A Slew of Steve Jobs Memorabilia to hit the Auction block

Apple collectible enthusiasts and fans will have a field day in August, as several Steve Jobs items and memorabilia will be up on the auction block.

Boston-based RR Auctions will be going live on August 13 to present a Jobs-worn leather bomber jacket, an Apple-1 computer, classic Macs and a Jobs-signed Apple II manual.

Auction Block

Notable highlights include the rare Apple-1 computer, which is working and has a 7/10 condition rating, the bomber jacket, the signed Apple II manual, Steve Jobs’ business card, a 128K Mac motherboard, a letter penned by Jobs, a Wozniak and Jobs-signed Macworld magazine and more.

The Apple-1 computer comes with the original operating manual pages, Apple II keyboard, a Panasonic Portable Cassette Player and Recorder, Cassette Interface and cassettes and the original board.

Bidding starts at $50K for the Apple-1 with an expected ceiling of $450K, while the signed Apple II manual and leather bomber jacket is expected to bring around $25K or above.