The best MacBook Air 2019 case


Looking for a MacBook Air 2019 case and can’t seem to make a decision on what to get for your laptop? We’ve got you covered.

MacBook Air 2019 case

Protecting your investment is an absolute necessity, and for this reason, you will need to get a MacBook case. Aside from giving your MacBook a whole new look, a case can take the brunt of normal wear and tear without adding to the bulk and weight.

All of them have a 30-day money-back guarantee and can be delivered anywhere in the world for free. Pick one out and you can be sure to have a well-cared for and longer-lasting MacBook.

Here are the best MacBook Air 2019 cases

1. Matte Crystal Case

Matte Crystal MacBook Air 2019 case

Tired of looking at the same color of your MacBook Air? Individualize your MacBook with the Matte Crystal Case, now available in your favorite hue. It makes your MacBook stand out from the rest of the crowd while protecting your laptop from accidental bumps, scratches, and everyday wear and tear.

The hard cover is made of high quality and environment-friendly PC plastic that can be attached to the top and bottom of your laptop. The bottom case is hollow and features heat dissipation and non-slip design. You’ll love how the crystal case lends style and an air of sophistication to your MacBook Air!

2. Colored Retina Case

Colored Retina Case for MacBook Air 2019

The Apple logo on your MacBook Air is undeniably stylish, but sometimes you’ll want to change up your laptop’s top lid to make a statement. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect one with the Colored Retina Cover, with designs that range from the mysterious to ones that are bedecked with floral patterns.

The laptop case doubles as protection from scratches that could mar your MacBook’s surface. Precision engineering ensures a tight fit each and every time. Make your MacBook Air as unique as yourself and have it stay that way, thanks to high-end printing processes for a cover design that never fades!

3. Floral Case

Floral MacBook Air 2019 case

Extend your love of nature and colorful flowers with the Floral Case for your 2019 MacBook Air. The hard plastic has both transparent spaces and an array of bright flower prints to add a touch of a feminine side to your laptop without hiding the Apple logo and the device’s original case color. The material is lightweight and won’t add to the MacBook Air’s slim profile.

The polycarbonate plastic laptop cover isn’t just for show though. Precision vents allow air to circulate and gives you full access to your MacBook’s hardware and features. Four non-slip mats at the bottom keep your laptop safe and secure 24/7!

4. Redlai Hard Case

Redlai hard case for Macbook Air 2019

Find the default gray color of the MacBook Air too drab for your taste? Not to worry- the Redlai Hard Case is here to the rescue! The hard, transparent shell case features cartoon drawings of a cat, a reindeer, a hedgehog and a horse, perfect for those who want to change things up in a whimsical manner.

It’s UV printed, which means the design will last as long as your laptop and will protect your precious device from scratches, scrapes, and bumps. On the bottom are rubberized ‘feet’ that helps your MacBook Air stabilize on just about any surface!

5. Classical Wood Grain PU Leather Case

Classical Wood Grain MacBook Air 2019 case

Wood grain design can turn any device into an organic and natural-looking machine, including your MacBook Air 2019. Attach any one of these Classical Wood Grain PU Leather Case to your Apple laptop and you’ll be sure to turn heads whenever you bring it out.

Choose among several grain finishes, including Gray, Brown and Black variants. PU leather material naturally wicks away fingerprints, smudges and spills and keeps your MacBook Air from physical damage. Classic never goes out of style, and you can be sure that the wood grain case will protect and accentuate your MacBook for a long, long time!

6. Fashion Personality Hard Case

Fashion Personality Hard Case for MacBook Air 2019

Want a MacBook Air 2019 case that feels like a natural extension of your device? The Fashion Personality Hard Case is specially designed to be ultra-lightweight and hug the MacBook’s curves for the best fit. Once you install it you won’t ever have to remove it again as it has vents, holes, and cut-outs that give you 100% access to all your MacBook’s ports and buttons.

The aesthetically pleasing design is UV printed and stops your original MacBook’s surface from getting damaged. The MacBook Air case has a thin coating of rubber on the top surface and the bottom feet for added stability.

