Disney+ showed up at California’s D23 Expo and laid out new details on what’s available for subscribers.


For $7 a month, Disney+ can stream up to 4K quality and four simultaneous watching with no additional charges. Up to 7 user profiles can be made in a single Disney+ subscription.


Disney’s streaming service is markedly different from Netflix. To get four simultaneous 4K streams you’d have to pay Netflix $15.99 in the U.S.

Disney also announced that they will be releasing new original TV episodes weekly rather than putting it on a per-season basis. The streaming service is expected to be launched November 12 and have Apple TV and TV app integration for the iOS. Individuals can add in ESPN+ and Hulu and pay just $12.99 monthly.

There are rumors that say Apple will be releasing their Apple TV+ subscription on the same month, with a $9.99 monthly price tag.


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