2020 Lexus RX Will Have CarPlay, Android Auto As Standard

Carmaker company Lexus has announced that their Lexus RX 2020 will have CarPlay and Android Auto as standard features. This is the first time that a luxury crossover SUV will have either software platforms.

Lexus RX owners will be able to access CarPlay or Android Auto via an 8″ touchscreen display, also a standard on the model. Upgrading to a 12.3″ display is available. iOS users may need a lightning to USB cable to get the app working.

Lexus RX CarPlay

CarPlay is a convenient dashboard that supports the most frequently-used apps on the iPhone, including Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Messages, Phone, Spotify and Apple Music. Since its inception in 2014, CarPlay has been made available to more than 500 car models in the US.

Lexus and Toyota were the first carmakers to adopt the CarPlay technology. Production of the RX vehicle is set to begin the 3rd quarter of 2019, with pricing yet to be announced.