7. HD Pattern Hard Case

HD pattern Laptop Hard MacBook Air 2019 case

In today’s society where 4K is the norm, why settle for a standard definition case cover for your MacBook Air when you can get one in glorious, detailed HD? Introducing the HD Pattern Hard Case that comes in a variety of designs you’ll surely love!

For instance, there’s the wave, a dinosaur bursting through walls, the Eiffel Tower, parrots, abstracts and dreamcatchers in various colors. What’s great about the hard case is that it has a matching keyboard cover that sports the same design. Last but not the least, it offers full 360-degree protection and has a breathable bottom cover too!

8. Iron Man Case

Iron Man Case for Macbook Air 2019

Comic book enthusiasts and Marvel fans, unite! There’s the Iron Man Case available in full-color HD print. You can now dress up your MacBook Air and turn it into a conversation starter among friends and acquaintances. The high-quality print shows off Iron Man in HD, and the material used is environment-friendly PC that can stave off scratches from sharp objects, e.g., keys, coins, pens, and others.

Aside from looking sharp, the Iron Man Case is machined to provide easy access to all your MacBook Air’s ports and openings, which means you can plug in a USB accessory or charge your iPhone as if the case wasn’t there!

9. Rubberized Matte Retina Case

Rubberized Matte Retina MacBook Air 2019 case

The Rubberized Matte Retina Case makes for a good protective cover for your MacBook Air 2019. The soft, yet durable material naturally bounces off any kind of damage the laptop might sustain, including short drops to the pavement and hard surfaces. You’ll be able to preserve your MacBook’s original case and add colorful and striking statements at the same time.

The bottom cover has vents for heat dissipation, and four rubber feet to secure your MacBook Air as you type out content, do office tasks or watch Apple TV+ and movies. It keeps the dust out and makes your MacBook look absolutely stylish!

10. Marble Flower Pattern Case

Marble Flower Pattern Case for MacBook Air 2019

Mesmerize and amaze your friends, classmates or coworkers with the Marble Flower Pattern Case. The high definition and detailed design is just the thing to make your MacBook Air stand out from the rest, and the matching silicone keyboard cover is aesthetic icing on the cake!

Want to give your MacBook a fresh coat of paint? The case comes in either marble or flower pattern with a UV coating that stays vibrant even after years of use. It’s also ultra-thin and lightweight, yet durable enough that it can take everyday bumps and scratches. Precision cutouts allow for efficient heat dissipation and full port access.

11. Retina Shell Case

Retina Shell MacBook Air 2019 case

We know how your new MacBook Air is an investment you’d like to keep for many years, and this is why you should get 360-degree protection courtesy of the Retina Shell Case. The cute and colorful designs are matched top to bottom, lending a refreshing change to the usual gray shell you’re used to seeing every day.

Environment-friendly PVC material wraps your laptop and offers complete shielding of liquids such as water, coffee or alcohol, dust, grit and scratches as it comes in contact with hard objects. Plus, it comes with a keyboard cover to keep dust from getting into the keys.

12. MTT Astronaut Case

MTT Astronaut Case for MacBook Air 2019

Obsessed with the moon and space and want everything you own, including your MacBook Air adorned with it? The MTT Astronaut Case offers quirky black and white designs of the moon and an astronaut with his ship. A wealth of bonus inclusions make the case a tempting buy.

The moon and astronaut designs are printed using high-end 3D technology and Eco-UV ink for gorgeous, crystal clear patterns. You get full access to your laptop’s features too. What’s more, you get transparent dust plugs for unused ports, a keyboard cover, and a laptop bag along with the top and bottom MacBook cover!

13. MOSISO Hard Cover Case

MOSISO Hard MacBook Air 2019 case

Want to preserve your MacBook Air’s aluminum metal shell but don’t want an overly flashy case? You can get the crystal clear cover from the MOSISO Hard Cover Case lineup, or a solid color that adds sophistication to a classy laptop. Either way, you won’t have to worry about your MacBook getting untimely scratches and bruises as you use it for work, school or leisure.

The hard cover has a thin coating of rubber oil to provide a grip during carrying and transport. Its slim profile is perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice form factor. The case is dust, fingerprint, and smudge-proof as well!

