5G iPhones are coming in 2020 and 2021


Apple is reported to be working on creating new 5G enabled iPhones. The rumours suggest a late 2020 or an early 2021 release of the Apple phones with support for the new upcoming (already released in some countries) network technology.

5G-Capable iPhones Set for a 2022 Deadline

5G is supposed to offer gigabit speeds, making it much faster than 4G. While 4G is not slow, 5G will allow users to download apps, movies, or any other large files in just a few seconds. It’s unclear whether Apple will use Qualcomm modems or Intel 5G modems.

Expensive for sure

We can expect the 5G version of the iPhone to cost a little more over the standard 4G model of the Apple phone. It will take a couple of years before all the iPhones are 5G enabled and it’s not a problem as it will take a minimum of 2-3 years to have good 5G network across the globe (or even longer).

Apple started supporting 4G with the iPhone 5G in 2012 with the iPhone 5. However, countries like India were not able to set-up proper 4G network towers until 2017-2018. So, the thing to note here is that there is no need to rush to get a 5G enabled iPhone unless you are a person who likes to experiment and have some extra cash lying around.

For a normal iPhone users i.e a person who needs a phone to get work done and has no problems with 4G speeds and call quality, the current iPhones are suitable as they will last for 2-3 years without any major slowdowns in terms of performance.

Network providers like AT&T and T-Mobile in the US are going to battle the proper 5G launch as they come up with misleading schemes and advertisements. Be sure to study the plans properly before indulging in the world of 5G.

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