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MKV videos are great when they work well, but more often than not they cause playback problems such as significant frame rate drops, audio and video not in sync, no sound, freezing or laggy player, and sometimes they won’t open up at all.

MacX Video Converter Pro

MP4, on the other hand is a popular playback format that’s compatible with most modern devices. If there’s a video that you must absolutely watch or convert for future use, then you must convert MKV to MP4 using MacX Video Converter Pro for the best results.

There was a time when MKV, or Matroska video files was the preferred format for watching HD videos and movies. And why not? It had incredible quality while being relatively lightweight.

But then MKV quickly faded out of favor when MP4 was created. MP4 ruled the majority of playback devices as it had an excellent balance of quality, file size and output. Soon, everybody started converting their favorite DVDs and videos to MP4 so they could watch it on their mobile phones, tablets and game consoles.

If you’re still stuck with an MKV file then chances are that you’re out of options. Luckily, MacX Video Converter Pro is an easy-to-use MKV to MP4 converter that allows you to enjoy the MKV content the way it’s meant to be watched.

Rated #1 in terms of quality and speed, MacX Video Converter can transform unsupported video files to ones that you can watch on all your current devices.

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The developers of MacX Video Converter Pro are holding a sweepstakes raffle that has a Samsung 4K TV as the grand prize as well as offering the licensed copy of MacX Video Converter Pro for free. What better device to watch your newly-converted MKV video than on a brand-new 4K television?

MacX giveaway

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Buy MKV to MP4 converter Full version with lifetime upgrade to unlock the full potential of your MacX Video Converter Pro. MacX Video Converter Pro is a top-notch Downloader, Recorder, Compressor and Video Converter that’s worth every cent. It’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

Why MacX Video Converter is The Best MKV to MP4 Converter

MacX Video Converter has one of the most robust conversion support we’ve ever seen. It can convert HEVC, MKV, M2TS and H.265 files to 200-plus options, including MP4, AVI, HEVC, MOV, H.264, MP3, WMV and more.

Basically, you’ll be able to convert your videos to Sony, Xbox, Huawei, Samsung, iPad, iPhone X, MacBook and PC for viewing anytime. Features such as hyper-threading and GPU acceleration can make the MacX Video Converter run up to 47 times faster than the competition.

High-Quality technology delivers outstanding quality output that you can enjoy, even on large displays and TV screens. There’s zero subtitle sync, errors, frame drops, audio and video not syncing or pixels that are out of place.

How to Convert MKV to MP4 with MacX Video Pro Converter

Get the free download of this powerful MKV to MP4 converter on Mac so you can enjoy MKV movies and TV shows on your iPhone or Android device.

Step 1. Add MKV File

If you’re just converting one MKV file, then click on the ‘Add File’ button to get started. Otherwise, a batch conversion is the best option for multiple file conversions.

Choose the subtitle, audio and video track you want to carry over to the MP4 file. MacX Video Converter supports multiple sub and audio tracks for one MP4 video file as well.

MacX screenshot

Step 2. Choose Output Format

Select the preferred output format at the bottom part of the software’s interface. Here, you’ll be able to choose MKV to MP4 and various options, including HEVC, H.264, WMV, MOV, MP3 and more. There are preset profiles as well, e.g., Android, iPad or iPhone device for specific device viewing.

Step 3. Convert MKV to MP4

Select the destination folder for the MP4 file on your Mac. Once you’re satisfied with the settings, click on the ‘Run’ button and allow the MacX Video Converter Pro to do its magic. In just several minutes you’ll have a high-quality MP4 file that’s the exact copy of your original MKV file.

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