Best MacBook Pro 16-inch Cases

How do MacBook Pro 16-inch cases work to protect your investment? In the simplest terms, these accessories serve as shields that can prevent untimely physical damage, such as dents and scratches to your MacBook Pro’s shell.

An excellent MacBook Pro case should do more than just provide 24/7 protection. Nowadays, they come in your favorite color, design and even material. Fancy a matte case in sky blue? You’ve got it. How about a skull theme in transparent hard plastic? No problem!

MacBook Pro 16 inch case

Take a look at these 31 MacBook Pro 16-inch cases that are available to buy today. Each item is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and free express shipping. All you have to do is pick one that you like and check out, and the laptop case will be delivered to your doorstep.

Here are the best MacBook Pro 16-inch cases

1. Brain Painting Case

This is the Brain Painting MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

The Brain Painting Case makes for mind-tickling conversations and intellectual chit-chats. Decorate your MacBook Pro with a variety of styles, from simple colorful ones to detailed art that overwhelms the senses.

UV ink print makes the case last as long as your MacBook Pro. The print will stay vibrant even after years of use and abuse. Speaking of which, the hard case material takes the brunt of everyday wear and tear for your laptop and comes away unscathed. The back case adds functionality in the form of vents that allow air to circulate and rubber stoppers that hold your MacBook in place.

2. Crystal Clear Protective Shell Case

This is the Crystal Clear Protective Shell MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Looking to add a simple colored layer to your MacBook Pro? Choose the Crystal Clear Protective Shell Case, which comes in your favorite hues. For a truly minimalist style, you can get the clear case to get that ‘barely there’ look.

Hard PC material takes away any scratch, dent or bruise intended for your MacBook while lending a degree of personalization. The Crystal Clear Protective Shell Case is sturdy and easy to install. Once attached, you won’t have to worry about nicks, dust, and fingerprints on your MacBook’s aluminum chassis. Get this cover for your MacBook Pro today!

3. Galaxy Hard Case

This is the Galaxy Hard MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

For a dash of surreal, yet captivating patterns the Galaxy Hard Case is hard to beat. Select from a variety of swirls and hints of purple, turquoise, and white that match your MacBook Pro’s look perfectly. Putting the case on is easy and should only take you a few seconds.

The bottom case allows you to access all your laptop’s ports and connections as if it wasn’t there. Also, it has four rubber stoppers to stabilize your MacBook as you work. The Galaxy Hard Case comes with a laptop case, dust plugs, and a keyboard cover so it won’t accumulate dust when not in use.

4. Clear Ultra Thin Case

This is the Clean Utlra Thin MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Looking to add a degree of protection to your MacBook Pro but don’t want any extra bulk or weight? You can keep the beautiful chassis of your laptop and get the Clear Ultra-Thin Case for a truly minimalist approach. The PC material is anti-scratch, and more importantly, its slim profile won’t make your MacBook look bigger.

The bottom case has anti-skid pads to prevent the case and your MacBook from sliding on slick surfaces. You can rely on the Clear Ultra Thin Case to protect your laptop against bumps, bruises and drops 24/7. Overall, it’s a good value for your money!

5. Metal Case

This is the Metal MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Get the ultimate protection for your precious investment with the Metal Case, available in Gold or Silver. An exact cutout reveals the bright Apple logo while shielding every inch of your laptop in tough material. Now, you can put your MacBook anywhere you want without risking damage.

The bottom part is engineered to maximize airflow and keep things cool. Special cutouts let you charge up your iPhone or connect USB accessories as normal. Stabilizers keep your laptop stable as you work, play and post on social media. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your MacBook Pro!

6. Wood Grain Case

This is the Wood Grain MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Love the texture and feel of wood grain and want it for your MacBook Pro? The Wood Grain Case fits the bill perfectly. High-quality print emulates the timeless aesthetics of wood while lending anti-bump, shock, scratch and spill-proof shielding on your laptop.

Get the wood grain patterns in various options, including light brown, gray, dark brown and blue. Underneath, vents wick away hot air produced by your MacBook in extended sessions. Stoppers located in the four corners hold your laptop in place on just about any flat surface. The Wood Grain Case is sure to be a classic and last a long time!

7. Cute Animal Case

This is the Cute Animal MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Having one of these Cute Animal Case will surely elicit an ‘aww’ from the viewer. Decorate your generic MacBook Pro with super fluffy and adorable animals, e.g., cats, puppies of all breeds, horses, and owls, and watch as your friends and colleagues say something nice about your new MacBook Pro case.

The prints are made of high-quality ink and are protected by a thin layer of PVC coating. Precise machining doesn’t block the ports and features of your laptop. Each purchase of the Cute Animal Case gives you dust plugs, a keyboard cover, and a laptop bag!

