Apple updated the MacBook Air with the latest 10th generation Intel chips and also replaced the troubled butterfly keyboard with a traditional scissor switch keyboard. However, Apple has still not updated the 13” MacBook Pro to bring some of the most important updates and it is not recommended to buy the 13” MacBook Pro right now.

Do not buy the 13″ MacBook Pro

The new Magic Keyboard for MacBooks was first shown off last year when Apple released the 16” MacBook Pro. It was thought at the time that the 13” MacBook Pro would get the same treatment in March of 2020, however that did not pan out according to everyone’s expectations.

The butterfly keyboard is one of the most bad things to ever happen to the Mac in a very long time. The keyboard mechanism is so bad that some keys just stop working at times and sometimes could also result in duplicate keystrokes. Apple has tweaked this keyboard mechanism multiple times in the past but with no proper luck getting it to work.

The 13” MacBook Pro is one of the most loved laptops as it is compact enough while still being powerful. Sure, the 16” MacBook Pro is great but it’s just too heavy and too thick. Some blogs that cover Apple have also suggested that Apple will move to making 14” MacBook Pros instead of 13” MacBook Pros. However, that should be taken with a grain of salt and we do not think that will happen as people love the compactness of the laptop.

Apple is definitely working on a new 13” MacBook Pro which will use the more reliable scissor switch keyboard and also very likely pack Intel’s latest 10th generation processors. It would also be great if the company could ditch the troubled TouchBar and reduce the price of the laptop.


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