A $699 MacBook – The Dream!


Apple has always been a premium brand and when the CEO Tim Cook says that they try to price their products as low as possible, it’s difficult to believe but it’s true. The company offers products that are tough and long-lasting except for the current generation MacBooks which suffer from multiple issues. The company also offers one of the best after sales experience with quick and hassle free repair jobs.


However, it would be nice if Apple could launch a cheaper MacBook for basic tasks. Of course, there’s the MacBook Air but its expensive “expensive”. It sports a gorgeous 13.3 inch Retina display powered by an i5 8th generation Y-series processor coupled with 8GB or 16GB RAM. The machine is offered in 128GB or 256GB of storage. 

But why do we need a new MacBook line?

2018 MacBook Air
2018 MacBook Air

The problem with the MacBook Air is that it starts at $1099 which is extremely high price for a lot of people. So how could Apple reduce costs and make a laptop that serves the needs of people that need a laptop with decent specifications and a laptop that just works out of the box? 

Apple for long has sold the non Retina MacBook Air for $999 – a laptop with display resolution less than 1080p. The current generation MacBook Air sports the FHD+ display, so to cut costs, Apple could use a 1080p which will definitely be cheaper. Also, who uses webcam on laptop these days? That’s a price cut right there.

A low-cost Apple branded laptop

Keeper Password Manager on MacBook

For creating a cheap MacBook, Apple could keep the body of its laptop a little thick, not much but a little, and the process of manufacturing the laptop will be cheaper. It could also not use TouchID and stick to the regular password authentication system. Also, by using the regular styled keyboard and not the butterfly keyboard, a lot of costs could be cut.

So how much should this cheap version of MacBook cost? I’d say by using an i3 processor coupled with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage for the base model, Apple could price these laptops at $699. Also, to keep this laptop as a strictly budget variant, the company could release just a single variant without offering multiple paint jobs and multiple configurations for users to choose with. By doing so, the company could cut down on complications in manufacturing and keep the process simple.


Abhay Ram

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