Apple has removed its 21.5 inch iMac with Intel processor from its online store, leaving those interested to pick between the 27 inch or the 24 inch Intel iMac computer.

21.5 inch Intel iMac

In a planned move, Apple has seemingly taken out the 21.5 inch Intel iMac in favor of the 24 inch model. Online customers will now see only two options when shopping for iMac, with the 24 inch model being the smallest in the catalog.

In March, Apple reduced storage configuration options for the beleaguered device between the 256GB SSD or the 1TB Fusion Drive. It was believed that supply was getting short ahead of the 24 inch model’s launch.

Apple’s recent Apple Silicon Mac naturally ousts its Intel-based counterparts. There are reports that say Apple will be launching a large screen iMac that will replace the 27 inch iMac with Intel processor. Third party retailers may still have the 21.5 inch iMac in stock.


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