We at iLounge have compiled some of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases available. If you are in search for case, you might as well go with the ones we listed. 

Clear Bumper Case for iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is an incredible smartphone chock-full of features. If you’re fortunate to have it on day one, congratulations! The latest Apple creation is worth every cent.

Excited about your new iPhone? Best protect it with a case first. A protective case for your iPhone 12 Pro Max can extend your smartphone’s life and allow you to enjoy its features for a long time.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Clear Case

If a harder transparent case is what you need, then the clear case won’t disappoint. The 4 strengthened corners are an excellent addition.


Clear Bumper Case for iPhone 12

Clear Bumper Case

It’s one of the best bumper cases you can buy in terms of providing protection and keeping your iPhone 12 Pro Max slim.


Imitation Original iPhone 12

Imitation Original Case

The Imitation Original Case offers pastel-hued goodness for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. You get drop and daily scratch resistance, too!


Batman Matte Case​ for iPhone 12

Batman Matte Case

The Batman Matte Case is Robin to your newest iPhone investment. It has a metal Batman patch and a fit and groovy design.


Matte Acrylic Frame Case for iPhone 12

Matte Acrylic Frame Case

The Matte Acrylic Frame Case’s play on colors is sure to get noticed by family, friends and co-workers. You’ll love it!


Hard Gradient Glass Case for iPhone 12

Hard Gradient Glass Case

When you want full-fledged protection against scratches, bumps and knocks, the Hard Gradient Glass Case can be your iPhone’s best friend.


Pure Black Case for iPhone 12

Pure Black Case

Get a dark, Vader-like appeal and maximum class when you choose the Pure Black Case. It’s designed to last as long as your new iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Luxury Transparent Case for iPhone 12

Luxury Transparent Case

The Luxury Transparent Case comes in four colors and complements the transparent back cover for showing off your iPhone hardware.


Love Soft Case for iPhone 12

Love Soft Case

Give your new iPhone 12 Pro Max some love with the matte case, featuring a coque back cover that shields your smartphone from dings, dirt and scratches.


Luxury Matte Case for iPhone 12

Luxury Matte Case

Get a stylish yet durable layer of protection with the Black Shine Case. Brushed steel texture is quite the tactile experience!


Alphabet Letter Case for iPhone 12

Alphabet Letter Case

The Alphabet Letter Case on your iPhone makes for an excellent conversation starter. The letter can represent your initials or your loved ones’.


Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12

Carbon Fiber Case

Carbon fiber material and the new iPhone 12 Pro Max is a match made in heaven. The slim profile offers excellent all-around protection.


Christmas Cartoon Case for iPhone 12

Christmas Cartoon Case

Paint your iPhone temporarily red and in tune with the Christmas spirit, featuring Santa, cute reindeer, Christmas trees and cookies!


Mountain Silicone Case for iPhone 12

Mountain Silicone Case

The Mountain Silicone Case is lightweight and adds a textural depth, elevating smartphone case design to the next level.


Shockproof Leather Case for iPhone 12

Shockproof Leather Case

Love the look and feel of leather? You’ll definitely like the Shockproof Leather case, which comes in staple hues such as Red, Blue and Black.


Marvel Thanos Infinity Case for iPhone 12

Marvel Thanos Infinity Case

Can’t get enough of Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet movie? Add a slice of Marvel to your newly-acquired iPhone 12 Pro Max by getting this case today.


Vintage Case for iPhone 12

Vintage Case

The Vintage Case is a welcome throwback to the colorful fad and fashion 20, 40 years ago. Its embossed aspects add tactile depth!


Elegant Case for iPhone 12

Elegant Case

Capture the splash of beach colors, playful hues and marble patterns on your iPhone 12 Pro Max with the Elegant Case.


Cute Flower Case for iPhone 12

Cute Flower Case

Bring a touch of the feminine with the Cute Flower Case. Its aesthetic appeal is only matched by its ability to keep away shock, dings and scratches.


Emboss Funda Case for iPhone 12

Emboss Funda Case

3D embossed printing is the future of iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, and the Emboss Funda Case is a classic must-buy!


Leopard Case​ for iPhone 12

Leopard Case

Opt for something unique and steal the show the moment you put out the Leopard Case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. There’s an interesting mix to choose from!


Leather Card Holder Case​ for iPhone 12

Leather Card Holder Case

Form and function merge into the Leather Card Holder Case, able to protect your precious iPhone and holds a few bills or a credit card, too.


Butterfly Case​ for iPhone 12

Butterfly Case

Blue butterflies make a grand entrance on the back of your iPhone 12 Pro Max. If blue is not your color, get the Butterfly Case in brown instead.


Cute Avocado Case for iPhone 12

Cute Avocado Case

The Cute Avocado Case is easy on the eyes and features a cute superfood to go with it. Pick the cutest design and show it off to delighted friends!


Black Soft TPU Case for iPhone 12

Black Soft TPU Case

Get comprehensive drop protection in a slim profile for your new iPhone courtesy of the Black Soft TPU Case.


Wooden Case for iPhone 12

Wooden Case

Capture a premium organic look when you buy the Wooden Case, available in several ‘finishes’. The tempered glass comes in handy against scratches and accidental drops.


Dragon Style Case for iPhone 12

Dragon Style Case

Whip out your iPhone 12 Pro Max with this case and people will start eyeing the dragon. Highly detailed print won’t fade and will last as long as your smartphone.