14. Skin Screen Protector Case

Skin Screen Protector Case for MacBook Air 2019

3D effects are always nice as they elicit a form of response from the viewer. As such. you can expect friends to say something nice when you put the Skin Screen Protector Case on your newest MacBook Air!

The print on the case is detailed and lends excellently to the overall effect. You can choose among four designs, all of which highlight the Apple logo found at the center. You won’t have any trouble installing the top and bottom case as it’s engineered to fit via snap-on methods. Once attached, you won’t ever have to remove it and enjoy 360-degree protection!

15. Soft Leaf Case

Soft Leaf MacBook Air 2019 case

The Soft Leaf Case is perfect for turning your plain old MacBook Air 2019 into a laptop that screams ‘girl power!’ You can choose from various patterns, including large or small colorful flowers, bouquets, and wreaths that surround the laptop’s Apple logo. The transparent material allows some of the native gray color to show through and makes for an interesting visual effect.

Installing the soft case only takes a few seconds and provides a lifetime of protection from bumps, scratches and the occasional knocks. Pre-cut vents wick away heat from extended use, while rubber stabilizers hold your laptop in place as you work, watch videos or connect with friends and family on social media.

16. Print Crystal Clear Hard Case

Print Crystal Hard Case for MacBook Air 2019

The Print Crystal Clear Hard Case comes in three variants, with one being a clear hard cover for a minimalist, ‘barely there’ effect. This case is for those who want absolute protection in a lightweight yet durable package against spills, dust and other external factors that can mar the appearance of your MacBook Air.

There’s also a 3D printed pattern that encases your laptop into a stunning nighttime scene. Buying the Print Crystal Clear Hard Case gives you useful extras such as a screen protector, silicone dust plugs and a silicone keyboard cover to prevent dust and dirt from entering your precious MacBook!

17. Frosted Retina Case

Frosted Retina MacBook Air 2019 case

Turn your new 2019 MacBook Air into a retro, blast from the past MacBook courtesy of the Frosted Retina Case. You can choose from Orange or Blue, or go for something that’s different in Wine Red, Living Coral, and Pink shades.

High quality and soft matte material feels nice to the touch and lends anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge and smear protection once installed. Superb detailing gives you complete access to all your MacBook’s I/O options and shows off the laptop’s curves in the process. Last but not the least, the bottom cover has a fence design to allow efficient heat dissipation.

18. Cute Pattern Hard Shell Case

Cute Pattern Hard Shell Case for MacBook Air 2019

Turn from serious to ‘aww’ in just a few seconds when you bring out your MacBook Air adorned with a Cute Pattern Hard Shell Case. Take your pick on the many offered designs, including a sleeping giraffe, a black cat, a panda, kittens, and butterflies in adorable poses!

Not only are these cases cute, but they also serve as a shield to keep your beloved MacBook from getting scratched. The tough material is surprisingly lightweight and features an easy snap-on and snap-off mechanism. You’ll love how the detailed print serves as a natural extension of your laptop and serves as its companion for many years!

19. Miki Glow Retina Case

Miki Glow Retina MacBook Air 2019 case

Love creative artwork and appreciate a fine piece when you see one? You can get inspired every day by getting a Miki Glow Retina Case for your 2019 MacBook Air. The high-quality designs range from the contemporary and sublime to classics such as Starry Night and geometric patterns as well. If that’s not your type, then you can get the cover that has cute doodles for something that’s light and whimsical.

Transform your MacBook from a generic laptop to one that speaks your style. Added rubber feet make typing super stable on any flat surface. Change up your MacBook’s look effortlessly with the Miki Glow Retina Case!

20. MTT Funda Case

MTT funda case for MacBook Air 2019

Who wouldn’t want to have their MacBooks adorned with classical oil paintings that transform their machines into modern statements? The MTT Funda Case has you covered in this regard with about a dozen different choices that channel your inner snob. More importantly, your laptop gets the protection it needs to remain in pristine condition.

Each case sports a near-exact replica of oil paintings, recreated via high-end machinery and eco-UV ink, which means the design is made to last for years without ever losing color or fading. It will look brand new months or even years from the day you bought it!

