A Pair of Item-Finding Tile Sticker Trackers are $10 Off


Tile Trackers are high-tech devices you can use to keep an eye on your essential items. Today, the 2-pack Tile Sticker Bluetooth Tracker is down to just $45 from its original price of $55 on Amazon.

Tile Sticker Trackers

Tile’s Sticker can be attached to nearly all items, including the TV remote, bag, eyeglasses case and more. Once in place, you can find your smartphone, find the attached item both near and far away via Bluetooth and the Tile app. It supports smart home devices and through the Alexa app so you can tell the voice assistant to ring your Tile device.

Tile Sticker is water resistant and has a battery that lasts up to 3 years. It can go as far as 76 meters for Bluetooth and even longer with the app. Tile Sticker also has a crowdsourced finding network similar to ‘Find My’ in iOS so you can get help from other Tile consumers.

Buy the 2-pack Tile Sticker at $10 off today!

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