A14 more powerful than Snapdragon 888 Chip in benchmark scores

Chipmaker Qualcomm has outed test scores for its new Snapdragon 888 chip that will power the next-gen flagship Android phones next year. By comparison it’s revealed that the chip received a lower score than the A14 processor used in iPhone 12 models.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 SoC benchmarks were put on a side-by-side with the A14, and the Apple chip won on both GFXBench and GeekBench 5 tests.

iPhone 12 benchmark

The Qualcomm chip had a 1,135 single core score and a 3,794 multi core score, whereas the A14 had a 1,603 single core score and a 4,187 multi core score. The GFXBench, which gauges GPU power the iPhone 12 Pro earned a 102.24 fps while Samsung received an 86 fps.

iPhone 12 benchmark with other devices

Sustained performance is largely an unknown and it’s rumored that the Snapdragon 888 can win over the A14 if it edges out the chip in power efficiency.

While the 888 chip may be inferior to the A14 it’s still a huge leap from earlier Snapdragon chips in flagship Android phones in terms of CPU and GPU performance.