The 2019 iPhone XI might look like this based on leaked images

Based on some leaked images of the 2019 iPhone XI, we at iLounge gathered some evidence on how the upcoming iPhone may look like. Recently the hardware sketch was leaked that showed us the upcoming iPhone XI is to have 3 cameras with a flash along with a sensor for AR, which is sort of a depth sensor.

2019 iPhone XI sketch

iPhone 11

According to the leaked sketch above, it looks like the iPhone XI design is pretty much the same to the iPhone X and XS. Therefore, we aren’t expecting much of a change in the design of the device. Based on the leaked images we have, it’s still not clear whether it would have any USB-C or any other type of hardware upgrades.

Regarding the following leaked image, using the sketch and the iPhone XI concept model just shows you how the 3 cameras will look like with its design.

2019 iPhone XI leak

Slash Leaks had released a leaked image of the actual back plate cut out from the iPhone XI. The back plate shows us on how the 3 cameras will look like, along with other components. The leak also shows a big circle in the middle which indicates that it will also have wireless charging just like the iPhone X and XS.

2019 iPhone XI back plate

The leaked images are really convincing on how the iPhone XI will look. There were quite a lot of renders, but none of them had such evidence of the hardware or schematics.

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