5G mmWave paid access for Verizon prepaid customers goes live

Verizon has announced a new plan that provides unlimited access to its 5G network prepaid users for $75 a month.

Before, the 5G mmWave network was only available for postpaid customers of Verizon who were signed up for eligible unlimited plans while prepaid users were limited to 6GHz 5G network.

The company’s standard 5G is in more than 2,700 cities across the US, while its Ultra Wideband mmWave 5G is only available in 64 cities.

As far as hardware is concerned, iPhone 12 owners will have no issues connecting to 5G mmWave as the device is fully compatible. Verizon customers with iPhone 12 models should be able to access the network within the mentioned cities.

On Verizon’s website touts mmWave 5G as a ‘whole new ballgame’, where data can be carried at very high speeds and minimal latency. Currently, standard unlimited prepaid plans are $10 less and allow access to the network’s 6GHz 5G communications.

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