iPhone SE 2020 Cases ~ Best Sellers in 2020


We’ve compiled 26 of the best iPhone SE 2020 cases for you. All of the items listed here come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee and free express shipping worldwide. Pick one you like and it will be sent straight to your doorstep!

iPhone SE 2020 case

With the recent announcement of the iPhone SE 2020, Apple enthusiasts can now get their hands on a budget phone with high-end innards. What better way to celebrate the acquisition of a new iPhone than to buy a case that goes with it?

A 2020 iPhone SE case prolongs the life of your new device by keeping out spills, bumps, and scratches that would otherwise mar your iPhone. More than that, iPhone SE owners can flaunt their new smartphone with a case that’s elegant, eye-catching, or whimsical.

Here are the best iPhone SE 2020 cases

1. Candy Silicone iPhone SE Case

The candy-colored silicone case can bring out your 2020 iPhone SE’s curves, sleek profile, and rear camera without having to compromise on protection. You can choose from fan-favorite hues such as Matcha Green or Jewelry Blue, or go off-tangent with exciting ones like Coral Orange and Camellia Red.

Soft silicone material works rather well in shielding your 2nd generation iPhone SE from impacts and bumps. Once you put it on you can be sure your new smartphone will be safe from physical harm. It’s also tear-resistant and highly durable so you won’t have to switch cases every now and then.

2. Matte Cartoon iPhone SE Case

Matte Cartoon Case for iPhone SE 2020

A new iPhone usually means a new case. If you want something to celebrate the occasion, why not try the Matte Cartoon case?

These cases are not your everyday normal products- they feature your favorite cartoon characters such as Stitch, Minnie Mouse, and Mickey Mouse, among others. You also get a cute, 3D character hanging out at the top left part of your screen.

Matte material means the case is highly resistant against fingerprints, smudges and water stains. The case is colorful, makes a strong statement and won’t block access to your 2nd gen iPhone SE’s hardware. What’s not to love?

3. Waves Box iPhone SE Case

Waves Box Case for iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 2 owners who want a cute, no-frills shield for their smartphones can get the Wave Box Case. The simple yet adorable drawings at the back can make anyone smile at the end of a tiring day!

In terms of protection, the Waves Box case delivers. Soft TPU and silicone combine to ward off scratches, dings, and the occasional floor drops, and precision cutouts ensure you can easily use your iPhone’s camera or charge it without any hassle.

Subdued tones come in your favorite colors, e.g., yellow, mint green, peach, and pink. What’s more, the slim profile doesn’t add to the bulk.

4. Marble Plating iPhone SE Case

Marble Plating Case for 2020 iPhone SE

The Marble Plating case embodies ‘luxury’ in every sense of the word. The striking marble patterns, geometric highlights, and quality all combine together to give you excellent protection and a fashion statement to match!

The full cover aspect means you can put the case on and use your new iPhone SE as normal. When the time comes that you accidentally spill, scratch or drop your smartphone the case saves the day. Your new iPhone could maintain its pristine factory condition as long as you keep it protected.

And if that’s not enough, you can choose from marble patterns and colors that represent your style.

5. Genuine Leather Wallet iPhone SE Case

Genuine Leather Wallet Case for iPhone SE 2020

Did you know that your iPhone SE case can turn into more than just a protective accessory? With the Genuine Leather Wallet case, you can!

The leather case for your new iPhone SE 2020 secures your smartphone and acts as a wallet at the same time. The left flap covers your iPhone when not in use, and inside are four slots where you can put your bills, credit cards and ID, for example.

You can also prop up your phone for hands-free video watching or video calls with friends, family, and co-workers. It’s stylish and comes in many color options too!

6. Glossy Glitter iPhone SE Case

Glossy Glitter Case for iPhone SE 2020

Is bling a major factor when picking out the best 2nd generation iPhone SE case for your mobile? Then you’ll love the Glossy Glitter case. It comes in black, iridescent, pink or white, and all of them sport the same amount of sparkle and shine.

