2nm chips to be produced in 2025, per TSMC


TSMC recently announced that the company will begin production of the 2nm processors by the year 2025.


Nikkei Asia revealed that the Apple Silicon manufacturer intends to mass produce the 2nm chips by 2025, marking the first time a manufacturer has declared its move in an industry event.

The firm’s spokesperson says that they will be using a ‘nanosheet transistor’ technology, which is markedly different from current 5nm processes. Having a different architecture also means there’s a significant investment in the process.

Intel and Samsung have said that they intend to start producing 1.8nm and 2nm processors by 2024 and 2025, respectively. TSMC has not revealed any further details or how the company intends to make the chips.

In related news, Apple has bought out TSMC’s 3nm chip production line and will be using the newer processors for its upcoming device lineup. TSMC is currently building a facility to build its 2nm chip and expects the first batch to come out next year.

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