2023 Swift Student Challenge Winners revealed

Apple recently announced the winners of the 2023 Swift Student Challenge.

The winners of this year’s Swift Student Challenge were notified via email, with a full-page post of what they developed featured online. Apple VP of Worldwide Developer Relations Susan Prescott said that they were ‘amazed at the talent’ from young developers who entered the contest. The app playground was represented by more than 30 regions and countries and covered topics such as environment, entertainment, sports, and healthcare, among others.

2023 Swift Student Challenge Winners

The winners Marta Michelle Caliendo, Yemi Agesin, and Asmi Jain all used Swift to form their playground. Caliendo’s app focused on dinosaur fossils, while Agesin created a first-person baseball game. Jain built an eye-tracking app to exercise the eye muscles. Following the announcement, the three young developers will be joining this year’s WWDC on June 5 at the Apple Park and experience the keynote, labs, activities, and events in person.