2nd Gen Apple Pencil gets a $20 discount

Apple Pencil

Have a new iPad Pro, iPad Air or iPad and want to take full advantage of your tablet? Getting the right accessory can mean the difference between being productive and not being able to do as much.

The Apple Pencil is a great tool that can do a variety of purposes. Today, it’s down to just $79.99 from its original price of $99.99 on Amazon.

Preview Product Price
Apple Pencil Apple Pencil $94.88

The Apple Pencil can turn your Apple tablet into a canvas, notebook or photo editing and creative work device instantly. You can draw, take notes, edit photos and more with the help of the intuitive accessory.

Being an Apple product, the Pencil offers the same fluidity, responsiveness and precision of traditional writing instruments. It’s small enough that you can bring it with you wherever you go. Charging is just a matter of putting it on the iPad’s side.

The Apple Pencil 2nd gen is the perfect partner for your iPad. Make sure to buy it at $20 off today!

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