2021 Honda Accords may have Wireless CarPlay Support

Wireless CarPlay support is expected to come to Honda’s 2021 line of Accords.

A leaked PDF of the 2021 Owner’s Manual for the 2021 Honda Accord line shows how various features could be used, including Apple CarPlay and Siri Eyes Free.

2021 Honda Accords

A few pages refer to CarPlay and how an iPhone could be tethered via wireless and wired options. In wired mode a USB cable is required, while wireless will need Bluetooth pairing in order to be successful.

Furthermore, the manual describes a ‘talk button’ located on the steering wheel for Siri activation. A single press calls up Apple’s digital assistant while a second long press deactivates it. Information about similar actions were stated about Android Auto in wired and wireless configurations as well.

Honda has not announced the 2021 Accord lineup to the public in the US yet. The existence of a manual indicates the time could be nearer than expected.