14″ MacBook Pro to release this year

Apple is working on a new form factor for the upcoming MacBook Pro. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that a new 14” MacBook Pro is in the works. The laptop could be released anytime this year, possibly at the annual Mac ‘Special Event’ in October or November. The 14” MacBook Pro will reportedly have a traditional row of function keys and not the Touch Bar present on all MacBook Pro models.

The current generation 13” MacBook Pro has relatively thick bezels around the display compared to all the premium Windows laptops in the market. Apple is usually not the first at implementing the latest technology or even following the trends but it takes time to perfect the product. In the Windows world, laptop makers have moved to making almost bezel less laptops.

14″ MacBook Pro to release this year

Powered by latest M-series chips

The 14” MacBook Pro will be powered by Apple’s ARM based processors. The company unveiled its new M-series chips which are set to power all Macs by 2022. Apple released updated MacBook Air, 13” base MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini – all powered by the M1 chip (first M-series chip).

14″ MacBook Pro to release this year

Apple will reportedly use a high performance chip in the 14” MacBook Pro. The chip could be named M1X or M2, according to the rumours flying around on the internet. The major benefit the M-series chips offer is high performance with high efficiency. As a result, laptops do not generate much heat, last longer on battery, and require less power.

The 14” MacBook Pro will feature a flat design similar to the iPhone 12, added Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. In the past few years, Apple has moved to making all its devices flat. The iPhone 12 series, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro feature a completely flat design.

The 14” MacBook Pro will be the first major MacBook Pro redesign since 2016.