Soft IMD material hugs the outline of your iPhone without adding to the bulk. The dirt-resistant case also acts as a shield for keeping everyday knocks, bumps, and scratches at bay. Precise cut-outs allow you to use the phone’s charging port, speakers, power button and volume without having to remove the case.

7. Leopard Fashion iPhone SE Case

Leopard Fashion Case for iPhone SE 2020

Fancy dressing up your newest iPhone SE 2020 in fashionable animal prints? The Leopard Fashion case should be your first option. You can get it in traditional yellow and black, or get the pink or blue background depending on what you like.

The case transforms your smartphone into one that’s unique and eye-catching. The back material is of high quality and sports anti-knock and anti-shock features. It feels good to the touch and won’t retain fingerprints, dust, and smudges.

Selfie and social media enthusiasts will love the fact that they can aim and shoot without the case getting in the way. It’s a definite must-have!

8. Love Heart iPhone SE Case

Love Heart Case for iPhone SE 2020

Something as simple as a small heart can turn your iPhone SE into one you can call your own. All that’s left is to choose from available colors, including black, wine red, pink, purple or yellow and you’re all set.

The simplistic design complements the bright colored background. Soft TPU nestles your iPhone and prevents it from being scratched or bruised inside and out.

The Laser-cut holes are cut and raised so you won’t have to worry about your phone’s camera getting damaged. The Love Heart case offers 360-degree edge protection and saves your phone from potential dents and falls as well.

9. Hard Protective iPhone SE Case

Hard Protective Case for iPhone SE 2020

Hard protective cases for the iPhone SE 2 doesn’t have to be bulky and boring. Case in point- this case is slim yet tough enough that it can take a beating and everyday wear and tear.

What we like about the Hard Protective case is that it has excellent color combinations that make your new iPhone better-looking. For instance, there’s the translucent back with blue, yellow and white edging, or if you prefer something more serious, the black cover with red or green edges.

Regardless of style, your smartphone will be fully protected the moment you put it on.

10. Transparent Shockproof iPhone SE Case

Transparent Shockproof Case for iPhone SE 2020

Spent some money on an iPhone SE 2 and want your new smartphone to last forever?

The Transparent Shockproof case gives your mobile phone absolute 24/7 protection, even from heart-stopping drops and impacts. Aside from reinforced edges, you also get raised grooves on the rear camera so it’s not touching the surface when you rest it on a table.

The clear transparent material highlights your new phone’s hardware and curves. High-quality silicone will stay clear and not yellow out or fade over time. It’s one of the best shockproof cases you can buy for your iPhone SE!

11. Mint Hybrid iPhone SE Case

Mint Hybrid Case for iPhone SE 2020

The Mint Hybrid Case is an interesting iPhone accessory as it’s essentially a 2-in-1 product.

One, it’s a colorful bumper case that acts as your smartphone’s first line of defense against hard bumps and impacts. The reinforced aspect lends an extra grip and comes in yellow, aqua blue and more.

Two, you get a clear back cover that’s made of soft TPU. You can choose from translucent or black depending on your style and preference.

Rounding out the features is a colored rear camera cutout and bumper buttons so you can press the volume and power easier. The overall build quality is second to none.

12. Luxury Bling iPhone SE Case

Luxury Bling Case for iPhone SE 2020

Love the shine effect a glitter case can bring? The Luxury Bling case is for you. Thousands of glitters in various shapes come alive each time you use your iPhone SE 2020 and will surely turn heads everywhere you go.

The bling case isn’t all show, though. Tough yet flexible silicone material wraps your newest device and staves off daily knocks, scratches, and bumps. Machined details on the ports, rear camera, speakers and volume allow for seamless interaction.

When installed, the case provides a nice grip so your iPhone won’t slip and fall to the ground. It’s a showy and functional case in one beautiful package!

