Having a portable SSD storage is almost an essential must-have nowadays. In terms of size, the bigger the better as long as you can afford it. In terms of value, the Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q 2TB External SSD is pretty hard to beat, and it’s down to just $359.98 from its original price of $450 on Amazon.

High Capacity and Portable SSD

Sabrent’s speedy SSD packs a punch and touts a 2,700 mb/s transfer speed in Thunderbolt 3, and 900 mb/s transfer speed in USB 3.2 mode. The device auto-detects which cable you’re using and puts out optimal speeds as necessary. Within the hardware, heat dissipation technology keeps things cool even during prolonged transfer activities.

The XTRM-Q is made with durability in mind, with anti-slip stickers for stability and a high performance chip for stable signals. Lastly, it’s just the size of a smartphone and ultimately portable.

Don’t hesitate and grab the opportunity to save $90 on the Sabrent Rocket 2TB External SSD today!


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