2nd Gen Apple Pencil drops to just $115


Those who have been waiting forever for a discount on the Apple Pencil will now be rewarded for their patience. Today, the 2nd generation Apple Pencil is down to just $114.99 from its original price of $129 on Amazon.

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

The second gen Apple Pencil offers a few improvements over its predecessor. Featuring auto pairing and compatibility with newer iPads in a simpler and intuitive form we all know and love, the Apple Pencil works like magic every time.

Turn your iPad into a canvas or notepad and do writing work, image creation and photo editing anywhere you are. The design makes it feel like a natural tool without moving parts and connectors, and Apple technology makes the experience precise, responsive and very fluid.

The Apple Pencil (2nd gen) is compatible with the iPad Pro 12.9 inch and iPad Pro 11 inch models. A $14 dip can be the nudge you need to add the discounted Apple Pencil to your cart today!

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