21. Batianda Rubberized Hard Cover Case

Batianda Rubberized MacBook Air 2019 case

The Batianda Rubberized Hard Cover Case combines effortless fashion into a clean, sleek and wonderful package. Aside from getting physical protection, the many color options and the flower print on the sides will turn your MacBook into eye candy.

The case uses matte, rubberized material to provide excellent protection for your laptop. Needless to say, your MacBook Air can now survive bumps, knocks, and scratches against hard objects and furniture while remaining dust, dirt, and fingerprint-free. The matching keyboard cover adds to the overall visual appeal, and the bottom cover allows your MacBook to breathe and remain cool under operation.

22. Retina Hard Shell Case

Retina Hard Shell Case for MacBook Air 2019

Whether with sparkles or not, you’ll love the way the Retina Hard Shell Case transforms your MacBook Air’s color into the one you want. You can make it shine with a thousand glitters, or opt for a subdued tone that can still turn heads.

Construction is as expected of a top MacBook case. The hard cover acts as a shield to ward off accidental spills and bumps with sharp objects. It’s something you can clip on to your laptop in under a minute and leave there. Access to the USB port, audio jack, and power supply is unhindered, thanks to machine-precision holes!

23. Nature Touch Shell Case

Nature Touch Shell MacBook Air 2019 case

Pastel shades are always in vogue and act as a refreshing medium to the usual gray metal color of the MacBook Air. Now, you can change your laptop’s skin with playful pastel hues and highlight the beauty of nature wherever you are!

The Nature Touch Shell Case comes in a variety of designs, from air balloons to clouds of yellow, pink and blue. Putting it on gives your MacBook a softer appearance while making it tougher than ever. It’s a second skin that complements your MacBook without hampering user access to the USB ports, which means you can charge up your iPhone via cable without hassles!

24. Color Bless Pro Case

Color Bless Pro Case for MacBook Air 2019

Feel the need to give your MacBook Air 2019 a splash of color? Make sure to check out the Color Bless Pro Case, which has every design you can think of. It’s for anime fans, nature lovers, stargazers and modern enthusiasts alike!

The print is outstanding and made of environment-friendly materials. It provides an immediate visual impact that separates your MacBook from all the other ones out there. The two-part snap-on mechanism makes it easy to install and remove the case anytime you like. Swap your current case for another depending on your mood, preference or style!

25. EGYAL Marble Matte Hard Case

EGYAL Marble Matte MacBook Air 2019 case

The EGYAL Marble Matte Hard Case harnesses the striking and timeless appearance of marble and allows you to put it on your MacBook Air 2019. The result? A whole new look for your laptop without putting a strain on your wallet.

Unlike real marble, the matte hard case is light and it doesn’t add to the overall bulk of the laptop. You won’t have to worry about scratches and dents appearing on your MacBook as you use it every day. The bottom case comes with four rubber stoppers for added stability on flat surfaces. Overall, a product worthy of your money!

26. MTT Geometric Hard Case

MTT Geometric Hard Case for MacBook Air 2019

Love the appeal of geometric shapes and have them in the form of a protective case on your iPhone and iPad? Don’t forget to wrap your MacBook Air as well with the MTT Geometric Hard Case. Choose from many available patterns and colors to suit your style and taste.

Installation is a snap, thanks to clip-on design that won’t scratch or dent the surface of your MacBook. Speaking of which, you won’t ever have to remove the case as it has special cut-outs for your ports and connectivity options. Heat dissipation is handled by raised cushions designed for maximum airflow and lower operating temperatures.

27. Crystal Hard Shell

Crystal Hard Shell MacBook Air 2019 case

The Crystal Hard Shell brings an ultra-glossy look of your favorite color to your MacBook Air. If you like to mix and match hues on your clothes, bags, and accessories, you’ll find the case a worthy addition.

You also get a matching keyboard cover and dust plugs for complete, 360-degree protection. The hard shell is thin and light but can stave off everyday scuffs, bumps and scratches on uneven surfaces and sharp objects, allowing you to work, post and watch with utmost peace of mind. The material stays clear and shiny and won’t turn yellow after months of use!

28. Art Feather Case

Art Feather Case for MacBook Air 2019

What’s light, durable and can act as a fashion statement for your MacBook? Why, the Art Feather Case, of course! Contemporary designs are always in vogue, and there are enough options to satisfy any art enthusiast.

