13″ MacBook Pro with updated keyboard to release soon

Apple released the 16” MacBook Pro with a new keyboard design in October of 2019. It will soon be three months since the laptop was unveiled. However, there has still been no announcement regarding the 13” MacBook Pro upgrade to inherit the new keyboard mechanism.

The butterfly keyboard mechanism unveiled in 2015 with the 12” MacBook was a disaster. It was mostly a problem on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models which also got the same keyboard mechanism in 2016 and 2018 respectively. It took a lot of time for Apple to officially acknowledge that its laptop keyboards were damaged goods.

A new portable product incoming

Recent filings from Apple to the Eurasian Economic Commissioner’s database suggests that the release of the 13” MacBook Pro is imminent.The document describes the product as portable personal computer powered by Apple’s macOS 10.15 desktop (laptop) operating system. 

13″ MacBook Pro with updated keyboard to release soon

The document to the Eurasian Economic Commision (ECC) was filed by Apple before Christmas i.e 13th December, 2019. The timing of the filing of the document is a little different from what Apple usually does. The company could very well be planning to update the 13” MacBook Pro subtly on its website without a big event with bells and whistles.

The 16” MacBook Pro received a similar treatment. Apple did not hold an event to unveil the laptop because the laptop fixed issues that the previous models had. The company moved back to using the same keyboard from its laptops released before 2016 (except for the 2015 12” MacBook).

It is very unlikely that Apple is planning to hold an event at the Steve Jobs Theatre or any other venue for that matter. We can expect the company to drop the 13” MacBook Pro any time on its store and expect MKBHD to talk about how he’s been using the laptop in secrecy for days.

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