A17 specs leaked online

A new online leak reveals that the A17 chip will be accompanied by 6GB of RAM.

User URedditor has been on a roll lately, leaking details surrounding the ‘Action Button’ and now, the A17 processor. Rumors put the iPhone 15 Pro having 8GB of RAM, and the iPhone 14 Pro before it. Now, it’s believed that the A17 chip will have 6 GPU and 6 CPU cores at 3.70 GHz, 6 GB LPDD5 DRAM from Samsung and manufactured via the TSMC 3nm process.


The leaker also believes that the new A17 chip will be used on the D84 and D83, as well as the D48 and D47, while the D9x code will have the next iteration (A18 chip). The leaked post can be found on the X social media platform, where it was also mentioned that the dark blue color is likely the ‘final color’ for the upcoming iPhone.