone 12

Clear Case

Buying the clear case is similar to touting your new iPhone’s curves while giving it 24/7, 360 degree shielding.


Clear Bumper Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Clear Bumper Case

Show off your iPhone 12 Pro in all its glory without compromising protection, thanks to the clear bumper case’s transparent material.


Imitation Original iPhone 12 Max Case

Imitation Original Case

Wrap your iPhone 12 Pro in candy colored goodness and it’s sure to be the topic of conversation when you put it out.


Batman Matte Case​ for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Batman Matte Case

The Batman Matte Case gets the Dark Knight’s approval with a slim profile and a sharp-looking back logo that won’t fade anytime soon!


iPhone 12 Pro Cases

Matte Acrylic Frame Case

Contrasting colors provide a welcome change to the look of your new iPhone 12 Pro, as are the precision cutouts.


Hard Gradient Glass Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Hard Gradient Glass Case

Tempered glass is an excellent protective medium for devices, and you can get it in a variety of attractive gradient colors.


Pure Black Case for iPhone 12

Pure Black Case

Sometimes simple is best for your newest smartphone. For a no-frills case that offers maximum protection, get the Pure Black Case.


Luxury Transparent Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Luxury Transparent Case

Wrap your iPhone 12 Pro in a shockproof airbag case that’s made of hard and soft material for all-around protection.


Love Soft Case for iPhone 12

Love Soft Case

Heart designs is classic, and everyone loves black. Try it on your iPhone the next time and you’ll be sure to get envious looks!


Luxury Matte Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Luxury Matte Case

The Black Shine Case has an invisible air cushion to lessen the impact of a hard fall. The textured back makes it easy to use and hold your iPhone.


iPhone 12 Pro Cases

Alphabet Letter Case

Get personalized protection and you or your partner’s initials with the Alphabet Letter Case. TPU material stays crystal clear even after months of use!


Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Carbon Fiber Case

Rubber and carbon fiber come together to make your new iPhone 12 Pro more secure to hold and highly resistant to splashes and smudges.


Christmas Cartoon Case for iPhone 12

Christmas Cartoon Case

If you can’t deck your new smartphone with boughs of holly, then the Christmas Cartoon Case is the next best thing.


Mountain Silicone Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Mountain Silicone Case

Capture a piece of your favorite landscape and turn it into a 3D embossed cover for your new iPhone 12 Pro.


Shockproof Leather Case for iPhone 12

Shockproof Leather Case

A faux leather TPU shockproof case works wonders against everyday scratches, bumps, bruises and falls while complementing your iPhone perfectly.


Marvel Thanos Infinity Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Marvel Thanos Infinity Case

Be the baddest boy on the block with the highly detailed and colorful Marvel Thanos Infinity Case for your iPhone 12 Pro.


Vintage Case for iPhone 12

Vintage Case

Retro themes come to life and on your iPhone, courtesy of the tough silicone Vintage Case. The slim fit offers decent protection.


Elegant Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Elegant Case

‘Elegant’ is an understatement with the case, as it has swirling colors that mesmerize and delight the iPhone owner’s senses.


iPhone 12 Pro Cases

Cute Flower Case

Liven up your iPhone’s look with the Cute Flower Case. Decorate with daisies, mums or sunflowers for that bright cheery aura!


Emboss Funda Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Emboss Funda Case

3D embossing adds depth in terms of visual and tactile experience. In terms of shielding the Emboss Funda Case is top notch.


Leopard Case​ for iPhone 12

Leopard Case

Take a walk on the wild side and show off your style when you wrap your iPhone 12 Pro with the Leopard Case.


Leather Card Holder Case​ for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

Leather Card Holder Case

The Leather Card Holder Case is a combination of function and style. You get easy card access and the benefits of a leather case.


Butterfly Case​ for iPhone 12

Butterfly Case

Highlight one of nature’s most delicate and beautiful creature as a back design for your iPhone, available in blue or brown.


Cute Avocado Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Cute Avocado Case

Love avocado so much you want it on your iPhone 12 Pro? With the Cute Avocado Case, you can make it happen!


Black Soft TPU Case for iPhone 12

Black Soft TPU Case

The Black Soft TPU Case has a unique fine micro sand texture for added comfort and resistance to dirt and fingerprints.


iPhone 12 Pro Cases

Wooden Case

Wood and glass come together in the Wooden Case. It has drop protection and realistic wood detail that makes your iPhone pop out.


Dragon Style Case for iPhone 12

Dragon Style Case

Make your iPhone 12 Pro extra fearsome and keep it safe 24/7 from harmful elements with the Dragon Style Case.


World Map Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

World Map Case

You’ve got the whole world in your hands, figuratively when you buy the World Map Case. The print is simple yet profound.


King Queen Crown Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

King Queen Crown Case

Be the king or queen of sparkle and bling when you wrap your new iPhone 12 Pro with the King Queen Crown Case.


You see, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling the absolute best cases to serve a variety of users. Need a professional leather case that goes great with your suit or briefcase? Check. How about a slim and clear case that acts as an invisible shield? Check. Chances are that our list will have the right iPhone 12 Pro case for you!

FAQ about iPhone 12 Pro Cases

Now many of you might have some questions in mind. If so, you may want to have a read at our FAQ.

The iPhone 12 Pro cases in our list are the best as they excel in what matters most- protecting your precious investment.

