31″ iMac leaks in an interview with Tim Cook


2019 has been a wonderful year for Apple and its customers as the company’s new products feature things people have been asking for years. The Mac Pro and the 16” MacBook Pro are the highlights of the year along with the iPhone 11 Pro for having a strong battery.

31″ iMac leaks in an interview with Tim Cook

If Apple continues to move forward with the same enthusiasm, the company could launch a 31” iMac next year. A Twitterati posted a screengrab of Tim Cook’s interview with a news channel in which a blurred background reveals a large iMac.

The image is not clear and we can’t say for certain if it’s actually a larger iMac but it appears as if it is a large screen iMac. To be honest, it looks humongous to me. If Apple does make a 31” iMac or an iMac Pro, it would be the thing video makers would buy without a second thought.

The machine for YouTubers

While the newly launched Mac Pro is a beast in terms of performance, its usage will be limited to movie makers and developers working on very large projects. The 31” iMac could however be popular with YouTubers offering extra screen real estate to work with. 

For example, the popular YouTuber MKBHD uses an iMac Pro to edit his videos. He also takes the machine with him when travelling to different cities as he finds the MacBook Pro to lack the same level of performance.

The blurred image of the 31” iMac also reveals much thinner borders. So, it could essentially lead to a large display with not much of an increase in the size of the body. However, Twitteratis have been constantly discussing whether the image actually shows a 31” iMac or its just he lack of details in the image that appears to make a 27” iMac look larger than it actually is.


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