Apple to release 5G iPhone in 2020


The iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro are the most refined iPhones, the company has made in a long time. They are not trying to fight the Android smartphones which sport a new design every year or twice every year. The Android smartphone makers have also gone as far as to release 5G enabled smartphones in the market.

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Is Apple late to the 5G party? Not really as the 5G network is yet to take off as the introduction of a new network system takes years. The 3G to 4G transition was rocky and we expect the 5G rollout to be very similar. It will take two to three years for network carriers to get everything working.

Apple is expected to unveil a 5G enabled iPhone in 2020. The company is expected to unveil a redesigned iPhone which could have a smaller notch, faster FaceID and if the rumours are true, also TouchID under the display. The iPhone 11 is the third iteration of the same design that was introduced in 2017 with the iPhone X.

2020 will be known as the 5G year

Will 2020 be the year 5G will actually take off? No but it would mark the beginning of the network’s actual rollout to consumers and Apple releasing a 5G phone will actually act as a catalyst in bringing more users to the new network.

5G is expected to begin working in some areas in the US in 2020, it’s still unclear when other countries will actually start implementing the new network. For example, India took many years to get 4G working and its some network carriers in the country are still working on rolling out 4G in many areas. So, we can expect another five years for 5G network to be rolled out in major cities across the globe with proper network coverage.


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