A new bug in iOS blocks some Apps from opening

A bug in the iOS is not allowing some iOS apps to open and gives a message, “This app is no longer shared with you.” the iPhone and iPad users are experiencing this issue when they attempt to open the app. 

According to the Macrumors forum, there have been several complaints that relate to this issue. One of the Macrumors describes the issue asking other users, if anyone else was having the same widespread iOS app crashes? He also added:

Bug in iOS Blocks

“I get informed, “this app is no longer shared with you.”

The problem persists and is not solved. The users then g back to the app store and again it gives the same error. 

There have been several complaints on twitter about the same issue with the users who have iPhones and iPads which run iOS 13.4.1 and iOS 13.5. The source of the bug is not found yet.

Also, the bug is not affecting every iOS device. The users who are facing the issue are mostly those who recently updated their apps. The complaints are about Apps such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, LastPass, TikTok, Twitter, and a few others. The users have been deleting the Apps and installing them again to fix this issue.