13. Black Lover iPhone SE Case

Black Lover Case for iPhone SE 2020

The Black Lover case is literally the black case lover’s ideal iPhone SE 2 accessory. The deep shade serves as the backdrop for classic art, parodies and a myriad of other sketches and designs.

The exquisite TPU cover has painted scribbles and can protect your smartphone from the nastiest knocks, bruises, and whatnot. It’s super nice to the touch and lends a grippy aspect as well.

We can guarantee that you won’t look for another iPhone case when you get this. It ticks all the right boxes in what makes a great iPhone protective product!

14. Marble X iPhone SE Case

Marble X Case for iPhone SE 2020

The Marble X case is the perfect example of style and protection. The back part sports a high-quality paint that won’t fade even after years of use. You’ll be surprised at how accurate the marble patterns and colors are that you’ll mistake it for the real thing.

Soft TPU material is flexible and doesn’t harm your iPhone in any way. Outwardly, your device will be safe from everyday scuffles and the occasional hard knocks. You can say goodbye to messy fingerprints, dust and scratch marks as well. The case has precise openings so you can easily charge or access the camera.

15. Flowers Soft iPhone SE Case

Flowers Soft Case for 2nd generation iPhone SE

Add an organic touch to your 2nd generation iPhone SE when you buy the Flowers Soft case. The printed floral designs are set in a transparent background and accentuate the iPhone’s Apple logo quite well.

As for flower colors and variety, there’s plenty to choose from. The clear transparent material blends well with the curves and features of your new smartphone. Even better is the fact that you don’t have to remove it when you want to charge, listen or make use of your iPhone rear camera.

You’ll surely love the feminine touch the Flowers Soft case brings to the table!

16. Gold Foil iPhone SE Case

Gold Foil Case for iPhone SE 2020

Gold foil specks are sprinkled around the case in a decadent manner, which makes the Gold Foil case one of the most luxurious accessories in our list. But the surprise doesn’t end there- you get to choose from great designs and hues ranging from marble, galaxy and wood patterns among others.

You’ll marvel at how well your new iPhone SE looks as soon as you fit the case in. Aside from providing excellent anti-knock, dust and bump protection the case material lends a nice grip and makes holding your smartphone an awesome experience!

17. Avocado Soft iPhone SE Case

Avocado Soft Case for iPhone SE 2020

Can’t get enough of the superfood? Get your avocado fix by putting it on your new iPhone like a case.

The case’s light green hue is pleasing to the senses. While you’re at it, why not add a few more doodles of the cutest fruit you’ve ever seen at the back? A 3D avocado can be added as a ring holder function so you can watch videos, chat with friends and play without fear of dropping your device.

Special cut-outs let you charge and press the volume and power buttons when you need them. All in all, a worthy addition to your case collection!

18. Funny Bar Label iPhone SE Case

Funny Bar Label Case for iPhone SE 2020

How about something that’s completely unique and one of a kind?

The Funny Bar Label case looks like an ordinary clear case for your 2020 iPhone SE, but it actually has a nice gimmick. Fit your smartphone in, and voila! A pseudo plane ticket appears on the back.

You can choose your favorite city or destination, e.g., Tokyo, Berlin, San Francisco, and many others. To complete the effect, the country flag, bar code, and traveler name appear on the back.

The case is no slouch in the protection department- it can even shake off a steep drop to the pavement.

19. Galaxy Fashion iPhone SE Case

Galaxy Fashion Case for iPhone SE 2020

If staring at the stars and the wide expanse is your hobby then you may want to get the Galaxy Fashion case. Featuring planets and constellations, it’s the perfect outfit for your new iPhone SE 2020.

The dozens of stars glitter and are embedded within the soft silicone material. Choose between transparent or black background, both of which match any outfit you wear. Outstanding aesthetics aside, the case has raised edges and special cut-outs for the iPhone’s rear camera, charging port and speakers.

Keep dust, smudges, and fingerprints at bay with the superb Galaxy Fashion case!

