Is FaceApp really Russian?


So, is FaceApp really Russian? The answer is yes. FaceApp is developed by a Russian company named “Wireless Lab OOO”. They have clearly listed their office address on their Terms of Use page.

Is FaceApp really Russian

FaceApp Russian Address

According to their Terms of Use page, they have listed the following Russian address:

Wireless Lab OOO
16 Avtovskaya 401
Saint-Petersburg, 198096, Russia

While the developers of the App are in Russia, they are claiming to be using Google cloud servers that are in the US. It’s unclear whether the app safe to use or not. However, experts have advised staying away from it.

We at iLounge tried the app and we actually liked it. Since the app is made by a Russian company, and the US has some political issues with Russia. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry much about it.

In fact, the app isn’t even free to use. That’s right, users need to pay for a yearly plan in order to use it in the long run. While FaceApp provides a 3 days trial, users are enjoying themselves by making them self look old.

I mean, if it was a spyware, why would it be paid? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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