Should you buy the 2015 MacBook Pro?

Deciding on which MacBook is extremely difficult right now as none of the laptops Apple makes are trouble-free. The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air use the butterfly mechanism keyboards which tend to stop working after a while. Also, the MacBook Pro users have reported display related issues alongside some users reporting heating issues.

A lot of potential buyers are reportedly saving their money to spend it on the next MacBook which will reportedly not use the butterfly keyboard mechanism. Apple is readying the next version of scissor mechanism keyboard for use on its next batch of MacBooks. However, according to Kuo, the 16” MacBook Pro will be the first Apple laptop to use the new keyboard.

Should you buy the 2015 MacBook Pro?
Should you buy the 2015 MacBook Pro?

But it’s unclear as to when the company will release its new laptops. A lot of people have been waiting in vain for the new machines with no luck. For those requiring a laptop right now, the best option is to get the 2015 MacBook Pro which uses scissor mechanism keyboard, has a high quality Retina display, and force touch trackpad.

Bang for you buck!

If you could find the 2015 13” MacBook Pro for less than $600, it’s a good deal. However, it’s not possible to give a clear picture of how much you should spend on old MacBook Pro as there are multiple configurations of the MacBook Pro in the market.

The 15” MacBook Pro (2015) would be the best for running intensive task based applications like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro or any other app that requires intensive graphic processing. Xcode is also another application that requires good amount of processing power but it depends on the sheer size of the project being developed.

To wrap it up, the 2015 MacBook Pros are still great to buy. However, buying an old product is risky as the battery might be dead or any other major issues. But if you could find the laptop in perfect condition at a good price, it’ll definitely be better than the troubled butterfly keyboard MacBook.