World Map Case for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

World Map Case

A matte case in black is canvas for creative content, and if you want something that speaks in volumes then the World Map Case is a must-buy!


King Queen Crown Case for iPhone 12

King Queen Crown Case

Establish yourself as a royalty even if it’s just with your new iPhone 12 Pro Max Case. The gold bling stands out on the dark background for maximum effect.


FAQ about iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

To some smartphone owners, a case may seem cumbersome, but take a look at our FAQ below and you’ll understand why iPhone 12 Pro Max cases are a must-have.

Our list of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases is all about quality, dependability and style.

Each case is a beautiful piece of art in its own right. In terms of toughness and durability, they are top-shelf products that can mean the difference between a broken iPhone and an intact device when dropped a few feet.

Moreover, you get extra features such as being able to prop up your smartphone for hands-free calling or viewing, compartment storage for IDs and cards and even a ring holder slot for a more secure grip.

Over time, you’ll get so used to these features that you can’t live without them!

Imagine buying the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max the day it comes out. Like any iPhone owner, you’ll want to protect your latest investment from extenuating circumstances and accidents for as long as possible.

Then you get a gift, and surprise! it’s an iPhone 12 Pro Max case. The design is something you like, and the case is a perfect fit. This is exactly why you’d want to consider giving an iPhone case as a thoughtful gift.

Once it’s on, you won’t have to worry about scrapes, bumps and shocks, and you can finally enjoy your new smartphone the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed.

No matter the situation we’d always recommend you getting a case for your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

As an accessory, a protective case can do so much. One, it can keep scratches and imperfections away from your mobile. Two, it can highlight and attract the attention of viewers with colorful hues and prints. Last but not the least, you won’t find these cases to hinder your phone’s functionality.

Precision cutouts ensure you can charge, connect to a computer, press the volume buttons and see your iPhone’s screen with perfect clarity and zero impedance.

In compiling our list of the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases we’ve made sure that each item has free express shipping. You can choose the case you want and not worry about not having it delivered to your doorstep.

They’re great as gifts and can be sent to any address worldwide. If you’re used to buying products online, you’ll be pleased to know that you get the same kind of service with these iPhone 12 Pro Max cases.

We didn’t just compile a list of cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and call it a day. For our readers, we gathered dozens of items and ran them through a gauntlet of tests to see which one comes out on top.

What constitutes premium quality for an iPhone 12 Pro Max case? It must be tough enough to take a beating and yet won’t fade or discolor even after years of use. The case must have good reviews from satisfied users. Moreover, it must be the best of its kind, e.g., leather, clear or armor and have all the necessary elements to make it worthy to include in our list.

The short answer is that your new iPhone 12 Pro Max deserves a case that’s equal in quality and design.

To expound, a case takes away the fragility of smartphones. Even when manufacturers say that their phone display is made of Corning or Gorilla Glass, a drop of a few feet at the right angle is all it takes to produce a crack.

Your iPhone 12 Pro Max can do so much more when paired with a functional case. It can turn into a better version especially when you want a mini-wallet or being able to prop up your phone without bringing a stand.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max cases in our list have varying degrees of waterproofing, and it largely depends on what kind of case it is.

To help you out, we’ve created a short guide on which case is least waterproof and which one can withstand a splash and a short rest in the puddle.

Leather cases can keep away drops and spills but they won’t be that effective when dropped in water. On the other hand, an armor case can take spills and splashes and come out unscathed.

So, if you’re constantly outdoors then it makes perfect sense to get a case that has better waterproofing properties.

The amazing thing about these iPhone 12 Pro Max cases is that they’re luxuries in every sense of the word, and yet anyone can buy them.

These cases make your iPhone 12 Pro Max so much better in all aspects, from survivability to visual appeal. It’s value can’t be overstated and you’ll come to appreciate it the more time passes.

It’s one of the most important accessories for your iPhone 12 Pro Max because it keeps your smartphone protected 24/7. When time comes that you get your iPhone 13, you’ll instinctively look for a case as soon as possible!

We truly recommend getting more than one of the iPhone 12 Pro Max cases listed here for the sake of getting them all at the same time. This makes your shopping for a smartphone case more convenient and efficient, not to mention you can mix and match the case according to mood or occasion!

Remember, all the cases in the list come with money back guarantee and free express shipping. They’re also very affordable and are made specifically for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. You won’t have to worry about the case not fitting or breaking prematurely as they’re the top of their class.

It’s understandable to doubt a case, especially if it’s tasked to protecting your newest investment.

Instead of assuring you that these cases will do exactly what they’re supposed to do, we’ll let them do the talking. Pick a case you want and put it as soon as it’s delivered to your doorstep. Put your smartphone through its pace, e.g., calls, watching videos and gaming.

After a while, you’ll discover that your iPhone 12 Pro Max is still in pristine condition, thanks to the case.

There are pros and cons to leather cases and silicone cases. You’ll know which one is the best for your new smartphone depending on how you want to use it.

If you’re always leaving your wallet at home then it may be better to get a leather case, as it will have slots for a few bills and a credit card. On the other hand, if you prefer something that’s flashier and more stylish then a silicone case is a good choice.

All the iPhone 12 Pro Max cases in our list have anti-shock properties that will protect your smartphone against bumps and impacts. You’ll thank your lucky stars that you have a case when an accident happens and you drop your iPhone to the ground.

You may want to also consider the level of shock protection a case has. Armor cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max offer the best anti-shock properties, while slim transparent cases can stop cracks from forming on drops of a few feet.