MEE6 Commands: Moderator & Music Functions

Discord Bots are invaluable tools for automating tasks within a Discord Server, and one of the most popular bots available is MEE6. This article dives into the world of MEE6 Bot, exploring its features, the process of adding it to a Discord Server, and a comprehensive overview of its moderation and music commands. Discover the power of MEE6 and take your Discord Server management to the next level.

Introducing MEE6 Bot

Originally designed for gamers, Discord has become a beloved communication platform for various communities. Managing Discord Servers can be challenging, particularly when dealing with large communities and limited resources. This is where Discord Bots come in handy.

MEE6 Commands

These small AI-powered software programs automate tasks, making server management more efficient. MEE6 is a prominent Discord Bot capable of performing a wide range of tasks, including moderation, role leveling, announcements, music playback, and much more.

Key Features of MEE6 Bot

MEE6 Bot offers three primary features that empower Discord Server owners and administrators:

1. Moderation

MEE6 Bot can serve as an auto-moderator, ensuring a safe and clean server environment by dealing with spammers, users engaging in heated arguments, posting insults, sharing bad links, using foul language, or engaging in swearing. By setting specific rules, the bot can automatically mute or ban users who violate them, maintaining order and harmony in the server.

2. Levelling

With MEE6 Bot, user engagement and entertainment are enhanced through an XP (experience points) system. Each time a user sends a message, they can earn XP points, which contribute to their overall level.

Server administrators have the flexibility to customize the XP difficulty and the number of points awarded for each message. Active members can be rewarded with different roles and gain access to private channels based on their level.

3. Music

MEE6 Bot simplifies music playback in Discord Servers. Unlike previous complex music bots that required numerous commands, MEE6 Bot introduces a user-friendly Visual Music Player with a dashboard-like interface.

This allows users to listen to music with friends on the server without the need for manual command input. Additionally, the bot supports music sourcing from platforms such as YouTube, Soundcloud, and Twitch. Users can even vote to skip songs in the playlist or engage in music quizzes with their friends.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Capabilities

In addition to the core features mentioned above, MEE6 Bot offers a range of advanced functionalities. It can serve as an automatic social media sharing bot, enabling server owners to automatically share their posts from platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Reddit with server members. Custom commands can also be created to welcome new users, assign roles, send automated messages, deliver notifications, and inform users about events. The versatility of MEE6 Bot allows server administrators to tailor their server’s experience to their specific needs and preferences.

Adding MEE6 Bot to Your Discord Server

Adding MEE6 Bot to your Discord Server is a straightforward process, similar to adding other bots. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Search for ‘MEE6 Bot’ on Google or directly visit the official website at ‘
  2. On the homepage, click the ‘Add to Discord’ button.
  3. You will be redirected to the Discord login page. Log in using your Discord Server credentials.
  4. From the list of servers, select the server where you want to add MEE6 Bot.
  5. Grant the necessary permissions to the bot when prompted.
  6. Optionally, configure MEE6 Bot’s access level as either administrator or non-administrator.
  7. Finally, click ‘Authorize’ to complete the process. MEE6 Bot is now successfully added to your Discord Server.

MEE6 Commands: Moderator & Music Control

MEE6 Bot offers a wide range of commands for both moderation and music control. Here are some commonly used commands for each category:

Moderator Commands:

  • !ban: Bans a user from the Discord Server.
  • !tempban: Temporarily bans a user from the Discord Server.
  • !clear: Deletes channel messages based on specific rules.
  • !infractions: Displays a user’s infractions.
  • !kick: Kicks a user from the Discord Server.
  • !mute: Mutes a user on the Discord Server.
  • !tempmute: Temporarily mutes a user on the Discord Server.
  • !role-info: Provides information about a specific role.
  • !server-info: Retrieves information about the current Discord Server.
  • !slowmode: Enables or disables slowmode in a channel.
  • !unban: Unbans a user from the Discord Server.
  • !unmute: Unmutes a user on the Discord Server.
  • !user-info: Retrieves information about a specific user.
  • !warn: Issues a warning to a user.

Music Commands:

  • !play: Starts playing a song from the queue.
  • !stop: Stops or pauses the current song.
  • !search: Searches for a song.
  • !record: Records the current conversation in the voice channel.
  • !stop-recording: Stops recording and provides a link to the audio file.
  • !seek: Jumps to a specific time in the song.
  • !volume: Adjusts the volume, increasing or decreasing it up to 200%.
  • !add: Adds a song to the queue.
  • !queue: Lists all the songs in the queue.
  • !clear-queue: Removes all songs from the queue.
  • !skip: Skips the next song in the queue.
  • !vote-skip: Initiates a vote to skip the next song in the queue.
  • !join: Makes the MEE6 Bot join your voice channel.
  • !leave: Makes the MEE6 Bot leave your voice channel.
  • !start-quiz: Starts a music quiz with your friends in Discord.
  • !stop-quiz: Stops the ongoing music quiz.

Troubleshooting MEE6 Bot

If you encounter issues with MEE6 Bot in your Discord Server, consider taking the following steps:

  1. Make sure the MEE6 Bot is online and operational.
  2. Check the MEE6 Bot’s support server for the latest developments, announcements, and troubleshooting tips.
  3. Engage with the community and seek assistance from experienced users or moderators.
  4. Explore the available resources and guides provided by the MEE6 Bot developers.


MEE6 Bot opens up a world of possibilities for Discord Server owners and administrators. In this article, we’ve explored the fundamentals of MEE6 Bot, its feature set, the process of adding it to a Discord Server, and a comprehensive overview of its moderation and music commands.

By harnessing the power of MEE6 Bot, you can enhance your server management capabilities, maintain a safe and engaging environment, and provide a seamless music playback experience for your community. Take advantage of MEE6 Bot’s extensive functionality and unlock the true potential of your Discord Server.