8. Metal Series Case

This is the Metal Series MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Turn your MacBook Pro’s aluminum chassis into the color you want with the Metal Series Case. It comes in gold, rose gold and silver with the Apple logo showing up whenever you power the device on. Quality PC material is scratch-resistant, shock-absorbent and shakes off dust, fingerprints, and debris easily.

The bottom case matches the color of the one above. If you’re constantly working on your MacBook and don’t want any internal damage while using a case, this is for you. It has a smattering of vents that transfer heat out and away from your MacBook!

9. Silicone Case with Keyboard Cover

This is the Silicone MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Turn your new MacBook Pro into a retro piece with the Silicone Case with Keyboard Cover. Aside from staples such as blue, green, orange and purple, you can also get it in red and rose gold, depending on your preference. The matching keyboard cover is a nice addition to the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

Silicone material offers a pleasing aesthetic and tactile experience. Its protective characteristics are second to none- it doesn’t attract fingerprints, smudges, and dust and keeps bumps and scratches from harming your MacBook’s shell.

10. Marble Grain Case

This is the Marble Grain MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Capture the timeless classic look that the marble pattern brings with the Marble Grain Case. Choose from traditional white, or go for the unconventional black which makes your MacBook Pro stand out.

Hard PC material preserves your MacBook’s aluminum shell and provides reliable, 24/7 protection against scratches, shocks, dust, and fingerprints. Precision cutouts and button covers will make it feel like the case isn’t there. 1:1 manufacture ratio ensures the case will hug every inch on your MacBook without any danger of coming apart.

11. Quicksand Series Case

This is the Quick Sand Series MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

The Quicksand Series Case offers one-of-a-kind protection for your MacBook Pro in bright colors. You can choose from blue, green, red, white and more, depending on your fashion sense. The hue extends to the bottom case and even the keyboard cover for a uniform look. After you put the case on, you can forget about scratches, bumps, and abrasions marring the beautiful chassis of your MacBook.

The case offers added stability and ease of access due to the silicone rubber nubs and machined cut-outs. Installing and removing is a painless affair.

12. PU Leather Multi-Functional Case

This is the PU Leather Multi-Functional  MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Looking for something more than just a case for your MacBook Pro? The PU Leather Multi-Functional Case is for you. It completely envelops your laptop and has a few useful functions as well. The top flap transforms into a stand that raises your MacBook at an angle for more comfortable typing.

Smart design allows for the maximum button and port accessibility. The material used is high-quality leather and completes the overall look. The multi-functional case also has a carabiner for quick portability. Stitching on the edges gives the case an authentic look while keeping scuffs, scrapes, and bumps at bay!

13. Matte Texture Printing Frosted Case

This is the Matte Texture Printing Frosted MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Frosted cases lend an additional layer of design to your MacBook Pro. With the Matte Texture Printing Frosted Case, you can choose from reindeer, geometric mountains, palms, and whimsical landscapes. The matte texture is absolutely marvelous to hold and acts as a shield against fingerprints and smudges as well.

The high-resolution decoration stays bright and vivid and is sure to last a long time. You won’t have to worry about accidental scratches, bumps, and dents as the case will absorb them all. Bottom vents keep your MacBook Pro cool even in extended watching or gaming marathons.

14. Batianda Hard Shell Case

This is the Batianda Hard Shell MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Artistic hardshell cases are built for protection and style. High-quality polyester material will keep the Macbook Pro safe from drops, bumps, and scratches while sporting a super sleek profile. These laptop cases were coated with advanced UV technology, which renders the bright-colored images and detailed patterns on the top cover.

You get a printed hard case paired with a bottom cover with holes for proper ventilation.  The keyboard cover, the screen protector and dust plugs provide a complete protective setup and design theme. the Protect your Macbook with your choice of Batianda Hard Shell Case. Order yours today!

15. Design Pro Case

This is the Design MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

The Design Pro Case is a complete 4-in-1 set that includes dust plugs, a keyboard cover and a screen protector. In short, you’ll get 360-degree protection on both outside and inside. The color inks and print is sandwiched between a crystal clear hard cover and white ink to accentuate the hues and provide a greater visual effect.

Speaking of which, the Design Pro Case features high definition patterns that are pleasing to the eyes. You can choose among various options such as pink, purple, blue and red. Raised corner pads and vents allow heat to dissipate much faster than ordinary MacBook cases!

16. Retro World Case

This is the Retro World MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Love looking at maps of the world and want it as a skin for your MacBook Pro? The Retro World Case works great in this regard. The variety of themes is staggering- you can get a steampunk-themed map, an archaic map or one that’s shaped like a globe. Every one of them looks great when you put it on your laptop.

