It hasn’t even been a month since the release of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models and the noted Apple analyst Kuo has started making predictions about the 2020 iPhones. In the latest, the analyst reports that the next years iPhones will bring back the iPhone 4 chassis style.

2020 iPhones will feature iPhone 4 like design, reports Kuo

If you aren’t familiar with the iPhone 4’s design – the iPhone 4’s flat design and chamfered edges made it one of the best designed and constructed phones of the time. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S continued the trend, however with a different material – aluminium.

The next year’s iPhone will reportedly feature a 2.5D glass construction and feature a metal frame just like the iPhone 4. It could allow Apple to incorporate a two-tone color with its next iPhone by having the front and back of one colour and the metal railing be a different color.

The design is turning stale

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Apple has stuck with the design of the iPhone 11 for the third time and next year will be huge with a radical design change. Also, expected next year is the addition of 5G in the iPhones. 5G is not yet widespread anywhere in the world and it is expected to start growing by next year. So Apple is not late to the party or early to the party.

Kuo also adds that the newer materials to be used in the next year’s iPhone will lead to increased manufacturing costs and that the price will be reflected on the customer’s end as well. The new design should help Apple drive sales with an estimated 85 million shipments in 2020 alone.

This year, only the top iPhones – the Pro models offer OLED panels and the $699 iPhone 11 offers an LCD panel. Starting next year, Apple is expected to use OLED panels on all its iPhones. The expensive models will reportedly also feature new ToF (Time of Flight) cameras with 3D capabilities which will help differentiate them from the cheaper iPhone model.


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