The Art Feather Case is not without other virtues, though. It’s made of environmental-friendly PVC and is designed to absorb everyday wear and tear. The 3D UV paint is sharp, detailed and won’t fade even after years of use. The bottom cover is fully ventilated and has four stoppers at the corners for added stability. It offers a personalized statement, protection and security in one package!

29. Print Universe Case

Print Universe MacBook Air 2019 case

Awesome prints can make your MacBook Air look better. For true high-quality and detailed designs, check out the Print Universe Case. You can get one that has engineering patterns, math equations or simple ones such as a bunch of flowers or a cat looking up at your MacBook’s Apple logo.

The cases’ surface stops scratches from keys and coins, and it doesn’t fade. You’ll also like how the bottom cover is contoured and shaped to provide unfettered access to all your MacBook Air’s ports, power supply, and output options. The Print Universe Case makes your MacBook stand out from the rest!

30. Marble Sky Case

Marble Sky Case for MacBook Air 2019

It’s hard not to fall in love with marble patterns. Its swirly lines, hypnotic hues and timeless appeal can now be added to your MacBook Air, thanks to the Marble Sky Case. You can choose from black and white, rainbow puffs and a zebra in technicolor, or go for traditional marble lines in deep shades of blue.

Regardless of design, you can be sure that the Marble Sky Case will keep your MacBook Air unscathed against everyday elements, e.g., knocks and contact with hard and sharp items. Moreover, you can keep the dust out from entering your precious laptop with the included silicone keyboard cover, dust plugs, and screen film!

31. Colorful Crystal Case

Colorful Crystal MacBook Air 2019 case

The Colorful Crystal Case is engineered to be the perfect companion for your MacBook Air 2019. It’s comprised of three layers- the CMYK ink, white ink, and the crystal hard shell. When combined, the colors pop out against the white background and provide a glossy effect!

The concave design hugs your MacBook Air’s curves and sticks in place. It’s thin and keeps the original sleek profile of the MacBook intact. Fitting it in is just a matter of clasping the edges of the case to your laptop and pushing gently. It works great against physical damage and occasional spills!

32. Marble Flower Bling Case

Marble Flower Bling Case for MacBook Air 2019

Marble designs are undeniably classy and add a touch of elegance. Or maybe you’re looking for something floral to wrap your MacBook Air in. In any case, the Marble Flower Bling Case should work nicely to give your laptop a one-of-a-kind style as well as protection from scruffs, scrapes and more.

Get envious looks from colleagues and friends when you take your MacBook Air out for work or play. The case comes with a keyboard cover so dust, grit and fine particles won’t enter and ruin the hardware. It has an advantage over decal stickers as it’s sharper in detail and won’t fade over time!

33. Retina Sleeve Case

Retina Sleeve MacBook Air 2019 case

Scratches and dings are unavoidable when you use your MacBook Air without a case. Over time, these dents will affect how your MacBook looks and depreciate its value. For just a few dollars you can invest in a high-quality case, such as the Retina Sleeve Case and preserve your laptop’s aluminum finish.

With the Retina Sleeve Case, you get a two for one value. First, your MacBook will be protected not only from close encounters with sharp or hard objects but from minute particles such as dust and dirt as well. Second, you can get a design to suit your taste and fashion preferences.

34. Mac Hard Case

Mac Hard Case for MacBook Air 2019

It’s amazing how the Mac Hard Case can transform your ordinary MacBook Air into something colorful, interesting, playful and stylish as soon as you install it. The high-quality print and material will leave you surprised and make you wonder why you didn’t get one before.

Among the options are colored glitter, semi-transparent ones, and traditional designs, e.g., space, marble, and flowers in bloom. You’ll appreciate the reinforced anti-skid stubs and heat vents at the bottom of the case especially in marathon watching sessions and productivity tasks. Access to the USB ports is uncovered so you can transfer files and charge with ease!

35. Anime Retina Case

Anime Retina MacBook Air 2019 case

Otaku and Disney fans should definitely get these Anime Retina case for their MacBook Air. Images are accurately represented in full color and detail, and it just looks fantastic on your MacBook!