20. Unique Glitter iPhone SE Case

Unique Glitter Case for iPhone SE 2020

Max out your iPhone’s bling with the Unique Glitter case. Fancy a black backdrop with a baby blue stand holder? How about an all-white ensemble? All you need is to choose and the glamorous iPhone SE case is yours!

The thousands of glitters catch the light and complement the background color of the case. You’ll save your precious smartphone from bumps, scratches and dirt day in and day out. The soft case provides a perfect fit and allows for worry-free handling.

Add a dash of glamour to any place with the Unique Glitter case. It’s sure to become your new iPhone’s best friend!

21. Luxury Protective Bumper iPhone SE Case

Luxury Protective Bumper Case for iPhone SE 2020

Sometimes a soft TPU case isn’t enough for your newly-acquired iPhone SE 2. In this case, the Luxury Protective Bumper case should tick all the right boxes when it comes to a superb case.

It’s not every day a case has different layers but this one takes the cake. You get a hard shell for maximum shielding from impacts, scratches and spills and two-edge plating for depth and style.

The multi-layer coating process makes holding your 2nd gen iPhone SE an absolute joy. Brushed material feels really great against the hands and add a premium feel when you’re using your iPhone. This is a must-get!

22. Diamond Bee iPhone SE Case

Diamond Bee Case for iPhone SE 2020

The Diamond Bee case is quite extraordinary- the hardcover touts a large, multi-faceted gem set in the middle of the case and embedded within a golden 3D bee.

The level of detail and craftsmanship is top-notch. If you want something that attracts the attention of your family and peers this case is a definite contender.

Aesthetics aside you won’t have any problems keeping your iPhone SE in pristine condition. In fact, you won’t ever need to remove the case when it’s installed, thanks to the precision cutouts for the rear camera, charging port and speakers.

23. Kinder Joy iPhone SE Case

Kinder Joy Case for iPhone SE 2020

The Kinder Joy case is a faithful rendition of a favorite chocolate treat enjoyed by many from around the world. In the iPhone case form it offers an excellent level of protection and keeps dust, dirt, and fingerprints at bay.

The silicone case has high-quality prints running down the back. Special cut-outs let you use your smartphone exactly as intended. The case colors are vibrant and will stay that way for a long time.

If Kinder Egg designs aren’t to your liking, you can choose from Oreo or pseudo prints like a plate of sushi or a pack of greens.

24. Custom Letter iPhone SE Case

Custom Letter Case for iPhone SE 2020

Custom Letter cases play the vanity card by offering customization to new iPhone SE owners. You can choose the appropriate letter for your name and get a soft TPU accessory to match your smartphone.

It’s worthy to note that the case supports wireless charging. The black background highlights the letter (which is gold and has flower adornments) and has a nice texture as well.

The case is slim enough to not add significant bulk and complements the iPhone’s curves. In a sea of generic cases, the Custom Letter accessory is a nice, refreshing change!

25. Funda Tattoo iPhone SE Case

Funda Tattoo Case for iPhone SE 2020

The Funda Tattoo case features stylish drawings for the 2nd generation iPhone SE. The high-resolution print stands out as it’s made of environmental-friendly ink and UV cured to stay extra durable and scratch-proof.

The side of the case has raised lips for anti-scratch measures on the display and rear camera. Soft TPU hugs the outline of the iPhone and effectively absorbs shock and impacts caused by knocking on hard objects.

You can choose from popular characters such as Stitch, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Ash, and Batman, among others. Regardless of design, you’re sure to get 24/7 protection!

26. Cartoon Dino iPhone SE Case

Cartoon Dino Case for iPhone SE 2020

Cute and whimsical characters are on full display with the Cartoon Dino case. First, select the background color which ranges from pastel violet to blue, then the print which can be a lovable dinosaur, flowers, fruits and more.

Soft TPU material wraps around your iPhone and keeps it secure. Special precision holes are designed for seamless charging, camera shots and for attaching straps and other mobile accessories. Your friends will find the case so cute they’ll want one for themselves!

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