Storeteller, in partnership with Micheal Steeber, has set up an online walkthrough to showcase the newly-opened Apple retail store in the Bronx and its unique elements that aren’t found in other stores.

Apple the Mall

The Apple the Mall at Bay Plaza is the company’s first store in the Bronx area. Steeber did a collaboration with Storeteller and created a 360-degree online tour of the brick-and mortar location. The tour shows off the store’s design and a pick-up area, where customers can collect their orders.

Other noteworthy features include more seating, a dedicated waiting area and new materials, such as fabric on walls and ceiling, refreshed lighting and items that improve air circulation and acoustics, among others.

Those who’d like to go on a virtual tour of the newly opened The Apple the Mall at Bay Plaza can visit Storeteller’s website and get a layout of the store and check out additional images.


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