In terms of protection the Retro World Case is top-notch. It comes with a transparent keyboard cover and dust plugs, too. Dust, spills and short drops won’t get to your MacBook’s aluminum chassis. At the end of the day, it serves as a personal fashion statement!

17. Hard Touch Case

This is the Hard Touch MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Looking for something that’s simple, formal and lightweight? The Hard Touch Case has all that in spades. You can get one in black, crystal black, clear or matte clear for your MacBook. It brings a professional aura for that no-nonsense aesthetics and classic appeal.

The Hard Touch Case’s tough PC shell shields your precious MacBook Pro from virtually all kinds of physical damage, from bruises, knocks, and scruffs against sharp objects. There are specially designed anti-heat vents to keep your machine cool even in prolonged use. Rubber stoppers at the edges stabilize your MacBook so you can work without worries!

18. Sky Print Case

This is the Sky Print MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Love staring at the stars at night and dream of going to space one day? The Sky Print Case features high definition prints of night landscapes where the sky is in full glory. It makes for a great conversation starter and is a perfect companion for your MacBook Pro.

You can choose from two designs, with both having tough, durable shell cases that shakes off bumps, scratches, and occasional mishaps. The top- and bottom protection wards off spills and keeps your MacBook safe during operation. Bottom stoppers raise the case up and allow heat to dissipate into the atmosphere.

19. Scratch Proof Case

This is the Scratch Proof MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

The Scratch Proof Case acts as your MacBook Pro’s bodyguard, shielding it from virtually anything that could happen to it. This means spills, smudges, dust, and scraps are absorbed and won’t harm your MacBook’s aluminum shell in any way. It comes in solid color choices with a matching bottom cover as well.

Precision cutouts allow you to transfer files to and from your MacBook or charge up your iPhone without any problems. Airflow vents keep your machine cool even during extended gaming, movie watching and FaceTime with family or friends!

20. Colored Shield Case

This is the Colored Shield MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

The Colored Shield Case is a melding of beauty and strength, defined by its HD print and shockproof shell. You can choose from relaxing sceneries, snow landscapes, aerial views, and forest settings to decorate the cover of your precious MacBook Pro.

The transparent bottom case is thin and won’t add to the weight of the laptop. It’s functional in its own right, sporting air flow vents and silicone rubber stoppers to prevent your MacBook from skidding. The Colored Shield Case turns your boring laptop into a thing of beauty that shows your personality!

21. Crystal Flower Case

This is the Crystal Flower MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Looking for great flower prints for your MacBook Pro? The Crystal Flower Case not only gives you that, but it adds sparkly glitters in the process. The design simulates wreaths of flowers with petals falling down, providing an undeniable feminine effect.

Clasp connections hold your laptop in place without covering the device’s ports, buttons, and features. You’ll be able to connect your iPhone or a charger without having to remove the case. What’s more, the original shape and form of your MacBook Pro will be preserved. Beautiful, tough and functional- what more can you ask for in a case?

22. Light Bulb Case

This is the Light Bulb MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

The Light Bulb Case is an ingenious creation that does something unique. When you power your MacBook Pro, the light from the logo illuminates the bulb and makes it look like it’s on. If you don’t want that, then there are other case designs to choose from, including doodles, artwork, and whatnot.

The case offers 360-degree protection and is made of eco-friendly UV ink. The design stays vivid for a long time and makes sure bumps, scratches and scuffs are absorbed. The package includes a laptop pouch, dust plugs and a keyboard cover. Bottom vents help circulate warm air from your laptop and out of the atmosphere.

23. MTT Crystal Case

This is the MTT Crystal MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Want to add some decals to your MacBook Pro but don’t want to use stickers? Hold off on those and get the MTT Crystal Case instead. You’ll love the decorative prints in the form of happy dogs, deer, rabbits, birds and the congregation of animals gathering on your MacBook’s chassis!

The crystal hard cover still manages to show your MacBook Pro’s original skin, giving it the decal effect. On the protective side, the MTT Crystal Case endures scratches from hard objects, knocks on surfaces and even the occasional spills and drops. Four rubber pads secure your laptop as you type, watch or do FaceTime with family or friends.

24. Marble Hard Case

This is the Marble Hard MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Marble patterns are great not only on kitchen countertops and on floors, but also on your MacBook Pro as well. Streaks of gold, white and blue play across purple seas and lend to an elegant effect. Thankfully, there’s a lot of different patterns to choose from depending on your taste.

The hard cover is made of environmental-friendly plastic which extends the lifespan of your MacBook Pro against bumps, scrapes and accidental knocks. You’ll love how the classic marble design won’t fade even after years of use. The Marble Hard Case comes with a laptop pouch, a keyboard cover and dust plugs as a bonus.