The point of having a case is to shield your iPhone and preserve its condition. The daily grind can be punishing for a bare iPhone as it will be subject to incidental bumps, surface scratches and drops. Having one that has shock-proof properties should be enough to ward off these accidents.

For those who are looking for a stylish case, you won’t be disappointed. We’ve also made sure that each cover has a design that augments your iPhone 12 Pro’s appearance!

The recipient will be lucky to have you as a friend when you gift them an iPhone 12 Pro case.

Know someone who’s always hustling and suited up? Give them a leather case. A fashionista who’s always in tune with the trends? A silicone case with bright colors or a contemporary design will be a perfect match. The weekend warrior will certainly appreciate it when you gift a rugged armor case for their new iPhone 12 Pro.

It’s worthy to mention that you can order the case and have it delivered straight to their doorstep via express shipping. This works even if they’re halfway across the world!

Yes, it’s definitely worth using a case for your iPhone 12 Pro, especially if you want your Apple device to last a long time.

If you think an iPhone case cramps your style, then get a clear and ultra-slim with scratch- and impact-proof properties. You’ll discover that most of the items in our list accentuate the iPhone 12 Pro’s hardware and curves with 1:1 fitting, colorful designs and more.

Also, these cases aren’t just for one-time use. They’re built to last practically forever and keep your smartphone in pristine working condition.

For our readers’ convenience all of the iPhone 12 Pro cases in the list come with free express shipping worldwide. This means you can have it delivered as a gift, for a friend or sent straight to your doorstep.

The good thing is that you won’t have to wait long to get absolute protection. Attach the case as soon as it arrives and you will no longer have to worry about your iPhone getting dinged, bruised or scratched.

For the best results, consolidate your order so you can get them all at the same time.

We vouch for the quality of these iPhone 12 Pro cases. Based on reviews and the fact that each item has a 100% money back guarantee, you can be sure that the manufacturer has complete confidence in them.

From the 1:1 machining and precision holes that make using your new iPhone seamless, to the protective aspects such as anti-shock and splash-proof material, these cases go a long way. Best of all, the colors and integrity will stay vibrant and keep your iPhone 12 Pro from getting damaged on surface scratches and the occasional drop.

Having a case for your iPhone 12 Pro is practical and ensures you’ll get the most of your newest investment.

A case that offers 360 degree shielding will keep your smartphone safe from harm as you go about your day. Raised bumper edges keep the rear lens from developing fine hairline scratches so you can take crystal-clear photos and videos.

An iPhone 12 Pro case can also mirror your style and personality. Pick a color or a design that speaks to you and your iPhone instantly becomes a one-of-a-kind statement. Candy colors, patterns and a sparkling bling case are just a few things you can get from our selection.

Silicone, TPU and PC materials are naturally waterproof- they can be submerged in a shallow pool or puddle and they’ll come out undamaged. Hard cases are rated both splash- and waterproof, and protect your iPhone 12 Pro from hard impacts.

Leather wicks away moisture, but it’s not as waterproof compared to its silicone or plastic-based counterparts. That said, you should consider getting a silicone iPhone 12 Pro case so you can use your smartphone with confidence even when in close proximity to liquids or bodies of water.

With smartphones costing as much as a thousand dollars, cases have evolved from being luxury items into a necessity.

iPhone 12 Pro cases cost a mere fraction of your new phone and yet they can bring so much in terms of protective value. Much like any significant investment, you’ll want to preserve your iPhone’s new-like condition as long as possible. The iPhone cases in our list specialize in that regard, with bumper shields, scratch-proof material and whatnot.

Once you’ve chosen the level of protection, then it’s on to the aesthetics. You can opt for neutral, bright or patterned colors and designs to make your new mobile one of a kind!

Buying multiple iPhone 12 Pro cases isn’t a requirement but it can come in handy in certain scenarios.

As long as you’re getting free express shipping and money back guarantee, you might as well get all the cases that catch your fancy and those that will serve a purpose.

For instance, you can get a clear case for when you want a ‘bare iPhone’ look, or a leather wallet case for utility. All these cases are made from high quality material and will stand the test of time.

The broad answer to this question is yes. There are different kinds of protection though, which we’ll explain in detail.

For everyday use, it’s best to get a silicone or leather case for your iPhone 12 Pro so it will be protected from dust, bumps and scratches. An armor case will serve as a shield against harder impacts, including shocks and drops to the pavement. For 360 degree protection you will need a full case cover and a screen protector.

We leave it up to your hands. You can choose either material as a companion for your new iPhone 12 Pro, and both will perform exactly as intended.

Leather cases will usually have extra slots for IDs, credit cards and whatnot, while silicone cases come in unique colors and striking graphic designs.

Also, keep in mind that leather is good against fingerprints while silicone works wonders in keeping spills and rain from getting into your iPhone 12 Pro.

Yes, our cases are shockproof. The level of protection depends on the kind of case and the material it uses.

Understandably, some iPhone 12 Pro cases are better at absorbing impact than others. Leather absorbs any drop from a few feet as long as it’s in-between the ground and the smartphone. A silicone case may have bumper guard protection, or raised edges on the corners so your iPhone’s screen won’t shatter or crack when dropped at an angle.

When shopping, look for the words ‘shockproof’ so you’ll know if it can absorb hard impacts or not.