14″ MacBook Pro could be a game changer

Apple updated the 13” MacBook Pro to include Apple Silicon (the M1 chip) last year. However, only the base model of the 13” MacBook Pro uses the M1 chip whereas the top-tier, more expensive version of the 13” MacBook Pro continues to use the chips made by Intel. This year, the 13” MacBook Pro is expected to be replaced by a redesigned 14” MacBook Pro – powered by a new M1X chip.

The 14” MacBook Pro is expected to have a completely flat design, similar to the iPad Pro, the iPad Air, and even the iPhone 12 series. In the recent past, Apple has taken to pushing flat design across all its products. Everyone from customers to critics appear to appreciate the new flat design.

Moving away from the current generation MacBook models, the 14” MacBook Pro will reportedly have a plethora of ports. Unlike the current models which only have USB-C ports, the upcoming MacBook Pro model will reportedly feature an HDMI port, an SD card slot, and also the good old MagSafe port. Mac users will most appreciate the return of the MagSafe, as it is easier to connect and disconnect while also offering more security by disconnecting the wire if someone trips on the cable.

By bumping the screen size from 13” to 14” on the new MacBook Pro for the smaller version, the company is expected to reduce the bezels around the display to keep the same size of the machine. Alongside the 14” MacBook Pro, Apple also is expected to unveil an upgraded version of the 16” MacBook Pro with the M1X chip.

Apple could also introduce a completely new thermal management system for the upcoming MacBook Pro, as the ARM based chips for the Mac do not generate much heat. Apple Silicon for Mac offers more performance while using less power, as compared to Intel’s offerings.

The upcoming 14″ MacBook Pro could offer completely new levels of performance in a small package. An unseen combination of performance and efficiency is soon to be revealed.

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