25. Crystal Retina Hard Case

This is the Crystal Retina Hard MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Tired of the same dull aluminum chassis of your MacBook Pro? You can give it a makeover courtesy of the Crystal Retina Hard Case. The shiny and colorful case can transform your laptop into a snazzy machine, replete with a matching keyboard cover and bottom case.

The front offers a minimalist design and isn’t too loud for business or corporate use. You’ll like how you can access your MacBook’s ports without any hassles. White rubber stoppers accentuate the color and stop your computer from skidding on shiny and smooth surfaces. You get a screen protector as well.

26. Smart Shell Colored Case

This is the Smart Shell Colored MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

As long as you’re getting a case for your MacBook Pro, why not make it high quality and uniquely yours? The Smart Shell Colored Case is an excellent example of craftsmanship and detail. It comes in a variety of designs that range from floral to art and every imaginable color. The clamshell mechanism makes it super easy to install.

Anti-slip mats hold your MacBook in place without the wear and tear. Speaking of which, the case is made of premium plastic and sourced in a sustainable manner. Whichever design you choose, you can be sure that the HD print won’t fade and last a long time!

27. Nature Color Shell Case

This is the Nature Color Shell MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Take a break from work and gaze on the beauty of these Nature Color Shell Cases, available in different themes. You’ll feel a sense of relief and relaxation whenever you close your MacBook Pro or take it out of the bag. The colors are bright and will become the center of attention among colleagues and friends.

The serene, minimalist backdrop goes great against the stark contrast of your MacBook’s aluminum shell. The best part is that you won’t have any issues accessing your laptop’s ports and connections even with the case installed. The keyboard cover is a nice touch!

28. Flowers Pattern Case

This is the Flowers Pattern MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

You can now carry brightly-colored flowers anywhere you are, thanks to the Flowers Pattern Case. Vines and buds of all shapes and sizes cover the whole of your MacBook Pro and make it into an eye-catching work of art. Don’t be surprised to hear comments about how it’s beautiful and pleasing to the senses.

You get 360-degree protection via the top and bottom covers. There are special vents engineered to allow hot air to get out, keeping your MacBook cool even on extended sessions. Installation takes only a few seconds but the case lasts a lifetime!

29. MTT Touch Skull Case

This is the MTT Touch Skull MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

The MTT Touch Skull Case is the perfect addition for MacBook Pro owners who want their favorite objects on their laptop case. Featuring HD print and eco-friendly ink, these works of art will stay bright and sharp for a long time.

The case comes with handy additions such as a laptop bag, dust plugs, and a keyboard cover. Along with the unique theme, you also get 360-degree protection from scratches, bumps and everyday scuffs. Rubber nubs act as support to keep your MacBook Pro stabilized. Show off your individual style with the MTT Touch Skull Case today!

30. Nature Retina Case

This is the Nature Retina MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Nature comes in all shapes and sizes, and the Nature Retina Case has managed to capture them in high definition glory. You can choose from crowds favorites such as flowers, cats and trees, or something that’s man-made. Whichever you pick, each one offers full 360-degree shielding from everyday bumps, contact with sharp objects and more.

The bottom part is clear and has several improvements that are noteworthy. You should be able to charge your devices or connect via USB without needing to remove the case. Constantly working long hours and worried that it may warp the case plastic or do internal damage to your MacBook? The specially-designed vents prevent your laptop from overheating.

31. Art Oil Painting Case

This is the Art Oil Painting MacBook Pro 16 inch case.

Show off your preferences for the world’s classics by wrapping your MacBook Pro with the Art Oil Painting Case. Each case is a marvel to behold, thanks to detailed printing using eco UV ink. Every brushstroke, line and etch are faithfully rendered and comes alive on your MacBook!

Put the Art Oil Painting Case and you won’t have to worry about your MacBook’s shell getting damaged. The easy snap-on design makes installation a cinch. Play, work or watch to your heart’s desire as the case has bottom vents to keep your MacBook nice and cool.

Is it really worth buying a MacBook Pro 16-inch case?

As you may already know, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is one of the most expensive computers available on the market today. Therefore, having to buy a new can be very costly, unless you are super-rich. Even if you are to repair it, the bill from Apple would surely be high.

So, we suggest you get a case to protect your MacBook in case it slips out of your hand or you mistakenly spill a cup of tea over it.

Buying multiple MacBook Pro 16-inch cases would make your device look fancy

Yup! I personally own a MacBook Pro and it can get boring looking at the same grey color every day.

But the day I bought a couple of cases for my MacBook Pro, it makes my device stand out and less boring compared to my partners MacBook’s at work. And yeah, I’m able to spot my computer since it stands out from others.