A MacBook Pro Explodes Just Days Before Apple Recall

Steven Gagne, a MacBook Pro user of the 15-inch model witnessed his laptop exploding just 3 days following Apple’s MacBook recall.

Gagne shared his experience in a Facebook post, saying how his 15 inch MacBook Pro suddenly caught fire. On Monday night, he mentioned that the battery inside the MacBook blew, and a burning smell and smoke filled the house.


Interestingly enough, Gagne stated that his laptop wasn’t in use, plugged in or charging when it caught fire. He also said that fortunately he placed his MacBook on a coffee table and not with his journals and notebooks, which probably stopped his house from burning down.

The recall announced for the MacBook Pro 15-inch variant is voluntary. Apple says that individuals who own MacBook Pros that were bought between September 2015 to February 2017 are eligible for a battery replacement free of charge. You can report a battery recall through the official Apple website.

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