AAPL shares reach new high on closing price record

Apple shares have reached a new record high on the stock market and closed at $139.07 before trading day closed.

On Friday the price of Apple stock came to $139.85, which is an all-time high for Apple share price. The closing value of $139.07 broke the previous closing price record of $136.87 on January 21.

Share price of Apple stocks have gained 5.07 percent since 2020. Factors that drove it up include the report that Apple is building a self-driving car and a blockbuster holiday quarter.

Stock price has increased 143 percent compared to its price of $57.31 on March 2020, several weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout 2020 Apple has thrived and set new records on Services, iPad and Mac sales as people began to adjust in a remote learning and work from home environment.

On August, the Cupertino-based company has announced a 4-1 stock split. Today’s stock prices reflect that split.

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