The case hides the Apple logo but brings something else to the table. Your favorite Disney and anime characters come to life, thanks to the vibrant UV ink. Installing is a matter of slipping it on- afterward, your MacBook will get full protection against scratches, knocks, and scuffs with hard objects. The Anime Retina Case comes with neat freebies such as a transparent keyboard cover, a laptop bag, and transparent dust plugs!

36. Galaxy Hard Case

Galaxy Hard Case for MacBook Air 2019

Tap into the mysteries of the cosmos with the Galaxy Hard Case. At the very least, you’ll earn a few admiring looks from your friends, classmates or colleagues whenever you use your MacBook Air for office tasks, study or entertainment.

The colors are deep and vivid, thanks to high-tech printing processes. The case is made from environmentally sound plastic and will serve to keep away scratches and bumps on the MacBook’s aluminum shell. There are precision cutouts so you get access to your laptop’s features, buttons, and ports. Vents will keep your MacBook cool even during extended work or play sessions!

37. Oil Painting Case

Oil Painting MacBook Air 2019 case

Fancy an oil painting slathered on your new MacBook Air? The Oil Painting Case gives you a splash of color on your laptop without having to ruin its aluminum chassis. Excellent production makes the print on these cases remarkably vivid and faithful to the real thing.

You can choose from varied designs, including a cherry blossom tree, fantasy-themed drawings, colorful fish, a panda in repose and 3D blocks. The Oil Painting Case is more than just for show- it protects your MacBook by acting as a second skin and wards it from spills, dents, and harm while keeping the chassis cool and comfortable!

38. Hard Print Customized Case

Hard Print Customized Case for MacBook Air 2019

Fancy a new case for your beloved MacBook Air 2019, yet don’t want just any other product? We recommend the Hard Print Customized Case, which gives you the exact design you want for your laptop. From near-perfect prints of marble, wood, and paintings to whimsical decor and silly decal, this case has it all!

Aesthetics aside, the Hard Print Customized Case will be your MacBook’s best friend. Precise holes provide ease of use and lets you charge your iPhone or attach an accessory for productivity purposes. Vents in strategic locations wick away heat and prevent thermal damage even during extended use.

39. Formula Printing Case

Formula Printing MacBook Air 2019 case

If math is your passion and your game, then the Formula Printing Case is a match made in heaven. Featuring a chalkboard and scribble design, your MacBook instantly becomes a geek magnet and a great conversation starter.

The Formula Printing Case offers an excellent body-hugging fit which means it won’t accidentally become dislodged while in use or rest. On the side are contours that give way to the MacBook’s charging port, USB port, and audio jack, leaving you free to connect with zero hassles. Plus, the premium ink stays clear and sharp for months on end!

40. Crystal Feather Hard Colored Case

Crystal Feather Hard Colored MacBook Air 2019 case

Paisley patterns engage the mind and act as eye candy to the viewer. It’s definitely a contrast to the plain gray default aluminum shell of the MacBook Air. For a few dollars, you can spice up your laptop and give it a much-needed wardrobe change!

The Crystal Hard Feather Colored Case consists of the bottom case, the crystal case, and the paisley pattern to form a tough shield for your MacBook Air. After installing, you won’t have to worry about spills getting into the hardware. Anti-slip pads provide much-needed stability, even on glass surfaces!

41. Raffiti Animal Pattern Case

Raffiti Animal Pattern Case for MacBook Air 2019

It’s difficult to bring your pet wherever you go, but you can opt for the next best thing and stick on the Raffiti Animal Pattern Case on your MacBook Air. Choose from a band of parrots, a growling cheetah, domesticated pandas, a dancing elephant, a dog detective, an owl or a giraffe depending on your taste. Your MacBook will never look boring ever again!

The Raffiti Animal Pattern Case touts high definition print and material that’s lightweight yet extremely durable. It protects against scratches, accidental bumps and coffee spills, and stains. It’s cute and functional at the same time!

42. Floral Printing Hard Case

Floral Printing MacBook Air 2019 case

Looking to soften your MacBook Air’s external chassis with beautiful floral patterns? The Floral Printing Hard Case fits the bill nicely. The polycarbonate material is just as durable as the MacBook’s shell, which also means that the design won’t fade easily. You can enjoy the added aesthetics whenever you close the lid or take the laptop out of your bag.

