Should you buy iPhone X in 2020?

Apple released the iPhone X in 2017, a phone that rethought the exterior design and also some elements of the software UI of the iPhone for the first time since its inception. The basic idea people had of the iPhone was that it has a home button on the front which also doubled as a fingerprint reader on some models.

The iPhone’s simplicity lied in the use of a single button to do multiple tasks whereas Android phones relied on three or four capacitive buttons. The home button on the iPhone was not just used for going home but also for tasks like accessing the app-switcher and activating the voice based assistant Siri.

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iPhone X changed the iPhone

Should you buy iPhone X in 2020?

The iPhone X changed the working of the “iPhone” by introducing a gesture based navigation system and an all-screen design. It was the first iPhone to use a Super Retina Display with a resolution higher than 1080p (Full HD). It was also the first iPhone to pack an OLED panel – a big move for Apple from its traditional LCD panels which were considered the best in the industry and still are on the iPhone 11.

The iPhone X has two cameras on the back – a primary shooter for all the casual shots and a telephoto lens for zoomed in photos. The telephoto lens is also used for creating a bokeh like effect for the portrait shots.

As Apple ditched the home button based fingerprint reader TouchID, it introduced facial recognition on the iPhone – FaceID. It is one of the best features of the phone as it enables quick logging onto the phone without touching any extra work.

If you are considering buying an iPhone X, go ahead only if you are able to get it for less than $300 (USD). It’s a great phone considering the great display, decent cameras, FaceID but it’s bad when it comes to battery life.