2019 iPhone XR’s Color Lineup May Change


Apple’s iPhone XR featured a wide variety of colors for all styles and preferences, with six options to choose from. It was the first since the 5C to derail from the norm of black, white and gold iPhones.

iPhone XR 2019

The 2019 XR model is expected to do the same to suit varying iPhone color choices. However, instead of Blue and Coral, the company may sub in Lavender and Green. The other four existing hues are Red, Yellow, Black and White.

2019 iPhone XR Concept
2019 iPhone XR Concept in Lavender and Green by iLounge.

Aside from the bright and attractive color options, the iPhone XR successor will also likely be built with the A13 chipset and a dual camera setup. More color options combined with hardware upgrades seem to be a great formula for higher phone sales.

The report by Mac Otakara blog has also made mention of possible colors for iPhone XS and XS Max silicone cases. They may come in Red, Black, White and Spearmint, Mellow Yellow and a shade that’s close to the Lilac case.


Haider Ali Khan

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