The Floral Printing Hard Case offers 360-degree protection on all fronts. It covers the four edges and acts as an anti-drop shield. When you bump it into a wall you won’t have to scrutinize for damage. Get peace of mind and a worthy skin for your MacBook Air!

43. Matte Clear Painting Case

Matte Clear Painting Case for MacBook for MacBook Air 2019

The Matte Clear Painting Case brightens up your MacBook Air without completely covering the lid with prints. When it’s paramount for you to want your MacBook to show its Apple logo, this case is the one to get!

The case comes with a matching keyboard cover, e.g., if you get the cactus and flower print then you get the mint green cover, and so on and forth. Even the dust plugs are color-coordinated and serve to protect your MacBook from dust, food particles and the occasional spill!

44. Nature Retina Case

Nature Retina MacBook Air 2019 case

Have a soft spot for nature and her plants and succulents? The Nature Retina Case can be the defining statement for your hobby. The array of pink and green cacti are pleasing to the eye without hiding your MacBook’s logo. The clear case adds shine to the dull aluminum finish, making your laptop seem brand new again.

The hollow design at the bottom lets your MacBook breathe and disperses heat efficiently. A thin coat of rubber makes the Nature Retina Case resistant to fingerprints, smudges and hard impacts.

45. Denim Retina Case

Denim Retina Case for MacBook Air 2019

Wish you could wrap your MacBook Air 2019 in soft cloth? With the Denim Retina Case, it’s possible! There are several colors to choose from, including Rose Red, Purple, Red, Dark Gray, Sky Blue, and Dark Blue. Each one is made of high-quality material, complete with simulated embossing and bump textures for that authentic look and feel.

The print is made to last and won’t de-colorize no matter how much time has passed. Polycarbonate plastic is light yet durable, saving your precious MacBook from unfortunate scrapes, abrasions, and knocks!

46. Mandala Print Case

Mandala Print MacBook Air 2019 case

Mandala designs are detailed pieces of intricate art and look great on just about anything, including a skin for your MacBook Air. For those who want something special, there’s the Mandala Print Case which comes in purple, blue, green, pink and orange. The circular opening in the middle accentuates the Apple logo and is sure to generate comments!

Along with the case you also get color-coded dust plugs and a useful keyboard cover to protect the keys from dust, food particles and grime. A slim layer of rubber substance makes your MacBook Air virtually fingerprint- and smudge-proof too!

47. ZVE Retro Leather Case

ZVE Retro Leather Case for MacBook Air 2019

Retro leather can accompany almost anything- your iPhone, your clothes and also your MacBook Air. The ZVE Retro Leather Case should top the list for those who want high-quality leather outfitting their MacBook. You can opt to buy traditional colors such as black or brown, or go for something flashier such as sky blue or pink.

Leather material naturally wicks away moisture and liquids, which can come in handy when you’re constantly working with a cup of coffee or tea. The bottom cover is breathable in a way that it has vents to maximize airflow.

48. Leather Batianda Case

Leather Batianda MacBook Air 2019 case

Your MacBook Air deserves the best protective case you can find. The Leather Batianda Case is a definite contender in this regard, offering a combination of stylish looks and excellent form. Solid color prints on matte material stay bright and ward off fingerprints and smudges.

The case comes with a matching keyboard cover. Specially-created openings allow for seamless connection via USB, power and other ports. The Leather Batianda Case meshes well with any MacBook Air and gives it a layer of sophistication. You’ll be sure to love the cover as much as your laptop!

49. Black Bar Funda Case

Black Bar Funda Case for MacBook Air 2019

Are you a diehard fan of GoT and want to flaunt it to your friends and colleagues? Affix the Black Bar Funda Case with your favorite House on your MacBook Air and let the debate begin!

Are you Targaryen? Lannister? Stark? No matter. The case will protect your precious MacBook from all harm, including spills, bumps, and scrapes. The 3D print brings back the GoT logos to life in stunning detail- you’ll be hard-pressed in believing that the icons aren’t 3D. Aside from that, the bottom part provides extra stability, thanks to the non-slip rubber pads.

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